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Relationship Fact

According to an article that appeared on the Mental Health Weekly web site, bad relationships affect women more than men. The article reported that a survey conducted by the Journal of Behavioral Medicine, found that out of 900 married couples, women reported more symptoms of depression, aggressive reaction to problems and negative emotions about problems and cynicism. Women's levels of depression were related to their husbands' hostility levels, while their husbands' ratings were not linked to their wives' ratings.

Be Careful You're Not Deceived By A No Good Man

No good men. Who are they? They are some of our fathers, uncles, cousins and brothers. They look good or smell bad. Smell good or look bad. They are men who promise us the world, but never act on their promises. They are lazy and stubborn. They lack the Holy Ghost, take advantage of Christian women and disrespect their mothers. They are infested with diseases while they cover themselves up with suits. They are broke all the time and owe money to everyone they know. They lie and smile. They make us cry, more than laugh. They abuse us, curse us and walk all over us. They are usually fatherless, motherless or both. They are the creators of no good women! Yet, we love them. Why do we always talk ourselves out of what we see and hear? When something isn't right and we know it, we immediately look for information to support reasons why it's right. Even though we know it's wrong. We do this all the time, when we are selecting our men. We say, "He will cha

Every Relationship Will Have Problems

Every relationship will have disagreements. It's all in how you handle them that will make a positive difference in you and your mate's life. Notice I said "life" not lives. The day you had sex with him or her you two became one - that's a topic for another day. Anyway, I know the above headline seems obvious to many, but the truth of the matter is with one out of every two marriages in the United States ending in divorce (and that includes Christians), many just can't seem to get along. If both of you are strong temperaments, then both of you will argue, disagree, and whatever else you want to call it more than most. It may be about everything from where have you been to what are we having for dinner? Women and men will disagree whether loudly or quietly and trading him or her for a "new one" isn't always the best choice. The next mate you get just might be worse. It's better to be with the one who knows you so well, then be with someone

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire
Dating or married to an angry woman?