New Partner Plans? But Your Current Partner Doesn't Know

Some of you were with partners doing things like: watching the fireworks, saying prayers, sitting by the fire, listening to music or having sex when the new year came ringing in.  But you have a secret, you don't plan on being with your current connection for the entirety of this year.  Look your secret is safe with me!

A few times in my life, I just knew without a doubt that those jokers were not going to be around much longer.  My new year's resolution with one man, while I sat in church next to him, was to break up with him by spring.  I accomplished that task but not without six police officers showing up that sunny day in April.  They received a domestic violence call.  I had been previously abused many times and I was fed up--I fought back.

When you have grown weary of the make up to break up roller coaster, you mistreat the person without a care whether verbally or physically, and all you ever think about is ending the relationship, it's time!  This is the year that…

On Settling with Someone Who You Are Incompatible -- Don’t!

The regrets one experiences when he or she decides to have a serious relationship with someone who you later realize you should have never committed to or worse met can be upsetting.Your personal and professional goals may be impacted so much that you no longer bother to work to achieve them.

In a turbulent relationship, you work harder than most to communicate, meet your partner’s needs, and more while fighting often.You or your mate may be exhibiting signs at times that you no longer care or want to be in a relationship with one another.When this occurs, thoughts of cheating or actually seeking out someone to have sex with may happen.

You have mental and bodily anguish that at times is unexplainable--even leaving doctors scratching their heads.When your health woes subside and you and your partner are not disagreeing as often, you attempt to be positive, but emotions and behaviors simply don’t last for long.Again, you suffer through the relationship like watching a movie you hate …

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What to Do When You Discover a Date Has Been Lying to You

It can be disheartening when you find out a date has been lying to you about any number of things, what's worse is you have had sex with this person and thought you had an intimate connection, but realize you can't trust him or her.So what to do when you discover your dating a liar?

1.You confront him or her on every lie.Sometimes there are those little white lies and then there are those bigger lies that enter into a relationship.As much as you want to believe a partner didn't lie about someone or something, when it is proven that he or she did, burying your hand in the sand is the last thing you want to do.Welcome the warning sign, stay guarded, and always confront the liar on his or her lies.
2.You remind him or her of your deal breakers.You will need to remind a lying partner what your deal breakers are and maybe he or she will think twice in the future.This person may have forgotten what you might have gone through in your last relationship and how his or her repeat p…

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