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Why Do Men Cheat?

How to Know When to Leave a Relationship

How to Make a Relationship Powerful - Some Quick Tips by Noah Hammond

Right Now is Right Back: Premature Relationship Endings

When you are ready to leave a relationship, you will not hesitate to make plans. You will pack your items, make an announcement to all that you have ended it with your partner and then proceed to live your life without that person. But people who are not ready to leave their partnerships will take their time about ending them. They will continue to romance one another, give gifts, have sex, talk intimately, and do other things that remind one another and the world, “We are together.” Now there are those couples who may say and do some things that tell witnesses, “This relationship is coming to an end.” But the keyword is “coming,” it isn’t over yet. Therefore, anyone who may think that one or both are ready to live a single life and date others might be easily misled. This is why those who want to play “the other woman” or “other man” role become bitter, angry, and confused. They assume that what their lovers are telling them is factual and accurately reflects true feeli

Narcissistic Men and the Women Who Love Them

How Do You Tell Your Date/Partner What You Don't Like About Them?

Any criticism that brings out one's flaws is not going to be well-received no matter how nice you state what is bothering you.  Sure, he or she will smile and say, "Thanks for telling me," but if this person is the sensitive type, vindictive, typically rude, or thinks more highly of his or her self than he or she ought, they are going to feel bad about what you said. So he has smelly feet, she has stinky breath, and the both of you could use a bath, how might we communicate those things about the other in a way that hopefully won't come back to haunt us later? 1.  Get to the point. Mention the flaw in a way that you aren't saying, "You need to...You should...You ought to...You might want to..."  Notice all the Yous?  Starting "you" off when talking to someone is like taking your finger and pointing it in the person's face depending on your facial expression and tone of voice.  Instead of beginning with a you statement say, "What

The Dating Advice Show - Major Dating Turn Offs for Women

Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate: Is Your Date/Boyfriend/Husband Driving You Crazy? ...

Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate: Is Your Date/Boyfriend/Husband Driving You Crazy? ... : Most women who meet men are seeking to be loved, respected, and protected.  The last thing they want is a man that is troubled or mentally c...

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire
Dating or married to an angry woman?