Why Some Older Women Don't Bother with Younger Men

He may not have had much luck with the women his own age. They noticed that he acts very immature, crazy, even weird and he just doesn’t have anything that makes women his own age want to be with him. He knows this truth about himself and so that is why some older men target younger women. They most likely have been told by some women their own age that they “need to grow up! Be a man! Stop acting like a boy!” Now you have this “boy” man interested in you. You almost wish you could be a fly on a wall to find out why so many women rejected this nice-looking loser who is now interested in you. Well with this article you are going to be that fly on the wall, because I am going to tell you why older women don’t bother with some of these older “boy” men who appear to be catches to younger women.

For purposes of this article we will first define what a “boy” man is. A boy man is a man who has yet to think and act in ways that a mature man would. For instance, a grown man’s priorities would be his wife, children, job pay bills, etc. A boy man his priorities would be playing computer/video games, going to the gym to work out, hanging out often with his friends, and having a few women he calls every now and then for sex. Children he may have had in a previous relationship are not high on his priority list, doing a good job at work is not a major concern, and the list goes on. When a grown man faces opposition he creates a plan and finds a solution to his dilemma, but when a boy man has a problem he cries out to anyone who will listen and hope the problem magically disappears. That is why many boy men have bad credit, when the letter shows up in the mail, rather than get on the phone and pay the bill, he throws it away. Boy men usually rely on the women in their lives to talk for them, run errands for them, pay bills, assist them whenever something comes up, and so much more. Older women who are mature don’t bother with boy men. But younger women, who don’t know any better, will take up time with them.

Wise older women know that they aren’t easy catches for men and boy men know they don’t have a chance. However, younger women desperate for a father figure, in need of money, or just desire to have a man will allow a boy man to come into her life and sweep her off her feet at least temporarily. However, in time a boy man will expect her to take her independent wages and fund a trip for the two of them; use her car to drive him around, and her knowledge and contacts to help him get ahead. These older boy men are very knowledgeable about women because they are usually raised by women. So they know most women’s weaknesses and will use them to get what they want.

Some younger women are very inexperienced about life and may not bother to think about these kinds of men especially if they had no men around them to teach them about these boy men. There is nothing wrong with these men if you don’t mind being the man in the relationship and taking the lead, but if you want to be the woman and he wants to be the woman too then you are going to have problems. Boy men are very much like women and that is why some women will resort to calling them that b-word. They want attention, love, admiration and other things in the way that women receive it. Some of them will tell you, “I want to be wined and dined too!” What older woman in her right mind would be bothered with this? Since older women tend to be set in their ways and aren’t interested in learning any new tricks, boy men will gravitate to younger women who have more energy to put up with their mental and physical games.

When wise older women see boy men approaching them, they don’ give in to their flattery and joke with them. They usually ignore them, act professional, or challenge them to see where their heads are at. They know that the response they will get from a boy man will usually be childish and real women seeking real men don’t have time for boys.

By Nicholl McGuire


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