Before You Can Fix Your Unhappy Relationship - The Top 6 Don't Do List

Before you can fix your unhappy relationship, there are 6 top things that you don't want to do.

Many people think that the way to winning their spouse or lover back is to show him/her how much it means to them to get back together as soon as possible. They call and leave desperate messages, email one message after another, text like there is no tomorrow, and generally bombard the ex with messages of all kinds to "call back", "I'm sorry", "we need to talk" and "I need to see you now".

This just doesn't work. In fact, it may blow your chances totally of EVER getting back with your spouse or lover.

S/he will feel much more alienated and possibly angry with you for doing this.

Your emotions are all over the place right after a break up and you are likely to say and do things that you "think" you need to do, but, in reality, you are just pushing that other person away even faster.

Here is a list of "Don'ts" when you are trying to get your ex back:

1. Don't lie! If you say something that isn't true and they find out about it, how are they supposed to trust you?

2. Don't say something just to push their buttons! Their reaction to your pushing will probably be the opposite of what you really want to hear.

3. Don't say unkind things to make your ex feel guilty or bad, again, it will just push them away because you are trying to make them feel uncomfortable. Stay away from negative words and feelings.

4. Don't try to make your spouse or lover feel jealous! This will also backfire on you and you will end up feeling much worse than you did before.

5. Don't turn into a stalker! Not only is this very negative to your relationship, it's also illegal!

6. Don't go looking for revenge or "getting back" at your ex. Again, this is negative no matter how you look at it and, if you really care about your ex, how does hurting them make you feel better?

Nothing on this list is positive and none of them are good strategies to implement in the hopes of getting your spouse or lover back.

In this article, I've given you the Top 6 Things NOT to do if you want to get back with your ex. If you want the "You Want To Do List" go to Fix Marriage lens and get that information.

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By Michelle Lacroix Toro


Is Flirting Cheating on Your Partner?

Many people flirt with others even when they are in a serious relationship. They believe that as long as they are not sexually involved with another person, it is not cheating. However if your flirting hurts your partner, maybe you should think twice.

Flirting takes on the mantle of cheating the moment the innocent and harmless smiles, teasing and winks lead to emotional infidelity. The moment you start dreaming of spending time with the other person rather than your partner, then flirting is emotional cheating.

Here are some things to consider when flirting as these are definite signs of cheating on your partner:

• You rather joke and gossip with members of the opposite sex at work and at social settings rather than your partner.
• When it comes to choosing a gift for a friend or colleague, you spend more time than you would for your partner. Here the friend or colleague has to be a member of the opposite sex.
• You rather discuss your intimate problems with friends rather than your partner; and your friends are from the opposite sex.
• At work, with colleagues of the opposite sex, you end up taking long lunches or stay back after work to have a drink with them and during this time you do not speak about work.

Although the above mentioned are not physical affairs, they are emotional affairs. These affairs are equally harmful for a relationship like a physical affair. So, by default you are emotionally cheating on your partner and your flirting is cheating. If you continue on this path, you will end up ruining your relationship.

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Reasons That Married Women Have Affairs

So what is the main reason that married women have affairs? Well, there usually is multiple reasons for a woman seeking a relationship outside of their marriage. These reasons usually all contribute to an affair taking place. I will go over a few of the main reasons that married women have affairs.

The primary reason that most of us think of straight away is sex. Lust is a very powerful thing and these feelings can drive someone to seek this type of relationship. Many times a affair driven by sexual needs is very short term. It could be that the woman is not satisfied with her love life with her husband. Other times it is simply a need for something different and curiosity sets in.

Another reason for affairs is simply companionship. Many wives feel that they are not understood by their spouse and cannot communicate their feelings properly. A lover who they feel they can connect with and that understands them is very powerful. Having someone as a companion that they can speak their true feelings with is a strong reason for affairs.

Romance can also be a reason that women stray from their marriage. Watching romantic movies and also the media can paint a picture of romance as being something that it is really not. Many women will have a powerful need for romance and will seek this from an affair.

These are just a few reasons that women seek affairs and every person is different. As mentioned, all of these things probably play some kind of role in women seeking relationships outside of their marriage. As our society and views on infidelity change, affairs are becoming more common. As strange as it sounds, having affairs can often times save a marriage because it forces both spouses to examine their relationship and make changes.

By: Joseph Graham

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She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire
Dating or married to an angry woman?
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