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Love isn't all bad...Before Internet Dating...Zapp & Roger - Computer Love


12 Things You Just Don't Deeply Think About Before You Date People

When dating, most singles enjoy the rush they feel when meeting someone new.  It feels great, and in some cases, you feel even more alive.  However, those wonderful feelings come crashing down real soon when you start to realize that there are many differences and not as many similarities you share with a date.  For some, they have already talked about marriage, children, moving in together, and more. 1.  Location Do you bother to think how long it takes to drive from Point A to Point B and whether you are willing to keep it up or pay plane fare to see someone?  At some point, you or someone you like will want some assistance with the transportation fees.  Will you or he/she consider moving if things get serious?  Is saving money more important than whether or not you and this person is sincerely compatible? 2.  Ethnicity related issues Face it, not every ethnicity (no matter how much you think you know about it) is easy to get along with when you factor things in like:  econ

Family and Friends: Just How Important are They to a Date?

Some will talk of how much they love and appreciate their family and friends, while others will express little, if any, emotion about their so-called loved ones. The truth is not everyone likes or loves their kin. Therefore, if you’re single and dating, expect it. When dating someone, who mentions one or a few relatives quite often in negative ways. Think about just how much influence the loved ones has over this person and how much time he or she spends listening and doing what these people say. There is a good possibility that the date is quite close to his or her relatives even if this person might be angry at times when talking about them. Now if a date doesn’t tell you too much about his or her family, then most likely they don’t find much worth telling, because they may be boring, busy, or bad. You will need to listen and learn just how strong or weak is one's family connection. Not everyone who claims something is wrong with their family is as bad as they wo

Inside Domestic Violence: Power and Control (full version)


What Does a Date Who says I Love You Expect?

Some single men and women are quite serious when it comes to dating they desire very much to find partners who are willing to settle down with them. These zealous daters are quick to be all things to their potential love interests. Most of all, they are very forward about their feelings and will say this important three letter word statement usually before their significant others even think about saying it, “I love you.” Once these emotionally charged singles express their love, depending on how mentally and physically stable these people are, they will expect much or nothing at all. People with mental illness can love just like those who have no personality disorders. They might not think nothing more about what they have said or act as if the relationship has just received a steroid boost. You will know whether the “love” is indeed genuine and healthy by what your lover expects from you. Those with personality disorders usually operate in extremes sometimes followed by

7 Common Signs Your Relationship is Doomed to Fail

When you start dating someone, you don’t anticipate bad things will happen that might cause a relationship’s demise. You look forward to a bright and happy future. But as you learn more about a date, you begin to discover what appears to be right with he or she is really wrong for you. Small issues grow into bigger ones, and you start to think, “Why did I even bother dating this person, much less consider marriage? I don’t think I want to be with him/her anymore.” 1. Cheating If a date can’t be honest early on in the relationship about dating others, there is a good possibility the individual won’t be when the newness wears off. 2. Incompatibility From expressing your personal opinion about a matter to not having similar interests, if there is no agreeing on anything during the dating phase, there is no peace later on either. 3. Alcohol and Drug Use Some people just don’t know when to slow it down when it comes to partying. Alcohol and drug use never mi

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire
Dating or married to an angry woman?