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How to End a Relationship Without Being the One Ending It

You want to get out of an emotionally or physically hazardous relationship without having the confrontational meeting, what do you do? Well what you don’t want to do is stick it out with someone who is obviously bad for you and you don’t want to be anywhere with this psycho that could possibly put you or your soon-to-be ex in jail. Here are tips that will send a loud and clear message to this person that your relationship with them is over! Stop calling and visiting. Who is going to accept being in a relationship with someone that doesn’t call them? Why would anyone stay committed to someone who isn’t available for a midnight rendezvous also known as a booty call? When you start forgetting to call, not returning messages, and avoiding their address, he or she will get suspicious and do one of two things: accuse you of cheating or wonder why while calling you a few chose names. Take it in stride, your purpose was to break up with this person and save yourself the emoti

What to Expect if You Date a Cheater

There is a man or woman in your life that has captured your eye. You would love to pursue a relationship with this person; however, you heard that he or she had cheated on his or her last partner and has a reputation for "getting around." You reason that if this person of interest did cheat, then there must be a good reason; and if he or she is notorious for sleeping around, well maybe there is some truth, but the person may have changed. What you hear from others about this handsome man or beautiful woman may not derail your thoughts of wanting to get to know him or her. You might even fantasize about this person one day settling down with you. But the reality is, the cheater most likely has been juggling women, men or both for decades and may not change. So what should you expect if you choose to date the cheater? Know that this person will not be available whenever you want. It's a lot of work to keep everyone happy and the cheater will often fail at it. He or

How to Obtain Personal Time While Dating Someone Who is Moving Fast

You don’t want to break up with your partner and you don’t necessarily want to be away from him or her like in a separation, you just want some time alone.  Free time could be weekends to yourself or certain weeknights. Your partner may not know this and you are having trouble communicating it. You have noticed how you tend to get irritated more often by what he or she says. Your partner on the other hand wants to visit and call you often not realizing that he or she is also becoming a bit weary of you too. Yet, your lover thinks the only way to fix things is to do more together. So what do you do when you need some breathing room, but you don’t want your partner to think you are considering on breaking up with him or her? First, tell your partner how you feel about he or she if you haven’t in awhile. Stay positive.  Remind this person about how supportive  he or she  has been about your career and hobbies you enjoy and would like additional support by allowing you the free time to

How to Communicate Concerns to Your Partner

He didn’t want to tell her the truth for fear she might not want to be in his life anymore. She didn’t want to tell him the truth for fear he might tell someone in his family about her secret. People seem to reason that not telling something that has happened to them or that they witnessed is the only right way and it’s just better that no one finds out. The problem is people do find out! Whether it is through a casual conversation or a little detective work, someone seems to either find out or come real close to finding out. Why should we be open with those closest to us with our secrets? Why not keep them in the dark? We don’t want to be ridiculed, abused, or beat over the head with what we finally confess? Of course not, that is why we don’t tell, cover up, or blatantly lie. However, when we do too much of this it begins to affect what could have been a happy relationship, what could have been a long term career opportunity, and what could have been a blessing in disguise. We nee

What Do Women Like About Men? Here's 10

Are you a man curious about what women like about men? Do you genuinely want to change certain things about you to draw the right woman to you? Well you are on the right track! An honest man who cares about what the opposite sex thinks is indeed a good man! One. The Voice You may recall the old adage, “It’s not what you say but how you say it.” Some men have strong, sexy deep voices that will make any woman give him the time of day even if his appearance isn’t that great. However, there are those men whose voices aren’t sexy at all, but they just have a way of saying things that draw women to them. Both men know how to use their voices to get what they want and most women will be accommodating to their needs when asked politely. Two. His Smell A nice fragrance, coming from a man, may come from a cologne bottle or be nothing more than a freshly washed body. Most women enjoy a fresh smelling man outside of the bedroom, but they also enjoy his natural scent

He Doesn’t Show Any Interest in Me

You are a talented, beautiful woman who has been told by many people that you are going places and doing great things. But your husband doesn’t see your attributes anymore. Out of all the compliments and praises from well-meaning people, your husband’s words would mean the most is if he could say something without you having to pull teeth! So how do you get him to act interested in you and what you do? Change your appearance. You may have wondered why women who have suddenly broke free from problematic relationships, do something drastic with their appearance. They do that because it is a sign to the world that they are free to be who they want to be. Maybe their ex loved their long hair, she rebels and cuts it. She may have changed her appearance in the relationship just to suit him. Now she wants to find who she is again without him. You can do the same without breaking up with your mate. Send him a message that up underneath the hair scarf, baggy t-shirt, and

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire
Dating or married to an angry woman?