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Healing After a Breakup

Christians Single and Mingling - Dating Observations w/ speaker Nicholl McGuire

Check out blog owner's latest audio on Your Listen.  Dating wisdom to make you think twice about some things you are doing or not doing.  Does your date really want a relationship with you or vice versa?

Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate: It's Not Over Once You Leave - Abusive Men, Women ...

Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate: It's Not Over Once You Leave - Abusive Men, Women ...: We saw recently what one can do when a handgun is in the wrong hands.  In the San Bernardino shooting  involving an abusive husband and his ...

Sex Changes Your Life

You want change to happen in your life. You are tired of having empty relationships with people. These dating experiences start off well, but then once sex occurs rather than get better they cycle downward. What happens between professing “I like you” and “I love you” while having sex that make people act like fools! This article explores the “why” and challenges you to think about why you shouldn’t waste valuable years, like others you may know, giving your “power” away to ungrateful, non-committed individuals.

First, what does it mean to give your “power” away more specifically your “sexual power”? In all of us we are comprised of mind, body, and spirit. When we agree to have sex with someone who may not be someone that is right for us, we are giving various parts of who we are mentally, physically, spiritually (and when moving in together) materially. We falsely assume we will receive something in return for all the energy we have vested into the relationship. Unfortunately, for many of us we have given so much energy, feelings, thoughts, ideas, belongings, and other things away when we lay down with someone. Having sex makes us vulnerable and when we are engaging in it with the right someone we are mentally and physically charged just like powering up a battery for a car, toy or some electronic device once it’s going the object will do what it was created to do.

When we are powered up spiritually, we will do what we are supposed to do, people who don’t understand things from a spiritual level never seem to be charged up for the long haul, they run a sprint, but when they need to run for miles they give out and never make the finish line (ie. divorce, adultery, separation, abuse, etc.) Rather, they are always mentally and physically “tired.” Here are some examples of what these spiritually draining sexual beings will say, “I’m tired of sex this way…I’m tired of empty sex…I’m tired of sex with her…I’m tired of having to wait for sex…I’m tired of you asking me for sex…I’m tired of worrying over whether he is having sex with someone else.” Sex does sap your physical energy, but it doesn’t have to take away from everything else too!

Now while we are thinking consciously about sex, we are also thinking about it subconsciously and this is when we tend to make the most mistakes. We allow our subconscious mind to fantasize about the “use to” and the “hope to” rather than face the facts that the conscious mind gives us like “I know she isn’t always a nice person so she could just be acting this way because she misses sex with me…and I need more than just sex from him and I hope he realizes that.” If the subconscious mind says, “We are having sex…”and the conscious mind says “We are not, I rather wait” then that is when we get into trouble for sending “mixed messages” to others.

Let’s meet Sam, known for being a player in the neighborhood. He use to be an attractive, fit young man, but the years have taken their toll on old Sam and now he looks like he is a year or two from the grave. When you listen to Sam talk about his past, he brags about the many sexual escapades he had and how he “use to do… use to have…use to look like…”

Notice how often washed-up Sammy mentions “use to” in his conversations. The reason why he does this is because his past and his present is pitiful and to make him feel better about himself in the presence of most likely nice-looking you he will brag about the past. In fact, Sammy didn’t know how powerful he could have been back in his day if he allowed his spirit to override his flesh. Meaning that if he had a bit of self-control and wasn’t so anxious to see the next hot body naked, he probably would have had and kept a “good” woman that would have slowed old Sammy’s prematurely aging body.

Sam is what some would call an “old fool,” simply because he never bothered to sit down and create a plan for his life and actually live it out. Instead, as “the feeling” moved him he went with it. If the feeling was warm he would act on impulse, cold he would open up his black book to find someone to make him warm again. The problem was that everything in his life was affected by his sexual encounters. When he slept with a woman she would later ask for a commitment, he would make her feel like she was the one and then when another came along he would tell her the same.

Eventually, one of the two women would get smart to his game and unfortunately poor Sam has a few nasty scars on his body as a result of his cheating ways. Not only that his children aren’t in his life, friendships were broken, money was long spent, precious family heirlooms stolen due to Sammy’s obsession with sex and the few minutes of pleasure it gave him until the woman, game or both grew old then he had to find something else to fulfill him such as drugs, gambling, and alcohol. If Sam would have told the young men he was supposed to be mentoring the truth, he would say, “I messed up my life. I let the “little man” dictate major life decisions. Now I am old with no wife and no children who bother with me. I wish I knew my children and they knew me, but I messed up and I don’t want you to do the same.” But as mentioned before, Sammy is a player and those who aren’t about to get their player card revoked by the young players in the game will not admit their faults in life – for they have too much pride.

Now, women can’t be left out of this article. There are those Jezebels out there who think that all they have to do is decorate their selves up like a Christmas tree and life will be happy ever after. The truth is that often Jezebel is mentally and physically abused because of one thing, she like Sam, performed sexually without a “real” commitment and we aren’t talking about promise rings, engagement rings that rest on fingers for years, or a wedding date that gets postponed every time there is a challenge that comes up in the relationship. She justifies her mistake with, “Well I didn’t want to get married anyway.” The truth is that somewhere down deep in every man and woman’s spirit is the word “commitment,” because if it wasn’t why do we experience that envious feeling that comes over us when our partner says, “I am going out on a date…” although your “partner” is just “a friend,” “boyfriend,” “girlfriend,” or fiancĂ©. Why do you wonder what they are up to, why call them hoping to find out details of where they have been, why say you like or love them, why even care about them if you could care less about a commitment?

So what if you don’t want to be like Sammy or act like Jezebel and you just want to be with a nice woman or man and “try” to live happily ever after, then don’t have sex until you know that you have a date in mind to tell your woman or man, “I love you and I am willing to spend the rest of my life with you this month on this specific date. We can have a wedding later, but a marriage as soon as possible!” Then you go down to the Justice of the Peace and make it happen. Even better, wait for sex which I know from personal experience can be extremely difficult! That’s right wait until he picks you up and drives you to the courthouse, wait until your mom and dad can help you pay for a “real” wedding, wait until he relocates to where you are, wait until your partner accepts God and actually walks the walk and talks the talk, wait until he is off of probation, wait until your children are living with the other parent, but wait! Whatever your wait is, do it! If you are a Christian, you may even say I am waiting on God – good for you! If more people waited at the stoplight until it turned green, there would be less car crashes. Whatever your red light is in your life at this moment, sit there and wait until you have enough signs that show green!

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men and She's Crazy


How to Stop Ongoing Domestic Violence at Home

It can happen without notice an argument leads into a physical fight between a couple.  One of the first things you do if you are a witness is to call the police, but if you are a victim, you fight for your life!

Avoid spending time alone with someone who you recently broke up with, has a history of putting his or her hands on you violently, and who has threatened to hurt you.  No matter what they say, your life is at risk if you should agree to let the abusive man or woman in your home, in the car, or anywhere else where there are no witnesses.  Have your camera and/or audio equipment ready if you should be caught off guard.  Sometimes a person hell-bent on getting close to a victim will break into a home, office or car and wait for a long time for your arrival.  Don't ever underestimate your online, creepy date, a moody ex, or a flamboyant partner.

Oftentimes couples fighting doesn't end in death, but it might and you don't want to be the one six feet deep in your grave.  You can scream, "Help!" "Fire!" and other attention-grabbing words as loud as you can repeatedly while looking for weak points on the abuser's body.  Eyes, nose, private part, ankles, shins, temple of head, throat...strike these areas frequently while yelling.

If you are near a window during a fight, grab something and throw it at the window to create attention to your home.  If you are not in a fight, but you feel it may lead to one, turn on your computer with a camera and record live.  Favorite sites that permit live streaming.  Someone will hopefully see that your video is not an act and will call the police.

Whatever you can do to keep yourself alive, do it!  If children are around, tell them to run to the phone or out of the home.  Train them to listen to your instructions in advance so that they will know what to do during an emergency situation.

Before things get out of hand again, create an exit plan.  Visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline website.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men and She's Crazy.


In A Rush to Date Her? Dating Tips for Men

"What part of take it slow don't you understand?"

Establish boundaries before you go out on a date.

by Nicholl McGuire


LFGdating® | Gamer Dating - For the Love of the Gamer

Join a growing dating site exclusively for gamers!  Don't worry over whether or not someone will communicate with you any longer after you have shared that you are a gamer.  This site is made for gamers.  Whether you want to join other gamers or look for love, this is the site for you!  Learn more LFGdating® | Gamer Dating - For the Love of the Gamer


Crazy, Strong Women - Men, Do You Have One?

A strong-willed and scorned woman will not give up making her point and stating her position; no matter how unreasonable it is until she knows there are consequences for her actions. She doesn't care what others think and feel as a result of her evil ways, but you don't know how dark she can be until you test her and check yourself too. 
 A lot of men think of women as weak, because the Bible (1 Peter 3:7) refers to them as such, but this isn't the kind of weakness that worldly minded people think, it simply means that generally women have less physical strength than men. But a woman on a performance enhancing drug to build muscle, or one who is abnormally strong and skilled to defend herself, as well as those ladies who take mind-numbing drugs and health supplements that make them go berserk, all can do strange things including act abusively. Some men have felt the teeth, fists and kicks of such women. So let us never underestimate the physical strength of a woman.
According to a study that appeared in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, found that men were attracted to nice women; women did not feel the same about men. There were over 100 volunteers for the study that was performed at a university in central Israel. During an initial encounter, men who were responsive to the women like being nice and attentive, the ladies didn't find them as desirable. These strangers were viewed as inappropriately nice, cunning, and less sexually appealing. So when it comes to knowing what a woman wants, despite all the nice things you might do for her, she will take longer connecting with you. Now think of how crazy women might react in similar situations where strange men are attentive to them. They might be very open to the point that they look desperate, and may act all over the place with their emotions or be as cold as ice during an initial meeting.
Some women are conditioned to believe that nice men are weak and are push-overs. Do you recall how your companion first reacted to you when you showed interest in her? Has she since called you weak in so many words? Did you ask why? Is she correct in what she inferred about you? What could be the cause of her acting so disrespectfully toward you?
Nicholl McGuire is the author of She's Crazy

Marriage - valentines day, cheating

WARNING: Valentine's Day Dating WILL Lead to Relationships


What Does it Take to Maintain a Quality Relationship?

You don't realize just how much you do when it comes to connecting with a partner until you sit down and think about it.  Any one who says that a relationship is easy to maintain is most likely with someone who doesn't expect to much.  But for those who are with individuals who are demanding, have a personality disorder, or a long history of emotional as well as physical baggage, it isn't easy being in a relationship with them.  So here is a brief list of the many things that couples do to keep their relationship going:

1.  They talk to one another and share things like: household responsibilities, work days, children's needs, family events, and personal issues.

2.  They make time to connect with one another emotionally and physically such as complimenting, joking, sharing fun moments, etc.

3.  They remember to do things for one another.

4.  They enjoy going out with one another.

5.  They know how to give one another space.

6.  They feel good about the relationship.  In other words, they are not concerned about one another leaving, cheating, separating, plotting revenge, etc. every time they do something wrong.

7.  They typically exercise their faith or do positive things that keep them mentally and physically strong whether together or elsewhere.


Boring Boyfriends - Do You Have One?

Boring Boyfriends - You don't anticipate that the guy who once swept you off your feet and took you to some great places was really boring.


Stuff You Must Know About Relationships - Issues will Arise, Relationship Challenged

We seek out people to date or we involve ourselves in committed relationships not thinking twice about all the potential issues we might face as the connection grows older and sometimes colder.  You see a nice-looking, friendly person seated across from you in a romantic setting.  You don't envision what the future might look like when things aren't so pretty and friendly.  This list below is to help those of you who are considering on dating someone new as well as those currently in a relationship.  Be mindful of what is ahead in the coming years and if you have a faith, use it--you will need it if you want your relationship to go the distance.

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She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire
Dating or married to an angry woman?
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