Being in Love: What Does it Feel and Look Like?

Your girlfriend or boyfriend seems to be smiling more every time you come around. When he or she speaks of you people can’t help but notice how your special someone’s pupils widen, his or her face seems to light up, and his or her speech is rapid.

For the time being you are everything your beloved has ever wanted. He or she can’t help but touch you whether your partner holds your hand in public, caresses your arm, or lightly kisses your cheek. It doesn’t matter that there are observers around. This emotion of feeling or being in love is temporal, because in time with challenges coming against the relationship, it changes until something occurs to bring it back again. Usually tragic circumstances or moments of extreme elation will cause the feeling of being in love to resurface for a time until it disappears for a season then comes back again. That is why relationships are often described as “emotional roller coaster rides” because the emotions that hold it together goes up and comes down and then back up again.

When you are out of your beloved’s presence, he or she is making plans for the next time you see one another. You may be the inspiration for him or her to write a poem, a song, or create a plan to make life changes. That is why some family will notice some differences and ask, “What have you done to this man or woman?” You can’t take credit for what love did to your partner. While they are in wonderment about their relative, you embrace him or her and encourage your partner to be the best he or she can be!

However, those feelings of being in love can be tricky at times because you see a person the way you want to see him or her in the beginning of the relationship. They are like the person you saw on television, in a movie, or in a magazine. But in time those feelings gradually wear, you put off fantasy and face reality and realize in order for love to be honest and true it must accept your beloved “in good and bad and in sickness and in health” as quoted at many weddings around the world.

So the time has come when your partner expresses how he or she feels about you. The “love” word has come and nested upon his or her lips and you are overjoyed even scared, because usually that means any of the following is going to happen as long as you stay in a relationship with him or her: a pregnancy, a proposal, a move, a meeting with family, or some other major event. Surprisingly, for some couples, arguments begin too. They start off simple maybe a difference of opinion on a religious or political viewpoint then increase when issues become personal such as a jealous best friend who wants to be a part of this circle of love energy or a friendly co-worker that suddenly realizes you or your partner is the one who got away.

When you know you are in love, you don’t need anyone else to complete you, because this person encompasses everything you desire--patience, understanding, wisdom, peace, and more! Why waste time trying to find a feeling with others when you have the best with one?

Being in love evolves into a deeper, steadier desire to be together and share a life. It improves your self-confidence and gives you more self-assurance. When you are in love you can’t help but want to make this man or woman your wife or husband.

When you are sincerely in love with someone you want them to be involved with everything concerning your world. You can’t help but pick up the phone when they aren’t with you to tell them about everything that happened to you that day.

Couples who are in love are very generous with one another. They can’t give one another enough hugs, kisses, sex, gifts, money, time, and conversation. Critics will warn, “You know what happened the last time…take it slow…don’t rush.” But when those feelings of love and lust are intertwined, it can be challenging to step back and protect one’s heart and mind.

When you allow yourself some time alone to evaluate your feelings, you may think how glad you are that things didn’t work out in the previous relationship otherwise you wouldn’t be feeling the way you do now with your current mate.

Just as one becomes ill after a hard break up, one becomes ill when they are in love especially if their beloved has to be away for awhile. The appetite changes, the mood is sad even depressed, the body aches, and there is an anxiousness that comes for your beloved’s quick and safe return.

When you are in love you are happy, inspired to do your best, and want nothing more than your partner to be happy too!

By Nicholl McGuire


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