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Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate: Selfish Love - You Can't Leave Me

Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate: Selfish Love - You Can't Leave Me : You heard the songs that talk of a man or woman in a relationship not being able to live without one another.  Some talk of dying if they c...

On Relationship Issues: Do You Want to Go Home Tonight?

It can become increasingly difficult to come home when trouble is there.  You wish to be anywhere else than with a partner who is showing all signs that he or she is falling out of love with you.  Some bitter partners resent those keys turning locks while secretly wishing that soon-to-be exes would get gone sooner rather than later. If anyone told you that they have been in worse and "don't worry about it, things get easier..." they obviously have a higher tolerance for upset than you when it comes to his or her own relationship.  Sure, things are easy when you have grown accustomed to the flaws of another human being, but when you aren't in that frame of mind where you are ready to settle with the idea that a partner is wild, crazy, rude, mean, cold, etc. it can be hard to want to stick it out.  In addition, you will have to reach a level of maturity in your relationship that has been long-suffering for years (not months) and be willing to accept the good, bad and

New Relationship Arguments, Problems: Housing, Food, Job Woes


A Love Letter to Singles - Happy Valentine's Day

Dear Singles: I would like to thank you for being who you are, single and content with discovering more about you rather than getting married, having babies, and looking for yet another person to bed. To those who are grateful for your alone time, may God bless you!  Value the peace of going home, lying in a bed alone, reflecting in your bathroom mirror without interruption, and staying in there for as long as you want.  Enjoy those times you cook for yourself, shop for what you want, and go to work without feeling like there is someone at home disappointed with you for one reason or another. I know you have noticed those couples who walk by holding hands, appearing to be happy, and comfortable with one another, but those moments are few for many.  Days prior, many quarreled, paid someone, and even prayed to have that much needed time to be together. There are bills, children, in-laws, work responsibilities, and more that are in those hands that they hold.  Death of loved ones

Too Busy to Find and Keep Love

Working singles, career minded moms, busy divorced dads, you name it and someone somewhere on an Internet dating website is too involved with life to connect with people offline, so he or she believes that logging on is much easier to connect with fellow singles than attempting to find someone to date offline.  But the underlying issue remains when it comes to being too busy to do this or that.  It will come back to reveal itself sooner or later in a relationship. For many singles, as well as new couples, they make the time getting to know their love interests, but for how long will they keep the act up?  If you didn't have much time to connect with someone offline, how much time will you have to connect online and keep connecting long after the first meeting? The issue of busyness has destroyed many relationships.  A couple that once knew how to sit down, look at one another during conversation, and nurture the relationship, eventually burns out.  Then what?  Excuses are made

Can A Woman Ask A Guy Out? (According To Men)


Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate: The Honeymoon Period - The Delusion of Valentine's Day

Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate: The Honeymoon Period - The Delusion of Valentine's... : Many couples will take off the boxing gloves for Valentine's Day depending on how long they have been together.  The abusive one will p...

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire
Dating or married to an angry woman?