7 Signs You are the Cause of Your Dating Problems

Every time you go out with someone, you feel something is missing.You try to figure out what it might be, but you can’t.Your dates have noticed at times you are distant, confused, and negative.You often point the finger at your dates.However, have you thought about what you might be doing or saying that is making your dates not want to ask you out on another date?It can be hard to believe that your dates are coming to a quick end because of you.Ego gets in the way and says, “It’s not my fault.I didn’t cause the problem.”Yet, the issues may lie with you from the start.What is missing in your life?Do you have any personal interests?Are you being honest with yourself in area of your life such as money, relationship, job, etc.When one isn’t happy with self he or she is not going to make anyone else happy.Rather than bring positivity, one who is troubled is going to bring all that is negative to a relationship.  "The restaurant service could have been better.The movie wasn’t that good…

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Manipulative Men Create Themselves to be Everything You Ever Wanted

He said all the right things based on what he had already learned about me.
He promised me that we would go to fun places and see cool things.
He told me that he loved me and how stupid the last man was for letting me go.
He bought me everything I ever wanted.
He seemed like he really wanted to know me, he asked me lots of questions.
All of what I mentioned above was what I remembered during the dating phase with various men.  They were nice-looking, charming, but all had dark sides.  They took the time to get to know me because "I was different...pretty, smart...liked my smile."  Oh yea, the smile.  They all found my smile very attractive.  But I wasn't sold much on their looks, it was their voices.  I was lured by the tone of their voices and what they promised.

Back then, in my 20s.  Now in my forties.  I know now when a man is attempting to make himself into something I would desire even though I am married and they know it.  They still try.  One tried to play down his h…

Beware: The Date Who Lies about Liking Travel or the Outdoors

The lonely single woman, back on the dating scene, sucked it up when they first started dating; she went skiing with her new date: The Adventure Seeker despite her personal fears.  When asked out again, she attended a conference in another state with him.He had a bright idea to go hiking, so she accompanied him reluctantly on that trip too.

As the connection grew deeper, the bachelorette finally confessed one day, “I don’t like traveling or the outdoors.Please don’t ask me to go with you again, but you are welcome to have a ball by yourself, without another woman, of course.”What!He was shocked, disappointed, and started to think, “This isn’t going to work.”What drew him to her was that dating profile where she checked off that she liked the outdoors and traveling.She thought that her date had forgotten about that, "...just harmless lies. He'll get over it, " she reasoned.  But he didn't.

The future is forever changed when one lies about interests, hobbies and prefer…

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She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire
Dating or married to an angry woman?

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