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The Rush to Have Sex, Commit with Someone You Met Online

With the growing use of the Internet, comes the increase of meeting people online and possibly going all the way with them.  Now when I say "all the way" I mean just that!  All the way to the altar.  When this happens, you can never be too sure about that person who started out as nothing more than an online chat friend to possibly the mother or father of your children. Communication It is great to communicate, the longer, the better.  But what exactly are you talking about.  Some couples will brag about how wonderful their relationship is, but what they don't tell you is they have yet to push those buttons that will send the new partner over the edge.  It is very easy to start a relationship online, but keeping it--well that is a different story.  Sharing information with a partner is much more than just being nice, polite and friendly.  You must talk about those issues that rattle a person, so that you can see how they respond to controversy.  Better you find out th

Relationship writer and author Nicholl shares experiences and thoughts on YouTube

If your personal relationship with your heavenly Father isn't right, chances are you are struggling in other areas of your life more than most.  Get some insight as to how you can incorporate spirituality in your daily living.  Start listening and watching inspirational videos at YouTube channel nmenterprise7 to help you get on track, see here.

Pros and Cons of Dating Someone Attractive

Let’s face it, there are people in this world that are absolutely stunning--better looking than most. Some are not only beautiful to view, but have a great personality too. So for those singles who are determined to capture a partner that is his or her ideal mate (and keep him or her), the less attractive individual (with the less than stellar personality) has to work harder than most. It is rare that you will find a person that just fits everything you ever wanted in a mate. Sure, the date will have his or her flaws, but the goodness of one’s heart and beauty should outweigh them. So if the buxom blonde or debonair gentleman is sweet on your eyes, then you know there are a million others who would agree. Insecurity When one is dating someone who is nicer looking, smarter, and overall tends to have a better outlook on life, he or she is going to have to be mentally and physically secure with who he or she is personally and professionally. Having a faith, a nice job, a

Had Enough of the Relationship/Dating Drama Yet?

You might be partnered with someone who is really starting to work your nerves.  It seems that whenever he or she comes around, your flesh crawls and you walk on egg shells.  You might even have to tell yourself, "Try not to say anything...remember what happened the last better."  Then before you know it, you are caught in that trap of discord again .  You start thinking about breaking free from your misery, but opt out.  You recall just how much you love this person you can't seem to dismiss out of your life.  (For some of you reading this, a break up is not an option at this time--keep reading). So what will you do the next time an argument breaks out?  Run to a relative or friends house?  Break every wall or door in the house?  Gossip about your mate to anyone willing to hear?  Argue until you both cry?  What, what will you do?   If you are doing any of the things previously mentioned, it is only a matter of time that all hell is going to break

What You Need To Know About Liars

Whether you are in a new relationship or still trying to figure out an old one, chances are you either have been lied to or suspect your mate is lying to you again, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article. To determine whether your mate is being honest with you the next time you question him or her, you will want to pay attention to the following signs. Although these clues may vary with some people, they are very popular with most liars. Let’s begin with one common tactic used by liars. You have approached him or her with a question followed by proof. He or she is obviously upset that you found out the truth. They will look for reasons to find faults with you also known as shifting blame. “Well if you hadn’t went through my things we wouldn’t be arguing? It’s because of your insecurity is why I did what I did.” A softer tactic a liar will use to get off the hot seat is the all important phone call, meeting, or some other event. “Can this wait? I really ha

How do you know you love someone?

There will be a time in life you may have questions whether you truly love someone and whether he or she loves you. Couples need assurance when things seem to go wrong. They need to know they are loved and appreciated. How do you know you are loved? What are you doing to show love? How do you know that your fiancĂ© really loves you? Years ago you may have fallen in love with a girl or boy in high school. Back then adults may have accused you of not knowing anything about love. They may have been right. True love is comprised of so much more than the heavy petting and kissing that went on as a teenager. It’s unfortunate, but many adults are still using a night of good sex and nice favors as signs they are in love. When one is truly in love, you will see their behaviors change whether good or bad and people will take notice. Being sick with love is just that, the stomach and head will ache with some people. Others will experience a temporary feeling of wanting to be aroun

Why Your Boyfriend Talks To Everyone But You

When it comes to the things that matter in his life, you notice he is talking to everyone but you. When exactly you noticed his behavior doesn’t matter, he could have suddenly acted this way or he could have gradually became distant. All you know is that he is different and you need some help analyzing why, so that you can put your plan B into motion, that is if you have one. So review the signs that follow then create a plan for yourself and/ or relationship that will bring you love and peace. In the beginning of the relationship he was “all smiles” with you. He shared stories of his daily events, how you made him feel, and future plans of how he hoped to spend life with you. Nowadays he isn’t saying much more than a “hello” and a “goodbye.” Here’s what may have happened. He doesn’t feel comfortable talking to you. There may have been moments where he said or did something that upset you in the past. He may worry that you will “blow up” or say something that will

The Side Effects of Going Without Sex

When was the last time you had sex? If you answered, “last night” then this article isn’t for you. Check out my articles on other relationship topics. However, for those people who can’t remember when they last had sex or choose to deliberately go without sex, this article is for you. There are many reasons people go without sex. Your mate or you may be going without it for religious reasons, a pregnancy, illness, a lack of trust, or dare I say it, for strategic reasons. Sad but true, some people will cut off sex in their relationships if they feel other needs aren’t being met such as a desire to marry, obtain material possessions, and receive attention. Whatever your reason or your mate’s for not having sex, the following ten points will help you understand and prepare for the “side effects” that may happen. Irritability. It’s like the feeling you get when someone calls you too many times to do something. The slightest thing that happens around you sets you off

Nothing More Than a Fantasy: A Work of Fiction by Nicholl McGuire

“It wasn’t what she looked like,” explained Paul. “It was how she acted, the way she spoke. She was so honest and open about herself that is why I fell in love with her.” Paul, a 35- year-old teacher enjoyed beautiful beaches, breath-taking mountains and exquisite structures such as the leaning tower of Pisa, one of his favorites. “I knew she was the one. She exuded a positive energy. The kind only found in the presence of someone holy or extraordinarily charismatic! I love that woman.” Helena listened intently to his love story. She desired to experience the love that Paul had so eloquently spoke about. She wanted someone to come into her life and sweep her off her feet. Helena was a 5 foot 6 inch beauty queen with legs that any man would want to capture and place on his bedroom wall. Her dark, brown wavy long hair and full lips made women look twice with daggers of jealousy in their eyes. Wherever she went men would stare from afar and motion for her to come and talk w

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire
Dating or married to an angry woman?