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Dating Poem: More than Meets the Eye

So few of you
many more of them,
you need to be with someone who isn't enjoying sin.

One had me jumping for joy,
didn't play me like a toy.
Boy, oh boy!

He was that one they said,
"Ain't right, and he look white."
But that was alright.

Look I have been there, done that...
just sat and sat.
Brothers passed me by, said goodbye,
and one left me to die.

Been on the other side too,
where I was one of the few.
That one lied
and I just cried.

"Life is what you make it,"
so they say,
but many still have no wedding day.

They say, "It's okay...something good will happen today."
Yeah right, okay.

Look at you, what to do?
What is your view?

What do you desire?
Who will ignite your fire?

Why won't love last?
Has a lot to do with the past.

Keep waiting, keep dating
before long one will be mating.

Then what will he do,
lose love and sue?

What will she do,
find another to view?

Temporary fixes,
for modern day mixes.

Be with one for a hue,
doing what …

New Relationships: In Love or In Manipulation?


Is She His One?

I think I will leave it up to the man to see
allow him to stare, to really view me.

Tired of laughing at silly, boring things--
more interested in looking at some rings.

Tired of pretending that I am the best,
tired of failing each and every test.

"Listen we all have our issues, you know better.
Just state some promises in a letter.
You promise to be better than the last.
You promise that you won't move too fast.
You promise that you will love me now,
You promise you won't throw in the towel..."

Relationship advice now it will entice.
Makes you want to learn more,
especially for a heart left sore.

But back to the man that watches me,
hopes he accepts the woman beyond what he sees.

For I have a long history
complete with much misery.

Men don't hold my attention for long,
don't believe in any tired love song.

Won't be the one who will fall head over heels in love,
don't respond to men who like to scream and shove.

He is a handsome, sweet kind of guy.