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What Does it Take to Maintain a Quality Relationship?

You don't realize just how much you do when it comes to connecting with a partner until you sit down and think about it.  Any one who says that a relationship is easy to maintain is most likely with someone who doesn't expect to much.  But for those who are with individuals who are demanding, have a personality disorder, or a long history of emotional as well as physical baggage, it isn't easy being in a relationship with them.  So here is a brief list of the many things that couples do to keep their relationship going: 1.  They talk to one another and share things like: household responsibilities, work days, children's needs, family events, and personal issues. 2.  They make time to connect with one another emotionally and physically such as complimenting, joking, sharing fun moments, etc. 3.  They remember to do things for one another. 4.  They enjoy going out with one another. 5.  They know how to give one another space. 6.  They feel good about the relat

Boring Boyfriends - Do You Have One?

Boring Boyfriends  - You don't anticipate that the guy who once swept you off your feet and took you to some great places was really boring.

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Stuff You Must Know About Relationships - Issues will Arise, Relationship Challenged

We seek out people to date or we involve ourselves in committed relationships not thinking twice about all the potential issues we might face as the connection grows older and sometimes colder.  You see a nice-looking, friendly person seated across from you in a romantic setting.  You don't envision what the future might look like when things aren't so pretty and friendly.  This list below is to help those of you who are considering on dating someone new as well as those currently in a relationship.  Be mindful of what is ahead in the coming years and if you have a faith, use it--you will need it if you want your relationship to go the distance. Dating Violence Dating Violence | OVW | Department of Justice Relationship Therapy Therapy for Relationships , Relationship Therapist 5 Principles of Effective Couples Therapy Relationships and Money Couples and Money: Test Your Money Relationship - Money Clubs Managing Marriage and Money Problems - WebMD Top 6 Marri

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire
Dating or married to an angry woman?