How to Take It Slow When Dating: The 7 Don’ts When Getting to Know Your Mate

Now that you have been warned about taking it slow by your well-meaning family and friends, you wonder whether or not you are doing some things to speed the relationship along. What could you be doing that could potentially wreck havoc on your dating relationship before it even gets off the ground? There are seven don’ts you may want to consider:

One. Don’t always be available.

Couples think that now that they have found their perfect match that they have to always be open for one another. If anything, he or she will want you more when you are busy and continuing to live your life without interruption.

Two. Don’t reveal everything about your daily routine and your past.

Telling your mate everything you do will make you lose your intrigue with him or her. Mystery is attractive. Allow some things to be kept to yourself for a time and then reveal some of them once the relationship has some longevity. It will keep your mate’s interests.

Three. Don’t tell them every place you frequent.

What if things don’t work out after a few months of dating? Now he or she knows every place you frequent and you will have to suffer through seeing him or her at your hang out, flirting with your friends, and possibly bringing someone new at your spot.

Four. Don’t invite them to family events unless you are considering on dating them exclusively.

Family won’t take you seriously after awhile when they see that you keep bringing someone new to the cookout. Your mate will detect that he or she isn’t any more special than the rest of the exs that you have introduced family too, so avoid the family meeting until you are ready to commit. Besides your family will only talk about how great or how bad your date is which will prematurely influence your decision to keep him or her around.

Five. Don’t invite them to your apartment or home unless you plan on being intimate.

No one likes to be with a tease. So if you aren’t ready to kiss, fondle, and eventually have sex, don’t invite him or her back to the place. Even if you don’t do anything, especially if you are a Christian, the neighborhood will think you did which will make you look bad.

Six. Don’t agree to sex if you are not in an exclusive dating relationship.

Some couples will assume that because they both like one another that it s understood that they are dating exclusively. That false assumption will get you in trouble every time, so unless you have talked about this issue, don’t assume anything. You may find yourself brokenhearted one day after having sex with your date only to find out he or she is on a date with someone else having sex with him or her too.

Seven. Don’t give money as a gift.

Some people think that giving money is no big deal, but you have to be careful of the message you are sending when you fork over cash. When some women receive money as a gift from a man they barely know they think, “What does he want for this?” When some men receive money as a gift they think, “What else will she give up?” Money is personal. People just don’t throw around money usually there is a message behind the gift, don’t accept it unless it’s understood that there is no expectation of getting it or something else back.

By Nicholl McGuire


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