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When a Partner Puts Everyone Before You - family, friends, co-workers

When you began dating your partner whether months or years ago, you didn't anticipate that the future would be like this, he or she would ignore, make excuses to get out of doing things with you, make favorite relatives a priority, and accuse you of acting insecure or jealous.  All you wanted was a relationship with your mate and you didn't expect anything less.  However, these days it feels like you are all alone.  Your feelings don't matter, time spent together is unimportant, and when you so much as you bring up a conversation that sounds the least bit unflattering, you are deemed a trouble-maker by your selfish partner.  As long as you go along with his or her program, you are a "good" girlfriend, "great" boyfriend or spouse.  Well enough is enough!

As much as you might not like to sit down and talk about your feelings, state consequences, or be critical about the way your partner is treating you, you will have to keep going to him or her about what…

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