Women: How to Know Whether a Man Wants You for Sex Only

Feeling like these days your body is good for nothing by a little bedtime roll? Would you like to know that he expects more from you besides sex? Pay attention to the following signs and you just might realize that your new date may be temporary.

1. He avoids talking to you about anything serious.

2. He doesn’t seem to be listening when you are sharing details about your life.

3. He prefers dates in private rather than in public.

4. He can’t keep his eyes off of certain parts of your anatomy.

5. He compliments you a lot on your appearance.

6. He often shares his sexual fantasies with you.

7. He encourages you to lie to people you know so that you can spend more time with him (sexually of course.)

8. He isn’t interested in meeting your family and doesn’t seem to care whether you want to meet his.

9. He talks often about you meeting his friends (for nothing more than show.) You see them one or two times and never again.

10. He puts off conversations about commitment.

By Nicholl McGuire


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