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What to Expect When Dating a Jealous Woman

When Your Girlfriend Complains About Your Friends

The Yes Date: We Have So Much in Common - NOT!

He said he liked what I liked and enjoyed this thing and that one whenever I mentioned them.  He was too good to be true.  Who was really driving this relationship, he or I?  When a date is trying to impress you with far too many statements like, "I do that too...What a coincidence I was thinking the same thing...I like that too!"  Look out, this person is trying real hard to stand out in the crowd.  He or she wants you to like him or her just as much as you like that thing you are eating or that place you often visit.

I can't tell you how many men have acted, that's right, I said acted like they like my hobbies, what I eat, where I like to go, and even how I style my hair, just to get close to me.  But as I learned more about these dates, I found that they were not interested in many things I liked.  What's worse, when I called them out on things that they said during our first meetings, they would become visibly upset, "No, you are mistaken, I didn't s…

Don't Lie, Don't Leave Out Important Details

If you were riding in a car with a date you met recently and just chatting away about your life with him or her, you would most likely skip over all the negative stories and stick to the things that make you feel good and hopefully that person as well.  But sometimes those feel-good stories have some details that can't be omitted out without a date questioning later, "Well why did that happen?  What made you do what you did?  How did you end up with that person and move where you did?"  It is very tempting to alter a few details and leave truthful information out, but don't.  I repeat, don't!  Once you start down that path of omitting information or blatantly lying about details of your personal life, you will have to keep your story up.  You will start to look for a way to persuade someone to believe one thing while covering other things.  You will also find that you don't appear necessarily honest especially when you slip up.  If you have caught yourself ly…

Christian Single Women: Seven Things You Need to Know About Worldly Men

So you believe in God, but you also want to believe that you can have the kind of relationship with the opposite sex that would please your Creator as well.  What you don't want to do is compromise your beliefs in the process.  Read the following article if you are a Christian woman dating:

Christian Single Women: Seven Things You Need to Know About Worldly Men

Crazy Sex and Relationship Issues

Is it worth it?  Having wild sex with someone who leaves you in pain, mentally confused, or downright crazy?  Sex is meant to be enjoyed between two consenting individuals who love one another.  However, oftentimes sex is nothing more than a recreational sport that leaves some people bleeding, sick, and hurting emotionally and physically.

When you find that a supposed relationship has become nothing more than sex talk, sex shows, and sex here and sex there, then it's time to take a sex break.  You might want to ask yourself, "What more do I want out of a partnership besides sex?"  Can your intimate partner advise you in the areas of spirituality, finances, employment, etc.?  Does this person really care about you and your interests?  Do you see yourself one day being married and having children with him or her?

There are young men, women, teens, and worse children who have a poor concept as to what it means to be in a healthy relationship that uplifts them emotionally, m…