She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire - a book for men in bad relationships with bad women

A man doesn't suspect after great food, sex, and cool conversation with a beautiful companion that there is a dark side to her. He doesn't anticipate that one day his partner might hurt him with her words and hands. Yet, there are crazy women who will not hesitate to abuse a man over almost anything! In this non-fiction book, Nicholl McGuire, author of "Tell Me Mother You're Sorry" and "Say Goodbye to Dad," speaks to the man who has been berated, misunderstood, wounded, and beaten down by a frequently irate and abusive woman. He might be your son, brother, father, uncle, cousin, or best friend. He hides his shame. He tells you that everything is okay when it is not. He shares nothing that would make you suspect that he is hurting inside due to his controlling girlfriend, emotionally abusive wife, or violent companion. He grins in front of you and grimaces when at home with her. He hates what his bad relationship is doing to him and possibly his children. He needs peace! If you are this man, let this book inspire you to speak and break free from a dysfunctional relationship with a controlling partner.

In this compassionate and thought-provoking guide you will receive:
- Guidance on using the past to gain control of your present.
- Tips on recognizing warning signs a woman is abusive and not just having a bad day.
- How to exit a miserable relationship.
- Insightful information to help you rebuild your life.

You can feel confident knowing you are doing the right thing for yourself and family when you start working on having a new mindset about this abusive situation. Hitting, shoving, spitting, punching, slapping, biting, and other violent acts are abusive! Name-calling, isolating, economic abuse, ignoring, withdrawal of sex, and more are forms of emotional abuse. Get this book today, what you do with the content just might save your life! Purchase the book today, click here.


5 Tips on Looking Your Best Ladies for a First Date

Best tips on what to do before your first date with man of your dreams.

There are two kinds of people: Those who get nervous before a first date and...fine, there is just one kind of person, and we are all terrified of first dates. The following tips will make your first date perfect and unforgettable!

#1 Stay calm
It is natural that you are nervous before your first date, but you shouldn’t be overwhelmed. Try to relax: take a bubble bath with aroma candles, and then start your preparations. Choose a cozy cafe with relaxing music, where you can feel comfortable and confident. You can take a glass or two of wine, but be careful with alcohol.

#2 Choose a haircut
If you are at a loss and don’t know what to do with your hair, here are some examples of simple and beautiful hairdos for the first date.

⦁ Soft blow out. A smooth blowout with a soft bend and incredible shine—it is very romantic and nice. Just blow dry your hair with a big, round brush. And don’t forget to use a little bit of mousse for better volume.
⦁ Tousled ends. Again, blow dry rough your hair and then, curl only ends with the help of curling iron. Top it with fixing serum or gel.
⦁ Half-up with twist. Blow dry your hair, previously putting a mousse to your hair. Take one strand from each of your temples and twist it. Fix both strands at the back.

#3 Makeup
This is not the time for extraordinary, daring and extreme makeup on the first date. Stick to nude makeup with some light and natural colors. If you are going to have a late evening date, you can make timeless black arrows with red lipstick.

#4 Clothing
You definitely shouldn’t wear your shortest skirt on the first date. Try something classic, because you will not have another time to make a great first impression. Strapless top and jeans or little black dress – it depends on your particular date.

#5 Jewelry
You are not a Christmas tree, so keep it minimal. Small earrings and a tender necklace – this is very important.

Now you are ready for your first date. Use our tips and find your true love.

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Victoria Howell


How to Establish Boundaries with an Ex While Dating Others

The timing is usually all wrong when an ex wants to come back into your life. You are managing well personally and professionally. You are meeting some great guys or gals. The space to breathe and reconnect with your self has been most positive. Yet, there is a part of you that still has room for an ex-partner. You might love the thought of rekindling a romance with him or her or hate what might the future bring again. So how do you manage those emotions by giving an ex just one more chance?

1. Be realistic. This person hasn't changed in a week, two months, or a few years to the point that everything that was or still is wrong with him or her is completely removed. There will be some things that you still don't like about an ex that will show up sooner or later. Think about not only the good, but the bad too. List those issues and let them help you stay guarded with this person.

2. Fight the temptation to have sex. Romance and sexual intimacy doesn't heal, but enhances healthy, functional relationships. If there is dysfunction evident in any relationship, sex will just further complicate matters. Using physical romance to heal is like putting a band-aid on a broken bone. Put off talk about sex with an ex (you already know what it's like with him or her) and redirect your focus on those unresolved issues such as: the apologies you never received, lack of emotional support, cheating, lying, stealing, etc. whatever helped break you both up.

3. Stop lying to yourself. Until you face what you did to enable problems in the relationship, you will find yourself breaking every promise you told yourself you wouldn't do all over again. So be honest and do what you can to make past wrongs right.

4. Avoid moving in together especially to save money. Finances aren't nearly as important as inviting someone back into your life that could potentially wreck havoc on it. Slow down with the plans to cohabitate and the reasons why you should do it now rather than later. As soon as you open those doors, you will be opening yourself up to additional stress whether you choose to believe it or not. Cooking, cleaning, possible pregnancy, talk of marriage, in-laws, guests, respecting one's space, and more will still be topics of discussion.

5. Don't enable dysfunction. When those signs of control, denying, lying, blaming, etc. show back up again, it is safe to say you need to keep an ex at a distance. He or she might smile, joke or distract you from their true colors coming to the surface again. Don't fall for the tricks. State what you will not tolerate and create some distance so that you can carefully ponder whether getting back with an ex is indeed the right thing to do.

6. Don't share your personal feelings and experiences about your dates to the ex. Making a former lover jealous might bring some satisfaction to some people, but it is never a good idea if you one day hope to get back together with an ex.

When you know your worth and have a love for self, you will not tolerate anyone including an ex overstepping their boundaries in your life. You won't be nervous, fearful, or stressed about stating how you feel, because you know yourself and realize the significance of standing up for you. Life is too short and no one is worth losing your mind, body and spirit over.

Nicholl McGuire also provides insight on Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate.  Check out her books here.


5 Things Worth Researching about Relationships, Parenting and Lifestyle

Maybe your parents and grandparents didn't think they needed any relationship counselors, books, or anything else to help with their issues, but you and your partner aren't them and times have changed.  What worked for them may not work for you and your partner who live very differently with more stresses such as:  higher prices, constantly changing technology, new chemicals in food, smarter children, and longer work hours.   Consider seeking more knowledge about those problems that just don't seem like they are going away, before they become major ones!

1.   How Can We Communicate Better?

1. Find the Right Time. If something is bothering you and you would like to have a serious conversation about it, make sure you pick the right time to talk. ...
2. Talk Face to Face. ...
3. Do Not Attack. ...
4. Be Honest. ...
5. Check Your Body Language. ...
6. Use the 48 Hour Rule.
2.  Why We Lie and How to Stop | Psychology Today

3.  How to Raise a Child EffectivelyNine Steps to More Effective Parenting - KidsHealth

4.  How to Avoid Cheating
22 Ways to Avoid Cheating On Your Spouse - Marriage ...

5.  How to Manage Money and Bills

How to manage bills with a bill payment schedule

Once you start researching the obvious, before long you will be thinking about other things you didn't bother learning about.  Hopefully with increased understanding about relationship related issues and new ways to tackle them, your connection will be the success that it was meant to be or you may find that maybe you and a partner aren't suitable for one another.  Whatever you find, enjoy learning and growing!
List prepared by Nicholl McGuire author of Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men and other books, see blog here.


Breaking Up is a Hard Thing to Do - He Wants to But He Just Doesn't Know How to Tell You

Just when you think that all is okay in a relationship, the nagging feeling in your gut reminds you, "He's not into you..."  You can't keep ignoring the signs.  Someone has got to do something before things go from bad to worse!  When He Doesn't Know How to Break Up With You


When Wrong Thinking Gets in the Way of a Quality Relationship

On Losing a Man to Another Woman - You Won, She Lost

"No regrets," that's what some people have to remind themselves of when it comes to breaking up with someone.  I made certain before I left relationships that I had no "I really wish things could have been different" statements floating around in my head regarding exes.  I did the best I could, end of story.  I sleep well at night.  I hope readers of this blog are getting beyond those negative feelings that keep you bound to toxic people, places and things. 

Ladies, when you're in a miserable relationship and don't see any way out, you have a tendency to stay in your mess until a light bulb goes off.  That usually comes the day you find out your man has been cheating on you, it is then that you didn't lose, you just won!

I personally dislike titles that look like another woman took a man away from a wife like, "Suzie Q Lost Her Husband of 20 Years to Mature Mary."  Most likely Suzie Q had been slowly but surely disconnecting from her man long before Mature Mary showed up.  Suzie did it when she withheld sex, called the ex names, told him to leave her, yelled about not wanting to be with him anymore, threatened divorce, and more.  Her husband was no saint and that is why she went from being loyal to attack dog!  Whether a woman giving her man away is official or not, the guy will sooner or later get the message and off he goes.

Looking on the bright side, the woman who just couldn't put anymore effort into a tired, broken down, cheating, lying, or crazy-making partner actually got what she wanted, peace and freedom in his absence.  No more worrying about where that fool is, what he is doing, and where money has gone.  The arguments, stomach upset, headaches, and more gradually come to an end, okay!  He becomes someone else's problem.  So why invite that "issue" back into your life when you have won?

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight about relationships and other topics on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.


You Don't Have to Like a Partner's Family But You Do Have to Respect Them

Every year families will get together for holiday events and there in the group will be those you don't like.  Who says you must be around these people annually?  Did you agree to this before you started dating or during the marriage? 

Being around a partner's family during certain times of the year is one of the down sides when you don't like them, but you are expected to respect them--you know treat people how you would want to be treated.  You can do this without bending over backwards for them or even going around them if you would like.  However, one sets his or herself up to be provoked to anger when you know someone doesn't like you yet you attend their events and all the while you want to appease your partner.  Doing this will make you mad at the enemy and your loved one.  "I told you I didn't want to go...They don't like me and I don't like them!" says an angry boyfriend.

Sometimes we tell ourselves, "Why should I respect his/her family when they don't even like or respect me?"  Because your partner loves them and if you love your partner you do find yourself going along with some things, but you don't have to go along with everything.  If a partner sincerely loves you and wants to make the relationship work, then he or she will not permit his or her relatives to act meanly toward you. 

Sometimes these trials related to family show up to test you on whether or not a relationship is really worth continuing.  It shouldn't be difficult to reach a decision that is beneficial to all when it comes to family related stuff.  Maybe it is better you stay home and your partner spends time with his or her relatives in peace without the worry of how you might respond to a rude relative.  If they are showing up at your place, is there somewhere you can go until they leave if it's that bad?  How about everyone goes elsewhere or stays together for the holidays?  Is it really necessary to see negative people who are not very supportive of the relationship?

The arguments will show up in full force if you go off and tell someone in the family just how much you hate their &^%$ and how you would love to put your foot *&$# but of course, you wouldn't want to present yourself as the crazy ^&*(*%!  Now would you?  As we all know, holiday seasons are supposed to be a cheerful time and if it brings you peace keeping away from those you don't like, then your partner will need to respect that.  But in turn, you show love by helping him or her pack the trunk to grandma's house, "Have a good trip, my dear!"

Nicholl McGuire is the author of When Mothers Cry and another blog about family related issues.

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire
Dating or married to an angry woman?
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