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Ten Ways to Survive a Breakup
People are often readily available to hear about a break up, but can't always provide you with the best advice you need to get on with your life. This article provides proven ways to help you heal.
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12 Things to Know Before Starting Your Next Sexual Relationship
Thinking about having sex with someone? Don't make the same mistakes of the past! Do it right this time and you just might save yourself from unnecessary relationship problems in the future.
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How to Impress Someone by Using What You Know About Them
Not very good at making first impressions and/or building relationships? No problem, there is always a celebrity that someone admires. Allow another person's interest be your tool to get a conversation started, a meeting arranged or simply be remembered.
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How to Avoid Being Deceived by a No Good Boyfriend
Too many women believe the promises of "bad boys", then wonder why they are strung along into a hopeless relationship. Bad boys are not created to be faithful, honest and true. The next time you decide to date, know what you are getting yourself into before you commit.
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7 Tips to a Long & Healthy Relationship

What makes some Relationships last longer than others? Is there some type of magic spell, or a special pill, that seems to hold people together longer than others? There just might be! Some couples just seem to sit back & sulk, while some others just seem to let life go by right over their heads.

Or maybe it's just that some couples pick up tips of relationship success from their grandparents, relatives or other friends. Since the latter is probably true, here are some tried & true tips that have helped couples enjoy long & happy relationships.

1. Be Nostalgic - When you first got together as a couple, there was something that bonded the two of you to each other. When times start to get difficult, take the time to reflect back on what brought the two of you together & use that common bond to build a foundation to work from to overcome your current difficulties.

2. Date Night - Just because the two of you are now in a long term relationship doesn't mean that the da…

How to Understand a Woman's Body Language - And Know If She Likes You (3 Easy Tricks You Must Know)

People say that reading the works of Homer and Nietzsche would be much easier compared to reading the thoughts of a girl. Oftentimes, it would appear that girls say one thing when they actually want to say something completely different. Because of this, a lot of guys get confused when they try to untangle the thoughts of a girl - what more when trying to truly understand them?

This is quite ironic since guys try to read something that they do not know the language of. Naturally, this results in confusion and then denial. However, there are several surefire signs that girls show through body language, which guys could learn to read. You simply need to understand this female body language before it can get easier for you to read female thoughts.

See, girls truly only want three things out of life: romance, security, and to feel special. If you have the ability to give a girl these things, then reading them would be just as easy as a book for kids - with nothing but pictures.

Easy Tactics …
Dating While Still in a Relationship: Seven Long Years with Mary and Jim
A creative short story based on true events about a couple who decides to date behind each other's back while still living together.
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Ready to Have Sex?

Now are you sure? Because if you do, you know what this means. The way you see your relationship today, won't be the same by next week - I guarantee it! Your partner will start acting more concerned about where you are going, who you are seeing, whose on the phone, and what Internet sites you visited. There is something magical about sex. It makes people draw near for awhile, but then when the potion begins to wear off, people act strange, very strange.

You may recall what happened the last time you had sex before the relationship was mature enough to handle it. She called you way too much wanting to know far too much. He acted like you were the very best thing since slice bread in the beginning of the relationship then eventually forgot what bread even looked like much less tasted like.

So should men and women take it slow when it comes to sex? Yes! And what should they do to take it slow. I wrote about that too. Check out a site I contribute articles to:

How to Take it Sl…
Ten Internet Dating Tips
If you haven't dated online or have but you don't like the results you are receiving, read the following following tips on internet dating. These tips will help you save time and money in the future.
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