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Future Relationship Challenges Revealed During the Courtship

You can predict what a future will be like with the person you are dating simply by listening to what he or she says about personal interests, family relations, work partnerships, eating habits, and more! Most dates will not tell of their weaknesses, you have to figure those out for yourself.  However, there is a lot said in a joke, a quick retort, a roll of the eyes, or a deep sigh when you bring up sensitive subject matter.  The problem with many individuals who date is that they fear bringing up controversial issues because they think the person will no longer want to go out with them.  Being "the trouble-maker" so to speak is actually a good thing, because you can cut your losses early if the date doesn't pass your tests.  Remember, you are considering a future with someone who might be possibly impact the rest of your life! Think of the many couples that started off happy, but are now miserable around you.  Consider the many individuals who rush to get married

Relationship Blues: Dating Issues, Couple Challenges will Come

From forgetting to do something that a partner was expecting you would get done to disciplining  children who tend to cause more problems than solutions depending on the season, relationship conflict will happen.  More money, more children, more things, more family, more friends, more activities, more work hours, more of anything, and one day a lover, who didn't normally have an issue with one's partner, will!  Less truly is best if it is an interference in your relating to one another in a positive way!  Being in an intimate relationship will not always be "nice, understanding, better than those other people, or anything else," you thought it might be.  Selecting a mate can be like buying a car, chances are you're dating, engaged or married to a lemon, someone's reject from yesteryear--a real problem!  Sounds harsh?  Well, it's true.  Why do so many singles deceive themselves into thinking that every new face will always be The One--the answer to one

Multiple Personality Disorders from a Spiritual Perspective...Learn more.

The last thing you think about when you are dating is meeting someone with a personality disorder.  Beware.  If you know you don't have the patience to deal with someone's "issues", get out while you can.  Avoid the temptation to save the damsel in distress or the poor, lonely guy.

Why is it that He Doesn't Marry Me?

Saying "I Love You" on the Internet to Strangers

What is it about the Internet that makes Internet surfers say things like, "I love you" without knowing, better yet, even meeting the one reading the note on the other end?  He or she may have sent email back and forth for awhile and even promised to meet a love interest in person, but is such a relationship truly about love or is it more a lust for adventure?  One whose life is routine, mundane and in need of a spark is tempted by the world wide web of possibilities even if they really don't love him or her. There is something exciting about getting to know someone in a way that is still very new to our society still.  You may have seen romantic movies in the past that made Internet love look and feel so romantic.  But is it really?  Let's face it, when you really think about it, it is quite strange, even a little scary, to frequently chat with a stranger online only to allow one's emotions to get the best of him or her, and before long sit in the presence of 

How to get your ex back fast!

How Much Do You Weigh? And Other Questions You Shouldn't Ask Your Date So Soon

Some people are always getting caught with their foot in their mouth on the first few dates.  Why bother dating, if one feels like he or she should say whatever is on his or her mind.  It isn't any wonder why some people remain single.   Know when to talk and also when to shut up!  Maybe just maybe some will stay committed long enough to get married. How much do you weigh?  Does it even matter?  The date might be planning to lift you up one day or buy you clothes or maybe he or she is letting you know in a nice guy way, "You are too fat or too skinny for me, not interested." Who knows? What is your faith?  Then the date follows up with a question that goes something like this, "So why do 'fill in the blank' act like you visit...?  My mom (dad or whoever) use to be..."  Should I care?  Meanwhile, the person has no plans of supporting one's faith much less anything religious unless one has vested interest in the person. Why are you

Types of Women to Run From

Make Your Partner Feel Secure in the Relationship

She rolls her eyes, takes a deep sigh, acts irritated every time her partner speaks to anyone female including his own mother, what’s wrong with her? A boyfriend seated near his girlfriend overhears her talking and laughing on the phone with the father of her children, he breathes heavily and murmurs something about, “getting off the phone.” Two examples of insecure partners in relationships, but why? Lack of communication and understanding. You can talk until your blue in the face about your love for a mate, why you only want to be with him or her and so on, but are your actions sincerely demonstrating what you say? Maybe you haven’t communicated as well as you think to your insecure, and at times, jealous partner. Does he or she really know how much you love him or her or does the subject only come up when he or she notices that your attention is on someone else other than him or her? What about affection, sex, being helpful, and other factors in the relationship? Are

How Narcissist's Victims Deceive Themselves

Mentally Controlled by Lovers - a spiritual perspective

Bad Relationships - 3 Common Causes of a Bad Relationship

Are You Able to Withstand a Challenging Relationship?

It seems, many obstacles come up after one decides to commit to a relationship for better or for worse.  Exes call, arguments increase, job losses, unanticipated pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, toxic relatives and friends--you name it, trouble seems to come out of nowhere!  But can you deal with all that comes with you and someone who claims to love you?  When is enough, enough!? When you are exploding on everyone, but the one who is causing you the most issues. When relatives and friends are warning you almost daily to stop being with the person you are with and start planning an exit. When there is a firestorm of concerns and complaints coming from strangers who can't get to your partner, but they can get to you. When you can't seem to go on and feel like you are going to jump a bridge. When your world is falling a part.  For instance, bills aren't getting paid, an increase in personal health issues, and the needs of yourself or loved ones aren't get

How to Remain Dedicated to a Sexual Fast

  People have their reasons as to why they need to stop having sex for a certain time period. Health issues, relationship challenges, work/education focus, children, and more are reasons as to why some people just need to take time out from having sex. One. Abstain from watching music videos, movies, television shows, and other media that discusses, shows or encourages sexual activity. When you are being inundated with media that has sexual content, you will begin to desire to have sex from viewing sexual advertising to watching music videos. With problems mounting in one’s life, it can be very frustrating trying to stay dedicated to a sexual fast. Don’t entice your self or others with sexual images. Two. Avoid dating and/or being along with someone you are romantically attracted to. The more time you spend with someone who isn’t interested in having sex or vice versa, the more tension increases. Premature sex only causes more problems. Stick to the plan, if you can’t ha

When a Woman Cheats

Cheating on anyone or anything is wrong. Most of us learned very young that to go behind a friend’s back and wrong that person might cause a fight or worse one might lose a potential friend. But just because people know things, doesn’t mean that they will always adhere to a certain code of honor. Such is the case with a woman scorned. One who is unwilling to compromise any further in a miserable relationship will be tempted to cheat. However, before some cheating partners make their exit (or get booted), they have to go out with a bang of sorts usually finding someone they feel more compatible with, possibly better looking than their current mate, while still receiving sex, money, and other things from their present partner. Some things women do that lead up to cheating could have been prevented had their mates picked up on the signs. 1. She often thinks and communicates her concerns about the relationship. A woman who is on that path toward cheating on her man is going

Why Do Men Cheat?

How to Know When to Leave a Relationship

How to Make a Relationship Powerful - Some Quick Tips by Noah Hammond

Right Now is Right Back: Premature Relationship Endings

When you are ready to leave a relationship, you will not hesitate to make plans. You will pack your items, make an announcement to all that you have ended it with your partner and then proceed to live your life without that person. But people who are not ready to leave their partnerships will take their time about ending them. They will continue to romance one another, give gifts, have sex, talk intimately, and do other things that remind one another and the world, “We are together.” Now there are those couples who may say and do some things that tell witnesses, “This relationship is coming to an end.” But the keyword is “coming,” it isn’t over yet. Therefore, anyone who may think that one or both are ready to live a single life and date others might be easily misled. This is why those who want to play “the other woman” or “other man” role become bitter, angry, and confused. They assume that what their lovers are telling them is factual and accurately reflects true feeli

Narcissistic Men and the Women Who Love Them

How Do You Tell Your Date/Partner What You Don't Like About Them?

Any criticism that brings out one's flaws is not going to be well-received no matter how nice you state what is bothering you.  Sure, he or she will smile and say, "Thanks for telling me," but if this person is the sensitive type, vindictive, typically rude, or thinks more highly of his or her self than he or she ought, they are going to feel bad about what you said. So he has smelly feet, she has stinky breath, and the both of you could use a bath, how might we communicate those things about the other in a way that hopefully won't come back to haunt us later? 1.  Get to the point. Mention the flaw in a way that you aren't saying, "You need to...You should...You ought to...You might want to..."  Notice all the Yous?  Starting "you" off when talking to someone is like taking your finger and pointing it in the person's face depending on your facial expression and tone of voice.  Instead of beginning with a you statement say, "What

The Dating Advice Show - Major Dating Turn Offs for Women

Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate: Is Your Date/Boyfriend/Husband Driving You Crazy? ...

Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate: Is Your Date/Boyfriend/Husband Driving You Crazy? ... : Most women who meet men are seeking to be loved, respected, and protected.  The last thing they want is a man that is troubled or mentally c...

Spot a Narcissist or a Psychopath on Your First Date

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Do People Even Have Real Relationships Anymore?

Engaged? Wedding Planning Tips

How to Deal with Men who Misbehave

Tips on Arguing with Women

S. 1, Ep. 7] "The Date" - Youtube Show AWKWARD Black Girl

5 Wrong Things Selfish People Do to Stay Married

There are many selfish couples who are staying married, and not necessarily living happily married either on the backs of others.  So the next time you say "Happy Anniversary," consider what the couple said and did to others over the years to reach their golden marks.  Is that possible, use others in deceptive, selfish ways in an effort to stay together?  Yes.  Keep reading.  This is not something that everyone notices or even realizes until you find yourself in a position where you are the focus of the couple who is having problems (despite you're having nothing to do with their issues).  You see, some people will create problems and act as if you had something to do with them because you are there--they need a character to take away from their plot.  So if you are the child returning home from college, a friend needing somewhere to live temporarily, or the elderly parent who is down on his or her luck,  you can easily become the perfect distraction to keep a couple to

Relationship with an often Angry Man? Is it Worth It?

Top 10 Signs You Are In an Abusive Relationship

Online Dating & Relationship Advice : How to Know He Cares About You

Are You In Denial that Your Man or Woman is Controlling, Manipulative?

  Sometime back, I posted this video from my YouTube channel: nmenterprise7 and I asked my listeners were they in love or in manipulation?  Are you?  There are those times in our dating experiences or relationship struggles that we may find ourselves being manipulated or controlled by a partner without knowing.  You may be the one who is trying to wake up a relative or good friend, but he or she isn't listening.     When one is in love with a controlling or manipulative person, he or she is not going to see the truth until the relationship begins to spiral downward, it is then that this person will start to talk back to her partner, argue, or complain to relatives and friends about him or her.  When you know you are guilty of doing and saying things to make your partner go where you want to go, say what you want him or her to say, and perform in ways that you know really aren't a part of one's personality, upbringing, culture, etc.  Then you must step back from t

How to Make a Relationship Powerful - Some Quick Tips

What You Should NEVER Do On A Date With A Guy: From Matthew Hussey, GetT...

Men, Women: What Do You Want in a Relationship?

When They Expect You to Date Your Own Kind

Ignorant people have a way of putting their prejudices off on others.  If they don't like a certain ethnicity, gender, culture, language, etc. they assume that you feel the same way simply because you might look or sound like them.  But with so much marketing of all sorts of relationships, whatever you thought was typical, normal, or okay is being suppressed slowly but surely.  The typical American couple looks nothing like the magazines of yesteryear. Interracial relationships, divorced partners, same sex partnerships, age-gap dating, open marriages, and more are the new norm.  Despite the stares and the comments, people will continue to date who they want, when they want and how they want.  Some couples simply don't care what anyone has to say about their choice in a mate. You might fit in one of the above mentioned groups.  You may have received some negative comments from people about your selection in a date.  For some, you might have been pushed out of certain circles



Thinking about Divorce? Have Children?


Dating Poem: More than Meets the Eye

So few of you many more of them, you need to be with someone who isn't enjoying sin. One had me jumping for joy, didn't play me like a toy. Boy, oh boy! He was that one they said, "Ain't right, and he look white." But that was alright. Look I have been there, done that... just sat and sat. Brothers passed me by, said goodbye, and one left me to die. Been on the other side too, where I was one of the few. That one lied and I just cried. "Life is what you make it," so they say, but many still have no wedding day. They say, "It's okay...something good will happen today." Yeah right, okay. Look at you, what to do? What is your view? What do you desire? Who will ignite your fire? Why won't love last? Has a lot to do with the past. Keep waiting, keep dating before long one will be mating. Then what will he do, lose love and sue? What will she do, find another to view? Temporary fixes, for modern

New Relationships: In Love or In Manipulation?


Is She His One?

I think I will leave it up to the man to see allow him to stare, to really view me. Tired of laughing at silly, boring things-- more interested in looking at some rings. Tired of pretending that I am the best, tired of failing each and every test. "Listen we all have our issues, you know better. Just state some promises in a letter. You promise to be better than the last. You promise that you won't move too fast. You promise that you will love me now, You promise you won't throw in the towel..." Relationship advice now it will entice. Makes you want to learn more, especially for a heart left sore. But back to the man that watches me, hopes he accepts the woman beyond what he sees. For I have a long history complete with much misery. Men don't hold my attention for long, don't believe in any tired love song. Won't be the one who will fall head over heels in love, don't respond to men who like to scream and shove. He is a

The Rush to Have Sex, Commit with Someone You Met Online

With the growing use of the Internet, comes the increase of meeting people online and possibly going all the way with them.  Now when I say "all the way" I mean just that!  All the way to the altar.  When this happens, you can never be too sure about that person who started out as nothing more than an online chat friend to possibly the mother or father of your children. Communication It is great to communicate, the longer, the better.  But what exactly are you talking about.  Some couples will brag about how wonderful their relationship is, but what they don't tell you is they have yet to push those buttons that will send the new partner over the edge.  It is very easy to start a relationship online, but keeping it--well that is a different story.  Sharing information with a partner is much more than just being nice, polite and friendly.  You must talk about those issues that rattle a person, so that you can see how they respond to controversy.  Better you find out th

Relationship writer and author Nicholl shares experiences and thoughts on YouTube

If your personal relationship with your heavenly Father isn't right, chances are you are struggling in other areas of your life more than most.  Get some insight as to how you can incorporate spirituality in your daily living.  Start listening and watching inspirational videos at YouTube channel nmenterprise7 to help you get on track, see here.

Pros and Cons of Dating Someone Attractive

Let’s face it, there are people in this world that are absolutely stunning--better looking than most. Some are not only beautiful to view, but have a great personality too. So for those singles who are determined to capture a partner that is his or her ideal mate (and keep him or her), the less attractive individual (with the less than stellar personality) has to work harder than most. It is rare that you will find a person that just fits everything you ever wanted in a mate. Sure, the date will have his or her flaws, but the goodness of one’s heart and beauty should outweigh them. So if the buxom blonde or debonair gentleman is sweet on your eyes, then you know there are a million others who would agree. Insecurity When one is dating someone who is nicer looking, smarter, and overall tends to have a better outlook on life, he or she is going to have to be mentally and physically secure with who he or she is personally and professionally. Having a faith, a nice job, a

Had Enough of the Relationship/Dating Drama Yet?

You might be partnered with someone who is really starting to work your nerves.  It seems that whenever he or she comes around, your flesh crawls and you walk on egg shells.  You might even have to tell yourself, "Try not to say anything...remember what happened the last better."  Then before you know it, you are caught in that trap of discord again .  You start thinking about breaking free from your misery, but opt out.  You recall just how much you love this person you can't seem to dismiss out of your life.  (For some of you reading this, a break up is not an option at this time--keep reading). So what will you do the next time an argument breaks out?  Run to a relative or friends house?  Break every wall or door in the house?  Gossip about your mate to anyone willing to hear?  Argue until you both cry?  What, what will you do?   If you are doing any of the things previously mentioned, it is only a matter of time that all hell is going to break

What You Need To Know About Liars

Whether you are in a new relationship or still trying to figure out an old one, chances are you either have been lied to or suspect your mate is lying to you again, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article. To determine whether your mate is being honest with you the next time you question him or her, you will want to pay attention to the following signs. Although these clues may vary with some people, they are very popular with most liars. Let’s begin with one common tactic used by liars. You have approached him or her with a question followed by proof. He or she is obviously upset that you found out the truth. They will look for reasons to find faults with you also known as shifting blame. “Well if you hadn’t went through my things we wouldn’t be arguing? It’s because of your insecurity is why I did what I did.” A softer tactic a liar will use to get off the hot seat is the all important phone call, meeting, or some other event. “Can this wait? I really ha

How do you know you love someone?

There will be a time in life you may have questions whether you truly love someone and whether he or she loves you. Couples need assurance when things seem to go wrong. They need to know they are loved and appreciated. How do you know you are loved? What are you doing to show love? How do you know that your fiancĂ© really loves you? Years ago you may have fallen in love with a girl or boy in high school. Back then adults may have accused you of not knowing anything about love. They may have been right. True love is comprised of so much more than the heavy petting and kissing that went on as a teenager. It’s unfortunate, but many adults are still using a night of good sex and nice favors as signs they are in love. When one is truly in love, you will see their behaviors change whether good or bad and people will take notice. Being sick with love is just that, the stomach and head will ache with some people. Others will experience a temporary feeling of wanting to be aroun

Why Your Boyfriend Talks To Everyone But You

When it comes to the things that matter in his life, you notice he is talking to everyone but you. When exactly you noticed his behavior doesn’t matter, he could have suddenly acted this way or he could have gradually became distant. All you know is that he is different and you need some help analyzing why, so that you can put your plan B into motion, that is if you have one. So review the signs that follow then create a plan for yourself and/ or relationship that will bring you love and peace. In the beginning of the relationship he was “all smiles” with you. He shared stories of his daily events, how you made him feel, and future plans of how he hoped to spend life with you. Nowadays he isn’t saying much more than a “hello” and a “goodbye.” Here’s what may have happened. He doesn’t feel comfortable talking to you. There may have been moments where he said or did something that upset you in the past. He may worry that you will “blow up” or say something that will

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire
Dating or married to an angry woman?