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Just Had an Argument? What's One Thing You Love About Your Mate?

After an argument, a cold shoulder, or an eye roll, it's hard to think about that one thing you love about someone who has done these things to you.  But try anyway, let's think. 1.  The way he/she smiles. 2.  How nice he/she smells. 3.  The thoughtful ways he/she shows care ie.) gas in the car, back rub, brings me snacks, gifts, etc. 4.  How great love-making feels. 5.  He/she cleaning up messes around the home. 6.  Comforting me when I am angry at others. 7.  Calling me to say, "I was thinking about you...I'm sorry." 8.  Giving me time and space to cool down. 9.  His/her good cooking. 10.  How he/she cares for children. 11.  Paying bills. 12.  Compliments the way I look. If most of these things and more make you feel good when you think about them concerning your mate, then chances are, this person is a keeper.  Appreciate what you have while you still have this person in your life!  There are so many widows in this world and

6 Tips on How to Stop Sleeping with Friends

For some people it is hard to maintain friendships, because so many want to be lovers first and friends later!  If you have done this many times, you may have some personal issues that you have yet to deal with that might repeatedly move you to sleep with your so-called friends.  So what do you do to stop sleeping with your friends? 1.  Establish boundaries that let these people know, "Just friends, nothing more, nothing less!"   If you don't make up in your mind that you aren't going to sleep with every person who says they like you, then how are they supposed to respect the boundaries that you set?  For some lovers, you will have to let them go because they will do nothing more than keep tempting you especially when they can't seem to stop thinking about past episodes with you doing XYZ. 2.  Make love not war outside of the bedroom.   Simply put, you will need to deal with your disputes with friends apart from the place you lay your head.  The after affects

Relationships Evolve, Romantic Feelings Die Down

Isn't it odd how you can be so in love with a certain someone one minute and then the next want to be with anyone, but this person? It happens.  Those infatuating, frustrating, and often fluctuating emotions can make or break your relationship with that special someone.  So what do you do when you feel like you love your partner today, but hate him or her tomorrow? One.  You don't lose your cool and say something you might regret.  But if you do, you have to find a way to make up. Now you might get angry about an issue every now and then, but when you do, watch your mouth!  Too often people say things that they know will cause others to hurt, due to selfishness, vengeful thoughts, jealousy, immaturity, or simply listening to the wrong advisers, and out comes something mean.  If you should hurt your lover's feelings, go to him or her with a sincere apology and plan to do something thoughtful.  Also, remnind yourself via a note or alert to get a solution to whatever has

Holiday Celebrations Don't Cure Your Relationship Ills

From Valentines Day to birthdays, buying your mate things will not help your relationship blues that only go into hiding temporarily only to come out worse after all the half-hearted smiles and laughs dissipate. By spring, you will notice how strange it seems that so many couples will be announcing breakups on and off television.  "But they seemed so happy around Christmas and then when I saw them after Valentines Day..."  looks can be deceiving.  But enough about them, what about you? Don't make the same mistakes, putting a band-aid on a bleeding heart just because it is a holiday.  Avoid the temptation to fix things in your relationship by putting a ring on them (this goes for women too who think they are getting a ring because Beyonce subliminally programmed you during Superbowl 45) or ignoring them like some of you do when your mate criticizes you about what you are and aren't doing in the relationship.  And definitely don't say, "I do" to anything

Christian Dating Advice for New Believers

Never too late to start over.  Cut your losses.  Confess sin, repent and do better next time.  If you are already in a relationship, seek God.  He will guide you to make the right decisions.  Trust in Him, not your emotions.

Throwback R&B Music on Valentine's Day for Your Sweetheart

The music selected for this blog entry is not only selected to get you in the mood to plan something nice for your sweetheart, but they all contain lyrics that give you something to think about when it comes to taking your relationship from dating status to serious commitment. Enjoy! Joe lays you back, relaxes, he gives you some serious "chill" music.  This song puts your mind back in that time when you first met your date.  You are beginning to learn some fun, sweet, and sexy things about him or her. You know you are still in love when you reach the point in the relationship where you say, "You will always be my baby..."  Throw the towel in-- love wins!  Mariah Carey has far too many love songs to pass up, be sure you add her to your "get in the mood" collection--lol! The late Teena Marie and Gerald Levert move on all of us to value love, respect it, appreciate it--"A Rose by Any Other Name."  We all uniquely give and receive love. 

Is It a Relationship or Not? When You Want Something More

For some men and women who like one another a lot, they really don't know what to call their partnerships, relationships or friendships.  They date, attend events together periodically, and may even date other people, but emotions between the two are signaling something that says, "He might be the one...I want something serious...I don't want to let her go.  I can't stand when he goes out with other women." Jealous emotions tend to rise within you when you desire something more from someone that you just aren't getting.  That special someone seems to be having a good time a part from you, appearing to like another more than you, and may have some great things happening to him or her.  You want to be a part of your friend's world, but your position has yet to be defined.  If you are in that space of not knowing who or what you are to this person, then you will want to have a serious conversation that will make your date begin to think about you from a

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire
Dating or married to an angry woman?