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Marriage Or Cohabitation - How Are Children Affected?

Recently on the Today Show, Brad Pitt briefly discussed his family, including long-time girlfriend Angelina Jolie and their six adoptive children. When asked if he planned to marry Angie, he said if they determine it would benefit their children, they would do so. Following is some evidence that could change the mind of people wondering if long-term cohabitation is as good a choice as marriage for families with children. Hopefully, most Americans aren't modeling their lives after Hollywood celebrities, but cohabitation is becoming more common, so the issue is worth discussing. Marriage is not just a financial decision; it is not just a decision of the heart. It involves these things of course, but when children are involved, they should also be considered. So, today's post is dedicated to studies showing how children are affected by marriage-emotionally, behaviorally, sexually, mentally, and physically. Research shows that in the U.S. cohabitators resemble singles more than the
Are Your Friends Hurting Your Relationship? Author: Richard Nicastro, Ph.D. You exist within a web of relationships. For instance, if your friend is going through tough times, you may find yourself feeling an emotional heaviness throughout the day, thinking and worrying about your friend. As this colors your mood, your partner may start to notice that lately you've been preoccupied and down. Since emotions are contagious, this will impact your partner in some way and her/his interactions with others may now be different as a result of what your friend shared with you. How is this relevant to your marriage or relationship? Your relationship exists within a larger social context, and your friends, coworkers, family, and even the society in which you live can directly or indirectly impact your relationship. Think of your relationship as one link on a never-ending chain of connectedness. This was evident with two couples I recently coached: A brief story of relationship isolation: Tad
Will Your Relationship Last Forever? Author: Damian Miles Do you realize that it is perfectly possible for you to have a relationship that lasts forever? And a relationship that is not just normal, or struggling, but that is consistently great. I believe that you can have a relationship where you are soul mates with your partner, and in love, and that you can have this over many many years until your are finally separated by death. I call such a relationship, a “lifelong soul mate relationship.” I know that you hope for such a lifelong soul mate relationship, but I suspect that you believe that it is only possible for you in some abstract kind of way. You may even believe that such a relationship is not possible outside of fairy tales. It is possible for you to have a lifelong soul mate relationship, and there is simple first step to achieving this. The first step is to see if a relationship, or a prospective relationship has the potential to be a lifelong soul mate relationship.

How To Make Your Relationship More Exciting

Throughout my professional career I've come across many people that were lacking excitement in their relationship. Many of them have experienced some form of it in the beginning of their relationship- but they all seem to ask me the same question..."where did all the fun go...and how can I get it back?" I know that when you're starting a new relationship it may be fun, exciting, and there are few arguments (if any). Someone even compared it to buying a new car and having that new car smell. But what happens after all the fun stops? Here's what you can do to get the fun back: 1. Show your creative side. When it comes to making a successful, long-lasting relationship, sometimes we need to think outside of the box. Coming up with fresh ideas for love and romance (or even where the next place you'll go to spend time together) could be the key to keeping your relationship thrilling. 2.Get Spontaneous. Do things "just because". Surprise your partner by pla

How To Have A Successful Long Distance Relationship?

Long Distance relationships are a true test to a couple's commitment and personal limits. LDRs take a great amount of effort to maintain and often people involved in them, realize that they evolve into a state of emotion that they never found themselves in before. When your partner is miles away from you, it is very easy to let things go wrong and lead your long distance romance to an early death. Some people find it difficult to bridge the distance through communication, others become overly obsessed with what their partner is doing when they are not there and as a result they spiral down a road of jealousy and suspicion. They key is balance and following some basic steps to keep your relationship healthy and strong. Communicate and visit often It cannot be stressed enough how important communication is for every relationship, especially if it is an LDR. With the distance working to keep you and your sweetie apart, your defense is keeping all lines of communication open. It doesn&

Best Ways to Overcome the Breakup Blues

Breakups are never fun but they are often necessary to get to the place in life where you belong. Although you may believe that there are brighter days in your future, it does not make the present any less painful. You do not have to spend weeks locked in a dark room in order to overcome this obstacle. Here are ten baby steps to assist you out of your breakup rut. 1. Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia - Ok, so you don't want to go overboard with the indulgences, but go ahead and enjoy some good old fashion comfort foods. 2. Cry - There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a good cry. Let it out, scream at the universe, whatever gets it off your chest. 3. Treat Yourself - Go shopping, get a manicure, visit your favorite restaurant. Now is the ideal time to treat yourself well. 4. Bury the Nostalgia - It is not necessary to burn everything associated with your ended relationship, but tuck it away. Out of site and out of mind. 5. Rekindle Relationships - Call up some frien

Exploring Interracial Dating Websites - How to Make the Most Out of Interracial Dating

Many singles have tried their luck with interracial dating websites and fortunately, they were able to get the results they wanted. Trying your hand at interracial dating sites is a good way to meet people from racial, cultural and special-interest groups and what's best about it is that you can find a vast number of site options devised toward your particular liking. So how do we exactly make use of interracial dating websites? Well, dating sites have existed for some time and have developed right along with the Internet. It's phenomenal. Here are a few tips you can follow: Take advantage of all options. Are you looking for a one night hookup? A long term relationship? Marriage, perhaps? Try to make use of all them and see what's going to work best for you. Be open to diversity. The best things happen in the most unexpected time. Be honest and outgoing. Some sites offer questionnaires before they can suggest which category or group you're most likely to join. Be sinc

100% Free Interracial Dating Websites

Whether you've always been interested in someone of a different ethnicity or you have only recently discovered a desire to meet someone who is racially different from you, you may be at a bit of a loss. Many people, no matter how open or friendly, end up in environments or social groups where the people who you interact with are of the same race. One way that you can beat this tendency and meet the guy or girl of your dreams, however, is to take advantage of some of the 100% free interracial dating websites out there! By using interracial dating services, you can take a lot of the awkwardness out of meeting your dream guy or girl. On sites like these, you know that they are looking for the same thing that you are. Similarly, you are spared the awkwardness and potential embarrassment of walking up to someone on the street and starting a conversation. On top of that, many of these sites are free, so you can browse at your leisure. When you are getting ready to sign up for a free

Fun and Free Dating Ideas For First Dates

Impress your date with your intelligence and sophistication. Enjoy a great fun and free first date at the museum. From once a week to once a year, as a service to the community and as a thanks for public funding, most museums offer free admission. Although there are many things to spur conversation on your first date at a museum, maybe you are just not a chatty person. The museum provides a great environment to enjoy a quiet and contemplative first date. There are many kinds of museums to choose from. Some of the oddest and most interesting museums are not well known, look in the yellow pages under museums for full listings Films, books and TV create impossible expectations for relationships, and it's time we all left this to the realm of the imagination where they belong. We often think that if our relationships aren't the most sexy, the most romantic, or the most exciting, we're somehow failing - and this usually ends up with our partner bearing the brunt of our disappoin

How to Choose a Free Dating Website

There are many dating websites available today. While many charge a fee to sign up, others are totally free. Among those free services, how do you choose a free dating website? Most of the websites that offer free dating services will have banner ads along the top or sides of the materials that you are reading. These advertisements are how the owners of the sites pay their bills. If you are using one of the sites and an advertisement comes up that interest you, by all means, click on that ad and purchase the product if it meets your needs. You have just done your part in sponsoring the free dating website. In order to join the website and have your profile listed, you will need to answer some questions. While some people are turned off by a lot of questions, remember that if the service is this thorough with you, they will be thorough with the possible dates you find on the site. Do not disregard the site just because of an extensive questionnaire. A good site will allow you to choose

Religious Dating in the World Today

Though many people would argue that caste, religion, and culture don't play a big part in the modern dating scene any longer, there are actually people who believe that these aspects are essential in their lives. In fact, one of the biggest issues and a major personal preference when choosing a partner is religion. In the United States of America alone, for instance, religion (particularly Christianity), functions as a very big aspect in a person's life with a large percentage of the population considering themselves as Christians. And because of this, a lot of free religious dating sites have emerged to be able to cater singles who want partners who share the same religious views and beliefs as well. Religious online dating sites are in a sense unique from the usual online dating services you see online since they focus an ample portion of their scope to the religion being promoted. For instance, free Christian dating sites focus their features, perks, and intentions towar
College Students: 12 Signs to Watch Out for If You Don't Want to Be Anyone's Boyfriend/Girlfriend You are attending college to reach various personal goals, but lately someone is distracting you away from your dreams with flirting, teasing, and other things to get you to commit. What to do? Article explains. http://www.associatedcontent.comarticle/2115717/college_students_12_signs_to_watch.html

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire
Dating or married to an angry woman?