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Get Over the Past But Don't Deny the Truth - Relationships

He was there for you back in the day.  She had done much for you way back when.  But lately things don't look very good because there is far too much arguing.  You start to forget about the positives of the past and you ponder much on why the relationship is just not going to make it in the future.

You might need to sit with your social circle and hammer out some details about YOU!  Notice I didn't mention your partner.  A lot of what we go through has much to do with us.  We have issues that go beyond just the minor infraction that caused a disagreement in the first place.  Sometimes we have personal desires to just move on--break up.  However, we self-deceive.  We tell ourselves we want to remain in toxic relationships when we really do not.  We notice the emptiness, the lack of appreciation from a partner, the declining attraction between one another and more early on in relationships, but refuse to do anything about those moments.

So many couples just don't want to get…

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Your Partner will Change and It Isn't Always Positive

The death of a loved one, a job loss, a relocation, sudden wealth, pregnancy, illness, new opportunities, group affiliations, addictions, aging, etc. will change the attitude and behaviors of a partner.

Too often couples overlook change while hoping that they both treat one another the same and others. However, this doesn't occur as we mature and new responsibilities and other life challenges begin to grow on us.  The one who wishes/hopes/prays for some things to be unchanging is in for a rude awakening!  This is why some relationships that started off so sweet, nice, ad wonderful end up spiraling down fast.

When one is relating to others he or she has to realize that people will change.  They won't always be respectful, kind, considerate and in love or like with the individual.  It hurts, but it is a harsh reality.  The sooner one wakes up to the fact that things are much different in the relationship since the early days the better.  We all have to learn to adjust as the st…