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Social Butterflies and Geeks: Can a relationship like this work?

In 2008, there was a reality show entitled,  Beauty and The Geek .  It was advertised back then as a social experiment.  Beautiful women with low IQs were paired up with men high in intellect, but weak in social skills.  After watching episodes of this show and thinking back to my own dating experiences, I reasoned the only way that one could manage to stay with the other is if he or she would be able to compromise a big chunk of who he or she was when the lights and camera were put away.  Unless a person is constantly evolving and willing to try new things, in other words come out of his or her shell, a relationship like this simply can't work. There are always those exceptions to the rule.  The married couple who have been together for 30 plus years.  The college guy dating the ditz.  The broke, busted and disgusted beautiful girl dating the geeky looking computer guy.  Kudos to them!  However, let's just be honest.  How many times did the thought go through their minds, &q

What Do Guys Really Want?

If you are a woman currently dating men who seem to be frustrating you about what they really want in a relationship, you might want to read this interesting article on  Check it out here.

You Can't Make Someone Love You...

How many times have you argued with your mate and thought, "Does he/she really love me?  Why does this person keep causing drama between us by doing dumb things?  Doesn't he/she care about how I feel?"  Anyone who continues to do more of the same hurtful things to you, doesn't love you.  Therefore, why do you keep trying to make this person do things that he/she just isn't willing and/or capable of doing? We have all been guilty of trying to make someone do something that we want in past or current relationships.  We try explaining our dos and don't list, manipulating situations to generate a desired outcome, and getting others to talk to this person.  Some of those past dates just didn't get it, so what did we do? We either kept trying until one or both called it quits.  You can't make someone love you, so we have heard in love songs.  But some of us, are hell-bent on making something work that obviously doesn't work anymore. The relationship

What You Should Know About Your Partner this Year

It's a new year, happy new year to you and yours!  You know when a new year comes, people can't help but start looking around for things to clean up.  One area of their lives they start to take a closer look at is their relationships--uh oh!  Now this article doesn't suggest any break up tips or anything that would cause more challenges in your relationship.  But what this article does do is encourage you to learn more about that person you are dating, living with, engaged to, or just creeping with on the side.  Oh yeah, some of you reading this have been playing two even three partners and you know that it's time to get serious this year!  Narrow your choice down to one, so that you can focus on other things like your career for starters! So what should you know about your partner?  You should know more than your neighbors that's for sure!  Some couples are so busy doing other things that the neighbors know their schedules.  These couples are nothing more than ro

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire
Dating or married to an angry woman?