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Deceptive Lovers: How They Can Drive You Crazy

There are people in this world that simply could care less about others.  They lie, connive, abuse, and do other things that mentally and/or physically break down others.  They are uncaring and seem to only react when negative things occur to them.  They are unavailable to advise, assist those in need, and would prefer to be alone most of the time.  Although many individuals are aware of how negative they can be when dealing with others, there is still an innate need to want to be loved.  Mean-spirited people associate love with sex and desire "obedient" or "loyal" companions that will do more listening than talking to them. Deceptive lovers dress well or poorly, they can be beautiful or ugly.  They can have many interests or few.  They can be kind at times or ruthless.  Some things they do that drive those they claim to love include: 1.  Accuse you of misunderstanding a story, thought or request. A tricky person doesn't want you to ever know the full tru

Dating Tips: Don't Let Pretending to Act Nice Kill Your Spirit

You may have been in a situation where you felt like you had to pretend to be nice and agreeable, because you didn't want a date or partner to think negative things about you.  However, when you walked away from the person, you beat yourself up about what you said or did for him or her.  You really didn't want to go along with "the plan," you really didn't like "the idea," or you preferred to do something else other than what was suggested. Think of the many people who died because they were behaving nicely.  They reasoned they would help another or do something "nice" while ignoring all the signs within and around them to do something different.  This type of behavior goes on with many people, little do they know they are creating a path of destruction for themselves that will cost them things like:  jobs, relationships, and even their lives, because they just couldn't discipline themselves to do the following. 1.  Just say, "No.

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She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire
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