How to End a Relationship Without Being the One Ending It

You want to get out of an emotionally or physically hazardous relationship without having the confrontational meeting, what do you do? Well what you don’t want to do is stick it out with someone who is obviously bad for you and you don’t want to be anywhere with this psycho that could possibly put you or your soon-to-be ex in jail. Here are tips that will send a loud and clear message to this person that your relationship with them is over!

Stop calling and visiting.

Who is going to accept being in a relationship with someone that doesn’t call them? Why would anyone stay committed to someone who isn’t available for a midnight rendezvous also known as a booty call? When you start forgetting to call, not returning messages, and avoiding their address, he or she will get suspicious and do one of two things: accuse you of cheating or wonder why while calling you a few chose names. Take it in stride, your purpose was to break up with this person and save yourself the emotional confrontation.

Be overprotective about your stuff ie.) cell phone, purse, gym bag, clothing etc.

You may have normally let her wear some clothing of yours. He may be use to getting something out of your purse without asking. Now you start defining what he is and she is not supposed to touch by telling him or her that you will get the item or asking them could you not wear my clothes anymore? This is an immediate turn off no matter how nice you say it! You may not want to behave in this way while driving especially with a cell phone (for example, the Chris Brown and Rihanna situation), but you do want to convey the message that you are so busy with your social life that you just don’t have the time anymore to be in a relationship. Now if you make a big deal about the cell phone like trying to turn it in such a wy so he or she can’t see what you are looking at, your soon-to-be ex might grab it from your hands and either throw it or hit you with it. Remember your acting overprotective about your stuff in a way that makes them think. You see at one time you didn’t mind them answering your cell phone, using your items and doing other things, now you have a problem with it. Another way to send this message, is to politely ask for the items they have borrowed back and not allow them to borrow anything else. Don’t be impolite about your request or you might not get anything back.

When you see them in person or talk to them over the phone don’t have much to say and don’t be affectionate.

People can pick up on a person who isn’t interested in them by their body language and what they say or not say. If you typically hug or kiss your partner when you greet them stop. If you are normally talkative, tone it way down. If you usually ask about this person’s family, friends, or what he or she is up to, don’t. If you act like this with him or her enough times your former partner will want to know what is wrong with you and then you can use that as an opportunity to tell them vaguely about how you feel about the relationship. He or she will then say, “So what you are telling me you want to break up?” You can either agree or disagree. If you disagree you will drag the relationship out, but if you agree he or she may blame you for the break up, go ahead and take the blame. Don’t use any reverse psychology tactics at this point; otherwise you will be going around and around in circles with him or her.

Use a third party.

Yes, you will look like a coward, but if you are content with having a couple of family members or friends do your dirty work, let them. They can put a bug in his or her ear that you confided in them about no longer wanting to be in a relationship because you are juggling too many things in your life. Of course, he or she will want to talk with you about it. Converse with them over the phone and downplay it by saying, “You were just thinking about it at the time, but after this phone discussion, you made up your mind.” So that he or she will want to feel like they are breaking up with you, they most likely will become angry and end it while calling you a few choice names for confiding in someone other than them about your relationship hang-ups. This is what you wanted so don’t feel guilty, move on.

Write a letter that lists all your problems you have with this person.

No one likes a report that breaks down everything that is wrong with him or her. In the letter you never mention ending the relationship directly; instead you want him or her to comment about it. They most likely will and when they do let them list everything that is wrong about you. You will then say, “Well do you want to break up?” He or she may beat around the bush if so help this person out by ending the phone call or walking away from him or her (of course not turning your back on this person.) This is sending your former partner a direct message that you aren’t interested in speaking to him or her anymore about it. They will want to discuss these issues further, tell them you were under the impression that you broke up and then walk away from them again (don’t turn your back on him or her) or if you prefer not to meet with them in-person hang up the phone.

In closing, it is understandable that due to certain personality types, you don’t feel comfortable just telling a person you want to break up with him or her. However, if you know you are dealing with someone who is mentally unstable, always have conversations around other people, this way you can get help if you need to. Don’t expect them to behave maturely. If you are at a restaurant, wait to leave the location before you start bringing up relationship issues – no one should have to get indigestion watching someone throw a drink on you or yelling and cursing at you. Once you breakup with someone, realize it is not your responsibility what they do after you have broken up with this person. If he or she kills his or herself, does something crazy to someone or something, attempts to fight you, or causes other problems, know your rights and consult with an attorney and file a police report. Relationships don’t work for a variety of reasons and the longer one stays in a relationship that isn’t good for them, the worse things can end up for all parties involved.

By Nicholl McGuire


What to Expect if You Date a Cheater

There is a man or woman in your life that has captured your eye. You would love to pursue a relationship with this person; however, you heard that he or she had cheated on his or her last partner and has a reputation for "getting around." You reason that if this person of interest did cheat, then there must be a good reason; and if he or she is notorious for sleeping around, well maybe there is some truth, but the person may have changed.

What you hear from others about this handsome man or beautiful woman may not derail your thoughts of wanting to get to know him or her. You might even fantasize about this person one day settling down with you. But the reality is, the cheater most likely has been juggling women, men or both for decades and may not change. So what should you expect if you choose to date the cheater?

Know that this person will not be available whenever you want.

It's a lot of work to keep everyone happy and the cheater will often fail at it. He or she may forget an important engagement, run short of cash, or misplace something of importance simply because his or her mind is often preoccupied trying to juggle his or her dates' requests. Sometimes this person will not be available to answer your calls. Voice mails may go unanswered for days, maybe even weeks, depending on how much the cheater wants you involved in his or her life.

Someone might get pregnant.

Unless the cheater has taken care to prevent a certain part of the anatomy from impregnating or in the case of a woman become pregnant, he or she just might slip up one day. Most players don't want children, but there are some that are open to the possibility just so long as they don't have to stick around for long to care for his or her child. If you intend on dating this person, you will have to prepare yourself mentally for the possibility that you or the other lover might be a parent someday.

Your date or you might contract a disease.

No one plans on getting a sexually transmitted disease (STD,) but it happens especially when one or both parties refuse to use protection. You may be committed to the cheater, but that doesn't matter when he or she has multiple partners. Anyone of those he or she may be sleeping with may contract a disease from others. Therefore, you might find yourself visiting the doctor more than usual just to be sure you are STD free.

Jealous rages.

Sleep with a person long enough, and emotions will fly sometimes over the littlest of infractions. Although you may not anticipate getting angry about your date being with others, the more you get to know your cheating friend, the more likely you will experience intimate feelings. You may one day realize you are in love and if this is the case, you just might become very jealous particularly if your cheating partner is talking about a wife, girlfriend or other lovers in great detail.

This person may lie to you about cheating.

Let's say that you want to settle down and ironically the cheater decides that he or she is ready for a committed relationship. Can you honestly say that you will be able to trust this person? The relationship might be doomed from the beginning just from accusations and questions like, "I know you were out with him -- how come you didn't answer your phone? Where were you? Who were you with? Did I hear a woman's voice in the background when we were talking on the phone the other day?" In time the cheater will cheat on you, because the relationship is not what he or she might have imagined. Then he or she may lie to you about cheating, because he or she simply refuses to be truthful. It's his or her way to keep from arguing or letting you go before he or she is ready to end the relationship.

Expect uninvited guests at the cheater's residence while you are there.

If you can drop over your date's home unannounced, so can all the others. Don't be surprised if he or she goes so far as to invite you to stay or introduces you to his or her other partner. Some cheaters might even suggest a ménage a trios!

Cheaters are busy people and usually don't have time to focus on one person much less his or her needs. Their selfish behavior may result in frequent arguments and possible physical fights. They will also lie to you in order to keep you happy until they are ready to replace you with someone better. Also, do keep in mind that an unwanted pregnancy or an STD may result in this kind of relationship. Lastly, choosing to date a player may be difficult, time-consuming, and nerve racking.

In summary, when dating the cheating, player type, consider the following: this person is usually not in love with anyone, but self, your feelings usually aren't considered and never a priority (unless you have something he or she wants,) and you might fall in love with this person the more you sleep with him or her. If you should fall in love (or lust) know that your feelings (sooner or later) will be crushed by the cheater. Sometimes blatant disrespect may lead to physical violence, so if you know this person (or yourself) has the tendency to overreact and hurt people, avoid the cheater.

By Nicholl McGuire

How to Obtain Personal Time While Dating Someone Who is Moving Fast

You don’t want to break up with your partner and you don’t necessarily want to be away from him or her like in a separation, you just want some time alone.  Free time could be weekends to yourself or certain weeknights. Your partner may not know this and you are having trouble communicating it.

You have noticed how you tend to get irritated more often by what he or she says. Your partner on the other hand wants to visit and call you often not realizing that he or she is also becoming a bit weary of you too. Yet, your lover thinks the only way to fix things is to do more together. So what do you do when you need some breathing room, but you don’t want your partner to think you are considering on breaking up with him or her?
First, tell your partner how you feel about he or she if you haven’t in awhile. Stay positive.  Remind this person about how supportive he or she has been about your career and hobbies you enjoy and would like additional support by allowing you the free time to get some things accomplished. Give your partner a specific time when you plan on getting more serious about getting some things done. For instance say, “I want you to know that I love you and appreciate the things you have been doing for me which has made me realize I need to start working harder on XYZ task, so I will need to come home from work each night starting next week and focus on those tasks. Basically, you are communicating with your partner your needs while expecting he or she to be respectful about them.  This will be a test whether this person is really as understanding as he or she portrays his or herself to be.  You are requesting free time like you would ask your boss for vacation time in a polite manner. Of course, you would assure your partner that you will make some time during the weekend or some other time for he or she and by all means keep your word!  Otherwise, you will be faced with additional problems.

Watch during your free time if your lover is emotionally stable. You see some people have a great need to be with someone 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They also have controlling temperaments. You will not always be able to tell if your partner is secretly crazy if you are fulfilling his or her every need. What do you think might happen if you step away a little bit? Now is the time to find out.

Second, take notice of the things your partner says or does that bother you. Having a conversation about your relationship woes after wanting some free time to fulfill your interests is the wrong thing to do. Instead, after you both have settled in your routines again of seeing one another would be a good time to casually mention certain things about the relationship, but whatever you do don’t tell your partner that is why you needed to get away from him or her. Most likely, you will be sending this person the message you would like to break up with him or her when you really don't.

Third, do what you want to do. Value the time you have alone. Don’t worry over what he or she is doing. If you have no history of doing disrespectful things to your partner and vice versa, then you shouldn't be concerned about being accused of cheating. However, if you do, you may want to just call your partner in case he or she is thinking something negative; reassure him or her that you are behaving yourself.

Next, assure your partner that you treasure him or her and the relationship.  Buy something nice, write a note or buy a card sharing your feelings. Talk with your mate about some of your ideas and accomplishments so that he or she knows that you are serious about your “me time.” It will also make her or him feel more secure in the relationship. Whenever the topic does come up about your seeing someone else, assure this person that you are focused on your tasks and the things that interest you and not to be concerned about you seeing someone else.

However, what if you enjoy this new found time to yourself so much in fact that you realize a serious relationship is not what you want? Then tell your partner. Don’t do like so many people who try not to hurt one another’s feelings by lying or covering the truth. No matter what you say or do, your partner will be hurt. But it is best that you tell him or her the truth then string this person along thinking you really want to be with her or him.

When you do decide to break up, do it at a public park or place where other people are close enough yet far enough away.  Always start with something positive to say about him or her, before you get into how you feel about the relationship. Make arrangements to give your partner any personal items (if you haven’t bought them already), then say goodbye if this is what you seriously want and don't go back.  You may have heard from someone you know, "It's never the same once you break up then go back."  So true.

Lastly, if after you have spent enough time away from your lover, or worked out the free time in your schedule while maintaining a relationship with him or her, start thinking about the future. The conversation of marriage will come up, so you best be ready and start saving for a ring if this person is who you really want to be with.  Think starting now, "Is this someone I would want to spend the rest of my life?"

Nicholl McGuire


How to Communicate Concerns to Your Partner

He didn’t want to tell her the truth for fear she might not want to be in his life anymore. She didn’t want to tell him the truth for fear he might tell someone in his family about her secret. People seem to reason that not telling something that has happened to them or that they witnessed is the only right way and it’s just better that no one finds out. The problem is people do find out! Whether it is through a casual conversation or a little detective work, someone seems to either find out or come real close to finding out. Why should we be open with those closest to us with our secrets? Why not keep them in the dark? We don’t want to be ridiculed, abused, or beat over the head with what we finally confess? Of course not, that is why we don’t tell, cover up, or blatantly lie. However, when we do too much of this it begins to affect what could have been a happy relationship, what could have been a long term career opportunity, and what could have been a blessing in disguise.

We need to consider the weight of what we know. How many people will it impact if we spill the beans? Will we benefit in some way such as having peace of mind now that we have confessed? Is it worth telling and hearing the person’s reaction to what we have just told them? It all depends on the following: how you explain your secret such as what details you provide, the time and location you decide to tell the secret, and whether you have the courage to handle the situation if it gets out of hand. When people who reveal secrets tend to get in trouble it’s usually because they have left out important facts, decided not to volunteer information, and fudged the truth to avoid putting themselves in more hot water. Sometimes people who reveal secrets also have a habit of talking too much and providing far too many details than the hearer can handle. So how does one balance the details out? He or she must first take time to interview the person before he or she reveals the truth. The person who wants to come clean must think about how their loved one or friend has reacted in the past when others may have told him or her some bad news.

To help you expose your hidden secret or just share some simple facts about your day, here’s what you need to do. Answer the following: who, what, when, where, why, and how? (The five Ws and the H.) If you provide the information on the subject matter before you are asked, you may come out smelling like roses because of four things: you took the time to tell the truth, you shared a part of you, you put your partner at ease, and you apologized for wrongdoing. Will the person be emotional it all depends, but you can’t control how they feel about what you have told them. All you can do is put the information out there and let them deal with it in their own way even if it means that they may not want you to be in their presence. However, if someone has to sit back and wait for you to say something, interrogate you, set traps, and orchestrate other plans to get you to talk, then most likely they will become angry and if this occurs with a person in authority such as a boss you might be written up or lose your job because he or she had to work too hard to get to the truth which would make any one mentally exhausted!

We have been learning right from wrong since we were children. For men, who may want to reveal a secret to their partner involving another woman, you know that your girlfriend or wife didn’t just become insecure overnight it was a process that you helped create. Think of all the times you came home knowing that you saw an ex, had a conversation with her over the phone, through text or email, even had lunch or dinner with a female without your partner knowing and never said one word unless she asked you and even then some of you lied. You may have acted innocently, but because you said nothing you are guilty in your partner’s eyes. You may reason, “Well I didn’t want to say anything because she would have been talking about it all night and then she would have brought up the past and I didn’t want to hear it.” Consider this, which do you want one night of tension or days, weeks, or even months of a woman walking around suspecting you of cheating? As I have told many of my male readers in the past, “The best way to make a woman feel secure is to tell her everything before she asks you anything.”

So should everything be said? No. You shouldn’t be sharing anything but the facts. You will most often get in trouble if you start sharing personal opinions and feelings. For instance, if you say, “I need to talk to you about an incident that happened at work with a woman.” Don’t add details like “she had long brown hair, a nice waistline, and eyes like yours.” Information like that will only heighten a women’s instinct to want to fight not listen. Share what happened and how you dealt with it. The most important thing she needs to know in any story you give her is “What did you do?” A man who sincerely loves and respects his woman will not encourage another woman to “Call me anytime. If you need anything you know I will help you.” When you say things like that, you are letting a woman know she can count on you and in time she will be back to test you! And when that happens, what will you do behave quietly, lie, or avoid talking to your partner? Do what you can to keep yourself out of trouble with your partner, so that you won’t have any more secrets to reveal.

Women when you are talking to your man about something that happened in the past, avoid the temptation to compare him to an ex. He doesn’t want to hear how he reminds you of Bill, and he looks a little like Peter. What he wants to know is the bottom line, “What did you do?” Based on what you say will determine whether he considers the event that important. However, keep in mind you can make what he considers “not that important” as extremely important if you start telling him details about how the guy made you feel and what you think about his family and the plans you both had for the future. A man doesn’t want to hear all of that!

There are things that you may want to reveal to your partner, relative, friend, or boss that have nothing to do with relationship topics, but have everything to do with money, business, children, and other similar issues. When you choose to share what happened, be sure you are not jumping around and being confusing when giving information. If you need to write out what you are going to say before you say it, do it. The last thing you want to do is share your personal story in a way that makes the listener come away feeling that you are a crazy, delusional, and a confused individual.

When the time comes to share a story that you know your partner will find interesting and may affect your relationship, be sure that you are answering the five Ws and the H as mentioned earlier. Remember to leave the visual imagery out of the story, your opinion, and your feelings. Your partner may bring the story back up again, if so, be a good listener and try not to encourage the conversation if you don’t feel like talking about it.


What Do Women Like About Men? Here's 10

Are you a man curious about what women like about men? Do you genuinely want to change certain things about you to draw the right woman to you? Well you are on the right track! An honest man who cares about what the opposite sex thinks is indeed a good man!

One. The Voice

You may recall the old adage, “It’s not what you say but how you say it.” Some men have strong, sexy deep voices that will make any woman give him the time of day even if his appearance isn’t that great. However, there are those men whose voices aren’t sexy at all, but they just have a way of saying things that draw women to them. Both men know how to use their voices to get what they want and most women will be accommodating to their needs when asked politely.

Two. His Smell

A nice fragrance, coming from a man, may come from a cologne bottle or be nothing more than a freshly washed body. Most women enjoy a fresh smelling man outside of the bedroom, but they also enjoy his natural scent when they are interested in intimacy.

Three. Honest Feelings

A man who doesn’t beat around the bush may not win friends, but a man who can be truthful in a subtle way is most appreciated. Women want to know the truth about the things that affect their mental, physical and spiritual well-being, children, environment, and finances. If they can’t get the truth from you about important matters such as this then they will get it from someone or something else.

Four. Thoughtfulness

Whether you think about her when she is ill by rushing over some chicken soup or you ask her if she wants to do her favorite sexual position, women are drawn to men who know how to think beyond the scope of the present situation. For instance, she mentions something like, it’s her mother’s birthday. Ask her something like, “So would you like to go shopping for your mom a gift?” Another example, she says while on a date, “It’s getting chilly out here, I forgot to bring my coat.” You say, “Would you like to wear mine?” Small acts of kindness will help you win her over every time.

Five. Money

You may have an impressive financial portfolio; therefore, you should expect any woman with two eyes and a brain will want to draw nearer to you. The woman is thinking about the future every time she dates a man. She has been conditioned by society and/or family that a man should be able to care for his woman and offspring no matter how much money she is or is not bringing home. However, if a man can’t keep his finances together, she will gradually lose respect for him.

Six. Status

What’s a nice financial portfolio when no one respects you? Who wants to be with someone who cowers every time other men talk to him? Depending on the kind of woman she is (such as educated and career-oriented,) will determine what kind of man she will want offering his arm to her in public. A smart woman desires a man that will compliment her reputation not tear her down. If she suspects that is the case, she will use her skills to divide and conquer an insecure, weak man. We see evidence of this by the sheer number of women who live alone and say, “I can do bad all by myself! I don’t need no help!” as well as the many songs that glorify independent women.

Seven. Cooperative

Argumentative, angry men are problems wherever they go! Some women take chances being in a relationship with the bad boy types and before long find themselves in bad shape. A good woman wants a good man--someone who has the ability to get along with most people.

Eight. Clean

A clean woman doesn’t want to date, sleep with or live with a slob. Most women enjoy being in the presence of men who take care of self, children, pet, car and/or atmosphere.

Nine. Nice Appearance

There are those women who settle for the man who has let his body go, but let us not forget, that doesn’t apply to every woman. A woman who likes the way she looks will do things to keep her appearance up such as take vitamins, watch her portion sizes, get hair and nails done, and/or exercises. She is attracted to men who also maintain their appearances as well.

Ten. Security

Some men are simply not Hercules and that’s okay. However, if he can show the world during times of trial that he isn’t someone to mess with then she will admire her man even more. If he can stand up to tempting situations, then she is thinking, “This one is a winner!”

You will discover that there are more things that women like about men. The list will get more and more specific depending on who you ask, but these points covered in this article are some of the most essential things that women like about men. Not only that, the points provided attempt to help you sort out the good women from the bad and the weak from the strong. If a woman is all too willing to compromise on any of these 10, you must ask yourself, “What else is she willing to compromise?”

By Nicholl McGuire


He Doesn’t Show Any Interest in Me

You are a talented, beautiful woman who has been told by many people that you are going places and doing great things. But your husband doesn’t see your attributes anymore. Out of all the compliments and praises from well-meaning people, your husband’s words would mean the most is if he could say something without you having to pull teeth! So how do you get him to act interested in you and what you do?

Change your appearance.

You may have wondered why women who have suddenly broke free from problematic relationships, do something drastic with their appearance. They do that because it is a sign to the world that they are free to be who they want to be. Maybe their ex loved their long hair, she rebels and cuts it. She may have changed her appearance in the relationship just to suit him. Now she wants to find who she is again without him. You can do the same without breaking up with your mate. Send him a message that up underneath the hair scarf, baggy t-shirt, and jogging pants is a curly perm wearing, thong modeling, sexy superstar! Even if this only gets his attention for that moment, it’s a start.

Go places without him, the children or your relatives.

If you routinely go places with him and the children in tote, change your routine. Maybe take one child one day rather than both, then on another day only you leave the house and so on. Sometimes predictiability becomes boring with a man, surprise him! It also keeps him on his toes wondering what you are doing. When you come back have a gift in hand for him, share with him your experience then invite him on the next trip.

Do something different.

People not only have hobbies or create projects for themselves simply because they love them. They create these things to do because they also want to appear interesting to the world. People enjoy being around interesting people. We are fascinated by celebrities because they represent a part of ourselves that we are either too afraid, too politically correct, too religious, too this or too that to tap into. When you decide to come out of your comfort zone and do something positive for yourself and others, your partner will be curious about you and may even want to be a part of this new world that you have created for yourself.

Find the time to get the things on your “to do” list done.

Sometimes thgere are projects that need to be done in the household individually or as a group. The quickest way to get everyone’s attention off of one another in your household and distract them from their activities outside the home is to start projects that everyone’s input is needed. Whether it is planning a trip or cleaning out the garage, it’s time to call a family meeting and include your partner in on what is needed for the home.

Plan an event and invite your family and his.

You didn’t get married alone or tell everyone he was your partner without him agreeing to it, so why not get everyone to come over for a family gathering to reconnect. They all got together to celebrate your marriage, why not invite them to your anniversary? When was the last time you celebrated your birthday or his? Sometimes when you preoccupy yourself with other people besides your spouse, it will remind you of why we should count our blessings every day.

Work longer hours.

How one spends and saves money in a relationship tends to be a popular conversation. Maybe your biggest issue with your spouse is how you spend money, if so, you may have to work longer hours or get a second job if you aren’t willing to cut back. Your absence may be missed and he may start paying more attention to you when you are around.

Buy new things for the home.

Sometimes money isn’t a problem in a relationship, but the lack of things is. The household may be falling apart and a little organizing and decorating may cheer everyone up. Why not sit down and discuss with him how you intend to enhance the household and would like his input. Be sure that you have a plan on where you would like to shop and how much you would like to spend.

Meet new people and introduce them to your husband.

You may need new friendships in your life. Sometimes the old ones can be energy sapping, leaving you with no energy for your man. When you have new friendships, they may enlighten you and challenge you to think about ways to better yourself. When your mate sees you are making great strides to change mentally, physically, and spiritually it may cause him to rethink the way he has been treating you and he may start to feel jealous which is a good sign that he still wants to be a part of your life.

Start attending meetings in your community, joining organizations, and volunteering.

When you show a genuine care for others that you didn’t ordinarily have, your mate can’t help but wonder what has come over you! Allowing yourself to experience more with others makes you not only more exciting to be around, but will also be an asset to your partner if he should ever need to change careers.

Educate yourself.

If yo haven’t typically read books, now would be a good time to start! Your partner will want ot know what you are reading and may also be envious. They know that whatever you are reading at some point they will see the results manifest in your life. Whether you choose to sign up for a college or trade school, just know that you will get his attention. He may become nervous thinking that at some point you will get your degree and move on without him. He may discourage you if he doesn’t have his life together. He may commend you , because he knows that if you obtain more knowledge, the possibility of you bringing home more money is inevitable!

When you have those feelings that he doesn’t seem to be interested in you, remember to shift your thoughts from him to yourself. What can you do to make yourself more interesting to you and anyone you may come in contact with. Sometimes women make the mistake of allowing themselves to be like planet earth revolving around the sun and making the sun their partners. When the sun isn’t shining on your world, don’t be miserable, find sunshine in the walk you take without him and the book you read around him.

By Nicholl McGuire

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire
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