When a Partner Puts Everyone Before You - family, friends, co-workers

When you began dating your partner whether months or years ago, you didn't anticipate that the future would be like this, he or she would ignore, make excuses to get out of doing things with you, make favorite relatives a priority, and accuse you of acting insecure or jealous.  All you wanted was a relationship with your mate and you didn't expect anything less.  However, these days it feels like you are all alone.  Your feelings don't matter, time spent together is unimportant, and when you so much as you bring up a conversation that sounds the least bit unflattering, you are deemed a trouble-maker by your selfish partner.  As long as you go along with his or her program, you are a "good" girlfriend, "great" boyfriend or spouse.  Well enough is enough!

As much as you might not like to sit down and talk about your feelings, state consequences, or be critical about the way your partner is treating you, you will have to keep going to him or her about what…

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Improve Your Online Dating Experiences, Prepare for What is Ahead

Let's face it, our Internet connections are technologically induced as well as the emotions that result. Images are altered to impress. Words are specially selected to persuade us to "choose me," chat and make an appointment to see a potential partner. Dating preferences are sometimes embellished to lure you in and keep you captivated. E-mail, text, and video stories are at times are vague, inaccurate or insulting. The voice on the other end of the phone or via video chat is controlled as well as behaviors. A stranger is careful not to irritate you or send you running. Most likely, these potential dates recall the arguments they had with exes and the barrage of insults they endured that revealed their weaknesses prior to connecting with you. Therefore, they know what to do to hide flaws so that they can attract new mates before the unsuspecting are on to their games.
So if you feel a tad bit tricked or cheated when it comes to online dating, you have been. There …

Dating Blues - Why Bother with Dating at this Time?

Over and over again a single woman is let down by a date. She swipes, scrolls, and taps looking for her next encounter that will make her forget about her last unsuccessful meeting. But to no avail, he seems to be more problematic than the previous male that caught her eye.

A single man finally decides to make arrangements to date again only to find out the dating scene hasn’t changed much. He is often disappointed with what appears to look good on a dating profile but falls flat once seen in person.

What is the problem with these two as well as many other hopeful singles? There is no single answer and with every online or offline exchange with a fellow single, you just can’t avoid the things you simply don’t like about people. It goes back to what I mentioned in a previous blog entry some years back, you have to accept the bitter with the sweet, the cons with the pros, if you are determined to make things work with someone.

I recall setting my standards both high and low and the o…