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How Do You Know You No Longer Have a Friendship with Your Husband

Good friends like good men are hard to come by and that is why some women will fight tooth and nail about their partners. They want to know that their partners will stick closer to them than they would their best friend. However, that is oftentimes not the case. Usually the friend outlasts all the relationships. You can’t help but think was the friend also responsible for some if not all the breakups? So how do you know that you are no longer your husband’s closest friend? Here’s how you can tell. You don’t occasionally set some time aside to learn more about his interests and hobbies. You do well listening to him when he tells you about things that matter like groceries, bills, doctor’s appointments, and children, but when he starts telling you about his game of golf, the workload at his job, or other things that you aren’t a least bit interested in, you zone out. If you remember, when you first dated him you managed to find a way to stay interested in what he had

He is Never There for Me When I Need Him Most

Have you ever felt like your husband or partner just doesn’t seem to understand what his role in your life is supposed to be? You have explained to him many times how you feel about him and how you want him to be pro-active in your life, but even with the long speeches, the cries, and the anger outbursts, he still proceeds in the relationship as if he doesn’t care about you or the things that matter to you most like your family and friends. Every woman in this situation has a choice and the obvious one is you either put up with his nonchalant, insensitive attitude or you tell him goodbye. Why is it that some men behave in this way? The answer is quite simple they don’t understand women and aren’t interested in learning more about them either. A man who truly respects , admires, and most importantly loves his woman is going to do what it takes to make a relationship work. Sometimes he needs her to guide him to the self-improvement book, drive him to the relationship counselor, or walk

After Finding Out She's Cheating

So she told him the other day that he wasn't affectionate enough.  He listened to her, then promised he would consider her feelings more and periodically kiss and hug her for no reason, but to say, "I love you."  Days turned into weeks then weeks turned into months and business continued as usual.  He gave her a list of complaints.  Things like what she was and wasn't doing while never following up with anything that showed he appreciated her actions much less her existence.  He debated about frivolous matters and often ignored her. One day he found out that he wasn't the only man in her life and that there wasn't just one, but many men in her life.  They all fulfilled a purpose, and for some strange reason, he wondered what role did he play.  The truth of the matter was right before his eyes, his role had been long revoked--he no longer played any role.  His woman had been mustering up the courage to tell him it was over weeks prior, but he found out befo

10 Actions You Do that Make Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Think You're Cheating

So you haven’t been in a relationship that long and you are already being accused of cheating when you know you haven’t. Chances are you are conducting yourself in a way that is making your partner feel insecure. What could you be doing to make him or her feel that way? Here are some tips. 1) Being extremely private. One can understand in the days of identity theft that you want to be extra careful password protecting your accounts, watching where you leave your cell phone, and locking up your private files, but when a situation comes up where you may need your partner’s assistance or need to share information between one another and you act overprotective with him or her about it, you are giving them a reason to suspect you are up to something whether you are or not. Some couples will share a password only temporarily and then as soon as their partner’s back is turned they change their password. This sends a message that “I don’t trust you. I have something to hide” even though yo

How to Free Yourself from a Dead End Relationship

When you first met your partner you didn’t see him or her as being flawed. Rather, you have seen a human that fulfilled your needs at the moment. For some of you reading this, you had a need for a companion, financial issues to contend with, a bad relationship previously and other circumstances that gave you the motivation to want to start over again in a new relationship. Notice there is no mention of love. Because love usually is not the driving force in relationships that start off in this way. You most likely came to the realization already that love was never what you felt, but an excitement, lust, and just an overall feeling of temporal peace because you now have someone who will lay beside you at night and go to events with you periodically. This may have worked in the past, but now you know it is no good for you. You tried repeatedly to make things work and he or she gave you the cold shoulder, cursed you, or even worse cheated on you. You forgave them for their misdeeds, bu

6 Reasons Why She Will Leave You So You Best Be Prepared

Your woman has come to you over and over again with all sorts of issues from how to put things back to whether or not you love her and over, over, and over again you have given her explanations and tried to listen to her. You know she loves you, but maybe you don’t know whether you love her. There are reasons why women leave their men or cheat on them. One. She doesn’t think you are her friend. You say that you consider her not only as a lover but a friend too, but do you really? When serious issues in life have come up, have you included her or did you run to your family, friends or an ex for support? Friends care about one another. They include them in on the significant things that happen to them in their lives. When she upsets you, do you talk to her one-on-one or do you talk to everyone else but her? She has dealt with her share of backstabbing friends in the past, so the last thing she expected was her man going behind her back and bad mouthing her too.

He Lives His Life as if We Weren’t Married; He Rarely Considers Me

Driving in his beautiful sports car, he is turning heads! He feels and looks good these days and you are happy for him. But this has been the latest stunt he has pulled in a series of selfish moves. Family and friends tell you that they have seen him at this person’s house, this club, this event and so on and you don’t even know about half of these places and the ones you do know about you know that they are up to no good! You want him to start living his life as if he is married to you and you want him to consider you, so what do you do? First, you need to identify where you have gone wrong in this relationship to win his respect. He unfortunately has learned that whatever he does is okay with you. You may have allowed him to get away with what he does because you didn’t want to appear as if you are a nag. You can still appear that way, by stating your point and if it doesn’t get through to him going to your plan B. Now you may say, what is a plan B. A plan B is

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire
Dating or married to an angry woman?