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Stale Relationship? Check In with Your Mate

Too often couples get so comfortable with one another over time that they don't bother to reconnect with one another like they did during the early stages of their relationship. Remember when you use to ask your mate questions like: "So what are you thinking?" when he looked off into space or stared intensely at you. What about questions such as: "What would you like to do together? Is there anything I am doing that you aren't pleased with honey?" Your mate didn't hesitate to share his or her feelings. These days it is automatically assumed that a lover knows what his or her mate is feeling and that can be dangerous for any relationship. People change so it doesn't hurt to check in with your mate. Look for the following: signs your mate's feelings has changed toward you, future plans have been rearranged, and certain interests are abandoned now compared to what he or she use to do when you first started dating. When you take time, at least once
How to Avoid the Temptation to Talk About Ex with His Mother After Breakup As much as you would like to get some things off your chest concerning her son, his mother is not your mother. Save yourself future regret, avoid blaming, condemning, or gossiping about a mother's son. Article provides tips. Read More
Mixed Feelings About Having Sex with Your Online Date You have been teasing, talking, and writing about it, sex. Each day its getting closer to the time for you to meet your online date, but now you aren't so sure. What to do? Article explains. Read More

Dating dramas? Relationship problems. Need tips?

Hello, Thank you so much for stopping by this blog and clicking on the various categories. We are now on Twitter! @datingdramas. We tweet about personal experiences dating, relationship woes and solutions, and offer references to other sites with both free and paid services. So follow us today! Thanks for your support! Nicholl McGuire Blogger

Pretending to be a Christian: When Online Dates Lie to Get Sex

She was a minister seeking a great guy online to get to know and hopefully marry one day. He was a lonely guy who just broke up with one of many sexual partners and was hoping to land "a good woman" after finding his sexual conquests were unfulfilling. Both registered with a popular Christian dating site. Before long, the two would meet and exchange brief notes online asking typical questions like: "Why did you choose this site? What are you looking for in a new relationship? Where do you desire to live? Do you have any children? How long ago was your last dating experience?" It all seemed so harmless, at least in the beginning, that is until the stories shared between the two resulted in some harsh words exchanged a few times. The woman of God wasn't interested in "no heathen who would mess up her spiritual walk." Her online connection was encouraging her to invite him to her home for some "cuddling." On the other hand, he wasn'

Husband Threatens To Leave To Avoid Communication With Wife - 5 Tips for the Wife

For the majority of couples, a new marriage starts off fairly smoothly. Sure, there are some hiccups here and there, but for the most part things are good. The couple finds pleasure in doing the simple things together, like setting up a household, spending time together, and maybe even making plans for having kids of their own one day. In almost every marriage, there will naturally come times when things do not go quite so smoothly. These rough patches may start after a few months or a few years, but they will most likely start at some point for every married couple. This is just part of married life. In the healthiest of marriages, the couple learns to find ways to work things out between themselves. Even a good argument now and then is a sign that things are going well. It is a sign of health when a couple can discuss, debate and even argue once in a while as a way to settle their differences. In fact, it is precisely when a couple fails to communicate that the problems really get se

Dinner Recipes For Two - 5 Tips For A Romantic And Unforgettable Dinner

Bored with eating out? Really want to have a cozy time with your loved one? Why don't you make a dinner just for you and your loved one. Here are some ideas for dinner recipes for two. 1. Candles: We are living in the world where just a switch can light up the whole building. Electric lights have undoubtedly had a great power in life and control every aspect of our lives. However, a tiny candle light does have its effect that no other light has. It lies in the fact that a glowing candle symbolizes for love, passion and sex. Instead of neon lights, we can set red candles in the room to warm up the atmosphere, then bring you closer 2. Red Roses: For centuries, red rose are symbols of passion and desire of love. A red rose in full bloom means " I love you", or " I still love you". So why don't you put a red rose at the middle of the table for not only decorating but also as a message to your beloved 3. Music: Music has a great association with love and romance.
10 Tips on Making it Safe to Talk to Someone Who is Giving You the Silent Treatment Are you concerned as to why your partner, relative, friend, or co-worker is giving you the silent treatment? Article provides tips on how to communicate with this person. Read More

How to Get Over Someone You Love Deeply - Ways to Stop Your Heartbreak

Trying to learn how to get over someone you love so deeply can be one of the most difficult periods in your life. Getting over a loved one can be a devastating and tormenting task especially when in your heart you felt they were your soul mate. Letting go of someone who you have shared so many fantastic and wonderful times with is like losing a part of yourself. Chances are you can not turn on the radio, the television or even eat without hearing, seeing or smelling something that reminds you of your ex. Discover how to get over someone and take the pain away. While you may feel as if you can not go on living without your partner in your life, you must summon up the courage and understand the person your ex feel in love with is still there inside of you. Once you discover how to get over someone each day will seem a little easier and the pain will begin to subside. You must avoid waiting by the phone, calling your ex, sending them emails or looking at photos of you tw
Foolish Love - Commentary on God's Love & Relationships Good insight on consulting God for a mate and solutions on how to receive answers to your prayers about relationships and love. For more practical tips, for both believers and unbelievers. Read More

Online Dating Advice - 5 Warning Signs of Fake Profiles

When you're on an online dating site, you open your heart in the hopes of finding someone special. Unfortunately, there are some people out there who want to take advantage of that. So even though you should still be open, you still need to protect yourself. Here are a few things online dating tips on what to look out for and how protect your online identity. 1. Protect your password: This is common sense. Think of it this way - you would never give your bank card number and password to someone just because they asked for it, would you? You should think of your password to whatever dating site you've joined. Never share your password with anyone inside or outside of the site. In fact, the only page that should ask for your user name and password is the login page. 2. Sharing personal information: It's called a public profile for a reason, as everyone on the site can see it. So if you don't want any Tom, Dick or Harry calling you up, don't put your

Dating Black Women For White Men

There are many white men who are attracted to and like to date black women. While it may not seem as common as other interracial parings, such as white men and Asian women, the preference still definitely exists. Among white men who like to date black ladies, one of the primary concerns they have is "how do I attract them?" Without being to un-PC, "game" is typically different between black men and white men, and so the white guys may feel that they are at a disadvantage from the beginning. Fortunately for them, there are ways to entirely circumvent this! Black women (and all women, for that matter), can be divided into two main groups: Those who are attracted to white guys, and those who aren't. If you are interested in dating black women, you want to focus on the former group for one very important reason: you can spend all day trying to attract a women who isn't attracted to you, and it won't be successful. For this reason, you should

The Best Way To Kiss - Here Are 3 Of The Best Kisses For 3 Specific Situations

People often want to know what the best way to kiss is. This is a common instinct. We generally want some type of formula or recipe that tells us how to get the best result every single time, no matter the circumstances. Unfortunately (or maybe it is fortunate...) life rarely works out that way. There is really no single method that will work in every situation, and kissing is no exception. So, what is the best way to kiss? Well, that depends on your partner and the situation at hand. With experience you will learn when to perform different types of kisses, but for now, here are three of the best to use at particular times. Let us say that you have had a date with someone you have never kissed before. You have been waiting all night for that first kiss, but the opportunity never seemed to present itself. Now you are dropping your date off at their house, and you think you see your chance. The goodnight kiss. It is the perfect time, right? Wrong. If you have not previ

How to Prevent Date Rape

Here are some date rape statistics that you might find informative. Date rape is a simplistic term that can also be under the category of domestic violence. The sexual assault doesn't have to involve going out on a date. Rape is rape. The following date rape statistics come from The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress: College Campus Statistics One in four women surveyed was a victim of rape or attempted rape. An additional one in four women surveyed was touched sexually against her will or was a victim of sexual coercion. 84 percent of those raped knew their attacker. 57 percent of those raped happened while on dates. One in twelve male students surveyed had committed acts that met the legal definitions of rape or attempted rape. 84 percent of those men who committed rape said that what they did was definitely not rape. Sixteen percent of the male students who committed rape and ten percent of those who attempted a rape took part in episodes involvi

Herpes Dating Advice

Herpes, a highly contagious sexually transmitted disease will get in the way of your dating and love life if you let it. For example, if you try and talk about it with a new love or dating interest, there is a very good chance you'll be rejected as someone he or she would like to start a relationship with. Tread slowly with someone new if you don't feel comfortable discussing it and don't become intimate until you do feel comfortable. On one hand, you really can't blame a potential match for rejecting you. After all, you have an infectious sexually transmitted disease. And they will always doubt your decision making process no matter what they say. So why bother? On the other hand, wouldn't it make more sense to meet potential love or dating interests who have herpes already? Why go through the guilt, shame and rejection with non-herpes people when thousands of people in your own area who have herpes are available and share your outlook on dating?

What Should You Look For in A Dating Site?

Looking for someone is hard enough, so when you have to deal with a dating site that doesn't give you all the information you need to make a very serious decision on whether to date someone or not, it can be disheartening. Here are some things you need to pay attention to when registering at dating sites. Easy exchange of email and instant messages. The ability to upload many photos that show every facet of your life. There is the sexy photo, the playful shot and everything else in between! You should be able to view who is online right now, who is new to the area, most popular, and who recently viewed your profile. Your match should not be based solely on a questionnaire, but there should be similarities that come up when you search favorite movies, travel places, foods, favorite hangout spots and things that make you feel good as well as irritate you. Lastly, you should be able to record a voice message and hear your dating interest's voice clearly. When you have all of

Poem: The Phone Call

Promises to call day one passes day two drags day three? Still no call. Why put the anxious on hold? Reaching out only to catch a dial tone. Thinking of someone isn't enough. Calling means so much more! What does it take to make the blind see? A perfect chance for romance may be lost. If only the call had been made... a later regret. The ultimatum, choices pick dial speak or be disconnected. Nicholl McGuire, Poet, Author, Blogger and Internet Content Producer. For more of her work, visit this site.

Dating Tips - Do You Make These Classic Dating Mistakes?

Sometimes, an otherwise pleasurable date can seem to go awry for no apparent reason. Here are the minor slip-ups and mistakes which could be holding you back from dating success. Looking over your date’s shoulder Is there something fascinating going on immediately behind your date? Perhaps a waiter slipped dramatically on a banana-skin, or George Clooney is sitting opposite Cameron Diaz and they are both wearing elaborate hats. Let it go. Looking over your date’s shoulder will come across as rude, and the person you are dating will feel offended and think you are not interested in them. Talking about the ex Imagine you move into a new house and discover it’s still full of the previous resident’s belongings – a bit of a disappointment and a lot of hard work ahead trying to deal with all that old baggage. This is similar to the feeling a person will get when dating someone who is still preoccupied with thoughts of their ex. Discussions about exes should be kept between fr

10 Online Dating Mistakes Men Make

Have you tried online dating yet? If so, you might be one of the 90% of men who quit online dating within the first few months because they weren't getting any results. How frustrating this is when you think about all the possibilities that online dating presents. Well, I'm about to share with you 10 fatal mistakes which men make while online dating, and how you can avoid them and turn your results around. Mistake #10: Picking Crappy Sites This one mistake can cost you hours and hours of your time. The trick is full of lousy dating sites, some of which create fake female profiles in order to beef up their member base. So men sign up for accounts on these low-budget sites, send out a bunch of emails...and of course, they get very few (or none) back. Better to make the investment in a membership at one of the more reputable sites. Mistake #9: Not Taking Enough Action Most men don't realize how rare it is to get responses from emails sent to women on online

Single Christian Women and the Church

In today's lifestyle there are several reasons why women are either single by choice, single again or widowed at a young age. Many of these women are struggling to live a Christian life and they have the forces of the world beating them down daily. Economics make up a large portion of problems for single parents. Loneliness is faced daily. Work obligations enter into the lives of the parent and the children and there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Then there is the ever problem of living a life where God calls for purity in our life in all areas. The single life gives us a unique time and opportunity to work on our own personal self, develop a variety of relationships and a variety of ways that we can serve in the church. However, single women particularly, face a "stigma" in the church. Since "people will be people"; this will likely never change. Single women must constantly take care of their behavior, their dress, their association

How to Attract a Man If You're Single and Recently Divorced by Avoiding These Online Dating Mistakes

Online dating can be an excellent way to meet men. This is especially true if you are a single that has recently gone through a divorce or breakup. The reason what makes this method of dating so powerful is because it allows you to slowly ease your way back into the dating scene without being overwhelmed. However, it is the same convenience of being protected from being overwhelmed that can be your downfall in actually finding and attracting the right man again. You see, what usually happens is, when many women that are in a similar situation to you get back into the dating scene, they will continue to talk about their past relationships. This is normal because they are still getting over the whole ordeal of that relationship. Unfortunately, most men who are looking to date woman online find this off-putting to a certain degree. Yes, there are those that take pity in a woman that has gone through a lot of emotional heartbreak. Unfortunately, what you are really looking

Oral Sex Advice - How to Give Your Man the Best Orgasm of His Entire Life

The art of fellatio is something that you would like to become a master of. You want to be able to give your man the best orgasm that he has ever had in his entire life. You want to give him pleasure that is totally out of this world and you want to do it all with the skills of your mouth. You need some oral sex advice to help you get there. In order to give your man great fellatio, you need to learn what kind of stimulation he likes. Typically, women are used to being gentle and that is something that you can't do with your man. You need to be able to break free from this cycle and you have to be able to be rough with him. If you don't, then you won't give him great pleasure. He wants you to manhandle him a bit and he wants you to lose control. If you want to build pressure within his body, then you can easily do that by using both your mouth and a hand on the shaft. The combination of your wet mouth and your dry hand stimulating him will feel amazing. Plus

Uncontrolled Anger Ruins Relationships

There are a lot of men out there that have problem controlling anger and can become very agitated over the simplest of things. Unfortunately, when this happens, they usually cause conflict with the ones they love the most. This type of behavior will destroy a relationship and send those you love running in the other direction, no doubt. If this type of behavior has come between you and you ex-girlfriend or ex-wife (or ex-boyfriend or ex-husband) then you need to ask yourself if this behavior means more to you than them. Actually, before you do that, you have to admit you have an anger issue, and then decide what means more. Once you recognize your problem you can get on the road to fixing it. It won't be easy. It won't be easy controlling a temper that has likely been there for a good long time and it won't be easy convincing someone to give you another change after experience too many "blow ups" on your behalf. But nothing worth having is easy. Think of it in

Lack of Communication in a Relationship

One of the most important aspects of a successful relationship is effective communication between both parties. Lack of communication in a relationship can result in hasty decisions that can even lead to separation. We need to understand the reasons behind communication breakdown and how they can be avoided to ensure a fulfilling relationship. Sometimes stress of work makes a person withdrawn, reserved and easily irritated. They don't like to discuss anything with their partners. Financial problems can also be the cause of communication breakdown between two people. When they try to resolve issues, their arguments result in more problems and eventually they stop discussing things. Many couples start hiding their personal problems from each other. They are afraid that if they opened up they will irritate their partner even more and therefore they choose to keep quiet. Remember that lack of communication is the first step towards a failed marriage. Sometimes mistrust

Counseling For Engaged Couples

Marriage is more than a long term relationship. And counseling for engaged couples is one of the places you first learn that. As long as you take responsibility for the effectiveness of the counseling, you may never find yourself ending this long term relationship called marriage. You can make pre-marital counseling more than something you check off your to do list, turning it into a rite of passage that helps you enter your new adult world of being married. And if this is your second or third time around the wedding vows, you can use pre-marital counseling to make this one last a lifetime! In this day and age where so many couples have been together for years prior to the wedding day, here are some reasons to take counseling for engaged couples as seriously as you would if you had already been married for years and were going through a significant life change. People do not only seek out counselors with the words, "I need help with my relationship!" Some seek

Meddling Inlaws

Marriage. A new life together, Just the two of us? Well so we thought. Too often the meddling in-laws start sticking their nose in or one of the spouses runs home to Mummy and Daddy at the first hint of trouble in the marriage. Why do you think there are so many In-law jokes, actually there is no relationship that has more jokes attributed to it. These jokes can defiantly be funny, but in reality an in-law to close with no set boundaries is no joke at all and is the cause of all sorts of marriage problems. When we enter into marriage we have expectations on the various roles each of us will play eg: finances, children, around the home. These sometimes take a bit of ironing out as we go but with good communication a good partnership is formed. Teamwork. However, In-laws that are too close either emotionally or geographically can impose or push the boundaries too far on their amount of input regarding decisions to be made by the couple. Will they both work, have childr

Is the "Silent Treatment" a Case of Emotional Abuse?

The silent treatment, also known as the "cold shoulder treatment," consists of feigned apathy, total silence, and being distant on purpose. One person displays an attitude of complete disinterest for the spouse, as if the other person would be a complete stranger. This form of emotional abuse can be very disorienting. Being ignored on purpose by your husband, your most intimate ally, crumbles your whole being. The experience can leave you thinking that you have been reduced to the level of a ghost, if your presence is systematically ignored and turned irrelevant. Typically, the abuser does this as a form of non-physical punishment, with the purpose of showing his anger by making you feel less worthy, not valued, unimportant, and not cared about. Is a very strong negative message delivered in a way that doesn't leave external traces: there are no signal of physical abuse. Between the lines, what your abuser is trying to do is to manipulate you in the area

Forgiving a Cheater is Possible

When a husband or wife discovers that their spouse has cheated on them, they have two choices: they can end the marriage or they can try to forgive their spouse and rebuild their relationship in an effort to save the marriage. Forgiving a cheater is an often difficult decision, that takes a valiant effort on the part of both the person who was cheated on and the person who cheated. Forgiving someone who you love who has hurt you in this way may well require more effort than anything you have ever done before. The forgiveness process will take time and there will be lots of sadness, anger and confusion to wade through. It's important to know that forgiveness does not mean you are condoning the actions of your spouse. It also does not mean that you will forget what has happened. What forgiveness does mean is that you want to move past the cheating and toward the future. The only way your marriage can recover from this damaging event is through the act of forgiveness. I

10 Questions To Ask Your OB-Gyn When You Are Trying To Conceive

When you and your partner make the decision that you are ready to start your family it can be a very exciting time in your life. First of all, you get to use baby-making as an excuse to rekindle some romance that may have slipped away with the daily routines of your lives. Second, the anticipation of a little one running around, while a bit scary, is invigorating. Finally, you're ready to join the mommy club. You and your partner try month after month with no success. You're not worried yet because it has only been a few months. More than six months pass and you still are not pregnant. You start to become a little flustered. What do you do now? If you are under the age of 35, most doctors will tell you to try another six months before you consider alternative methods. Instead of just "trying" for twelve months, which can seem like forever when you want to conceive, I recommend talking with your doctor about some inexpensive initial fertility testing to

Dating Mistakes to Avoid - Why Your Girlfriend Left You and How You Can Win Her Back

Has this ever happened to you? You believe you've found the girl of your dreams. She's beautiful, intelligent and you both gel together remarkably well. You've introduced her to your family and friends and they like her. She's introduced you to her family and friends and they like you too. Simply put, she's the ONE. You treat her like a pure diamond rock found in the mountains of Sierra Leone. It's apparent to everyone that you really care for her. Then all of a sudden things begin to change. She no longer seems excited to go out on dates with you. While you used to have rich and fun hour long conversations with her in the past, you now struggle to keep her attention for 5 minutes. Then it finally happens. She calls you up and says she doesn't love you and she's started seeing someone else. What happened, you ask. I thought she was meant to be the one. Many guys have been in the same boat as you and have asked the same question. The

How to Build Trust in a New Relationship

Building trust in a new relationship is like building a fortress one block at a time. It may become deep and impenetrable or it may become sloppy with tiny holes. It all depends on how much effort you put into it and how solid you make the foundation. You of course want a solid foundation with no holes because it can be hard to fill those holes in later. Those holes, or suspicious moments, hang around in the back of people minds and get referred to when another 'hole' appears. The more holes you have the less stable your relationship is and the harder it becomes to make it solid. Here are a few things to remember when building your fortress of trust. Be the real you at all times - If you are acting a certain way trying to please your partner you have to know that one day you will feel comfortable enough to be your real self. When that day comes your partner will wonder where the other real you, who was really the fake you, went. This is not just a hole but a h

When to Give Your Girlfriend a Promise Ring

When you are in love, you may say and do things that later you might regret. You may tell a special someone you love them; meanwhile, there is someone else you have recently met you feel you just can't live without. So how do you know when is the right time to commit to a woman? The simple answer is when you have that gut feeling, little voice, or realize this is someone you would regret ever letting go. However, for the man who has already realized that his girlfriend is "the one," but isn't quite ready for marriage, there is always the promise ring. One. Think about her style. When choosing a promise ring, keep in mind the kind of jewelry you typically see her wear. Does she like big, showy items such as large hoop earrings, large stones in her rings, and big face watches? If so, then you want a very interesting ring with various cuts and most of all sparkles. However, if she is the conservative type but has a favorite color, then get her som

Why Your Dream Girl is Now Your Worst Nightmare

When you both started going out things were great! Of course, they were, she never said a single word to hurt you and you never did anything to make her feel bad -- you were both still getting to know one another! But one day or many days of fighting changed all that! At first you said nothing and excused her emotions as her just having a bad day, but her mood swings became more frequent. Meanwhile, she accuses you of changing too. "You just aren't that great guy anymore either. What happened?" she says. You are thinking, "How did this beautiful woman go from saying 'Please, thank you, I can't live without you'" to "I hate you! I wish I never met you! Just get me what I ask for!" You will need to start brainstorming if you haven't received a clear answer from her on what you could be doing to drive her crazy. She may have already told you, but she was talking so fast, crying, screaming and doing other things that you simply forg

When Is it Not a Good Time to Say It With Flowers?

Don't get in trouble with someone you are trying to make a good impression, read this before you say it with flowers! When Is it Not a Good Time to Say It With Flowers?

How to Breakup With Your Boyfriend

If you are sure you want to breakup with your boyfriend then there are a few things that you need to do in order to make it easier on you and less painful on him. Many guys will think they need to keep trying to win you back after you have broken up with them and they don't fully understand the reason that you broke up with them in the first place, but you do, and you have to remember those reasons no matter what they say or do, unless of course they can rectify them. So with that in mind you will also know that giving them any sense of false hope is not only teasing them it is making them try harder to win you back which you ultimately don't want. First when you breakup with them give them clear reasons why you are doing so. Tell them the truth. Whether it's that they don't understand you or you feel they don't treat you right, tell them. They may not get it, otherwise they would have been treating you good all along, but at least you've said it

How to Break Up With a Woman You Are Dating

Over the past few months, I've endured the hardship of breaking up with various partners, inspiring me to write this newsletter. The break up was the part of the whole sharking process that I really hated; sometimes even scaring me away from entering into relationships in the first place. It was always extremely uncomfortable as I was sensitive to the woman's reaction. However, if there wasn't any real, lasting connection or love, then I had to break up so as to not waste the time of the respective girl. It was definitely easier for me and the girl to end things earlier rather than later. Many recommend giving the woman respect, thereby meeting her and breaking up with her face-to-face.... I disagree! I think it's much harder for them, if you tell them face-to-face and extremely awkward and uncomfortable for both parties. At the most, I would meet after there had been a short period of respite, waiting for the initial emotional hit to settle, subsequent

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire
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