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On Loving Those Who Were Once Abused - Past Abuse, Present Day Issues


Dating Tips - Crazy Women Rarely Look Crazy

The woman you might call, "Crazy" wasn't that way when you first met her. You wouldn't have thought to call her such back then. The words you chose were most likely positive. "She is cute, funny, sweet, and smart," you said. In the past, there was no possible way for you to know about a date's oddities; therefore, start forgiving yourself (if you haven't already) for missing the clues. The odd woman didn't wear a t-shirt that said, "I'm a bit off," but if she had, you probably would have avoided her, unless of course the t-shirt was wet. Then you probably would have at least considered talking to her if nothing else. Some men think with their eyes and body parts then wonder why they can't seem to find the right partner, while others have been burned so much that they learn not to dismiss those warning bells that go off in their minds no matter how sexy, pretty, wealthy, or smart a woman might be. Chances are you have s

In Love Again -- What Does it Take?

Do you want to feel that "in love" emotion?  Well you can do some things to awake the sleeping heart in a relationship full of mundane routines.  Try the following: 1.  Plan special times together monthly discovering new activities you never experienced together. 2.  Separate for awhile.  Focus on goals, dreams, assist a relative in another state...getting away for an extended length of time is not only liberating, but will help you decide whether the relationship is worth saving. 3.  Find the time to communicate with one another outside of the norm. 4.  Share new things about one another or fun stuff that has happened during the day. 5.  Upgrade your appearance.  Do away with some things that don't enhance your look.  Exercise, watch your eating habits, and rid yourself of toxic behaviors from gossip to recreational drug use. 6.  Stop spending so much time with family, friends, co-workers...and bragging about everyone but your partner. 7.  Buy your partner

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire
Dating or married to an angry woman?