Dating Advice For Men: The Void In Dating Wisdom

Relationships and dating is definitely the biggest part of our life. We talk about them without pause. They affect us emotionally more than most things in life. We get more rattled, sulky, peaceful and enlightened because of relationships.

Yet it is the area of our lives where we 'bungle' more. The area that we understand the least. You can be a high-flying professional with stellar academic and career background and still be an absolute failure when it comes to dating and relationships. This is despite spending more time talking about it... Scanning information about it... placing questions in forums about it.

Despite our best efforts and investing more time in it from birth than any other area of our lives. We are as a population less knowledgeable about this part of our life than any other. We don't have much understanding of it. We are less able to guide the outcomes of this part of our life to success, and avoid failure, as a consequence. Because we often do not know what is a right or wrong action or behavior.

The proportions of the difficulty is indicative. Based on my understanding I can state that around 20% of the knowledge that persons have about dating is real. That indicates that 20% of the knowledge they have is adequate and usable. Only 20% can help them to make good decisions vs. wicked decisions.

Why is 80% of the knowledge unsound?

1. Limited research of dating / relationships historically: Our scientists were focused on other subjects from medicine to telecoms and media.

2. No formal dating self-education: There was not any self help or formal education to turn to.. The best you got during your studies was sex education, and that was pretty futile. If you were born under a lucky star it prevented you from getting someone pregnant. There was where it reached its conclusion. Stores had books available for sale that were not helpful to you at all in your quest to educate yourself.

3. Inhibited communication of true relationship experiences: Do you tell your friends exactly what happens in your relationships? on your dates? or is it a distorted version of the truth. Visualize it. Venture into this field. Everyone is doing it.

4. Popularized confusing/ false messages about relationships: Films and media all tell the same stories. We have grown to love these stories. But there is a void.. of it is unerring. The world does not work that way. One perfect match. Real passion. Sadly it is not factual.

Check out any valid survey stats (suggestion: do not trust what an online dating service says, find independent and objective surveys) on the divorce rate, on relationship satisfaction, dating satisfaction and success rates etc. You will find them to be pretty negative in conjunction. Is it unsettling? NO.

The proof of the dating knowledge gap is staring you in the face.

The Good News: A revolution is coming. Today there is real valid research on dating and relationships coming out by the truck load. There are useful writings that are based in science. There is dating education by dating tutors who are GENUINELY successful (What a strange phenomenon!). There is dating advice for men that actually works. Getting the hang of how to succeed with women is definitely a possibility.

There is 'truth' out there to lay our hands on. You have to look beyond your buddies, beyond the locations that you traditionally used to get knowledge from - where you received your mistaken beliefs and where you acknowledged that it was unexplored. Get keyed up. Look for the truths that are growing in accessibility in a maturing market geared towards dating advice for men. There are many who are going from complete disasters to fantastic results. To fulfillment. All they are doing is staying critical, being vigilant about the teachings they acquire - and searching out the facts. They are finding sterling knowledge, taking it in, using it and 'taking the outcome of their relationships in their own hands'.

Let's light the flame within... If you haven't been successful in this meaningful part of your life. Step up. Take control. Seize the revolution and reach out to fulfillment in this essential part of your life.

See more about how the dating knowledge gap has come about. Imagine if you could meet and attract the women you wanted every time? That you knew how to succeed with women? Develop relationships that are full of life, resilient and successful? Explore dating advice for men and find the best dating advice available for men from 100s of dating coaches and authors based on reviews by real people.

By: Angel Donovan

Angel has a strong interest in the power of self development to transform individuals and organizations. He turned that focus to dating mastery in 2001.

Currently, he is the Founder and Editor of Dating Skills Review, a database of unbiased reviews of dating advice for Men.

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Overcoming Adultery Through Counseling

Many options are available to couples who are confronted with the challenge of overcoming adultery in their relationships, but sometimes the best option of all may be for a partner who has committed adultery to seek counseling on their own. Though it may be an unpopular choice to seek individual counseling, some individuals may find that working through personal issues surrounding an adultery incident can prove more effective for mental and emotional recovery, especially when individual counseling is sought before a collaborative session or series of sessions.

Experiencing the hurt feelings and emotional expression of a partner in response to adultery can be traumatic, and feelings of guilt, shame, embarrassment, and other unpleasant emotions may become central in the life of someone who has committed adultery. Working through these feelings while attempting to arrive at the principle cause of the incident can prove particularly difficult, and professionals are often able to provide the support and insight to make organizing thoughts easier and more personally productive.

People who find themselves in situations involving adultery often feel as though they have made a “mistake,” though this is not always the case. Counseling clients are able to explore the true motivations behind their actions in a safe and non-judgmental environment, a benefit that can have a profound impact on the quality of recovery both for the individual and the couple as a unit. Having a clear and comprehensive sense of why the deed was done can aid in the progress of communication with a partner and can also help prevent such actions from taking place in the future.

With the help of a caring and qualified professional, individuals can work through their personal marital concerns before bringing them to the discussion with a partner. This preliminary step can be responsible for more peaceful and successful resolutions within relationships, and can be beneficial for partners even without eventual group sessions. Through addressing adultery issues in a mature and responsible way, partners, either alone or together, can render their marriages more easily able to stand the test of temptation.

By: Kevin C White
Working through issues of adultery with a trained professional is a course taken by many people around the world. Find out how you can obtain quality services in your area at


Make Him Fall in Love - True Friends Make the Best Lovers

Doesn't it seem at times as though women all over the world are trying to find ways to make men fall in love with them? Are you one of these women? Have you been searching for the secret to make that man promise his undying love and devotion to you? There are some things you can do to move things along; continue reading to learn some ideas that can help you make a man fall in love.

The only place to begin if an enduring, loving relationship is what you are seeking is to connect with your man on an emotional level. You have to get through to his feelings if you want to get through to his heart. The secret is to bond deeply and honestly with your guy so that he will never have any doubts about your concern and support for him. Help him understand that you are his best friend, and you will always be there for him if he needs someone to talk to or someone to depend on during those difficult times that we all experience.

Next, win his admiration for being the special woman that you are. This goes much deeper than the way he already admires your appearance; this encompasses the love and pride he feels as he views your intelligence, your fun personality, and your compassion for others. These are the things that make you the special person that you are and will make that man fall in love with you.

The final suggestion is to wait for a while before becoming sexually intimate with your guy. The emotional connection that you must make often takes a back seat to sex if sex happens too soon, and this will hurt your relationship. Sex is thrilling and it is a wonderful part of any relationship; however, it cannot be strong enough on its own to provide the foundation for a lasting relationship.

These suggestions will help you achieve a deep, enduring connection with the right guy and are the secrets to making a guy fall in love. You can win any man that you desire if you put these thoughts to good use.

To learn more, click Fall in Love and learn Love Mistakes that 99% of women make without knowing.

This article is contributed by Tina Jones from the Unforgettable Woman Publishing Team. She works together with founder Alexandra Fox and writes dating/relationship articles for women. You can find more about Unforgettable Woman Publishing by visiting their website.


Studder, Stutter, Stammer And Clutter

Do you have a studder, stutter, clutter or stammer? People who are able to speak fluently do not realise just how lucky they are. Being unable to say certain sounds or words can have a hugely negative affect on a person's confidence and can affect their whole life. Some people have even gone as far as committing suicide because they could not bare to live another day with their speech impediment.

My name is Stephen Hill and I am from England. I know what it is like to have a stutter as I suffered with this form of speech impediment for around eighteen years. Times were tough during this period of my life, I did cry many a tear and I often wondered what the future would hold. I would often ask myself certain questions:

Who would want to employ somebody who has a stutter?

What type of occupation could I carry out seen as I have a stutter?

Who would want to date somebody who has a stutter?

What if my children stutter?

How will I be able to deliver a successful grooms speech at my wedding, in front of my family and friends without making a total fool of myself?

What if I am asked to be the best man for a friend at his wedding?

Would I be able to get my words out when phoning the emergency services if there was, for example, a fire in our house or if my son became very ill?

Living life this way, with all of these questions running constantly through my brain, was no way to live. Surely somebody out there would have a solution, a cure to this frustrating stutter.

I searched high and low, I read many books, I looked on many a website but there was very little in the way of good quality stuttering therapy.

I then decided to go about finding my own cure for stuttering, it would be an interesting journey but one which ultimately lead me to achieving fluency.

Stephen Hill runs The How To Stop Stammering Centre, he has a number of websites including:


treatments for stuttering


How to Win Ex Girlfriend Back With an Apology - 3 Quick Tips

A break up is something that is tough on everyone and you always try and beg for their love back but if this is what you have done you're already digging yourself a big hole. If you have made a big mistake and lost your girlfriends love constantly apologizing, begging, and saying you will change is not the path you want to take which is why I am writing this, I want to help you salvage you relationship and teach you how to win ex girlfriend back with an apology.

First thing you need to get clear in your head is that if you want to know how to win ex girlfriend back with an apology you can't be beating yourself up constantly you have to come to terms with the way things are. Yes this is a lot easier said than done and probably impossible but the trick to this is at least make it look like you have come to terms with what has happened. You can't let the emotion of your past mistake get in the way of what you are trying to accomplish and carrying that guilt and shame will only make things harder.

Secondly you need to know exactly what you are apologizing for, you can't just go in and start yelling and crying that you're sorry it has to be meaningful and heartfelt and if you don't even know what you are apologizing for it's the complete opposite of meaningful and heartfelt. when wondering how to win ex girlfriend back with an apology the most important and essential part of making the apology is just know what you're apologizing for and it will go a long way.

The apology that you now come up with has to address two points if you're serious about figuring out how to win ex girlfriend back. Make sure that you use the apology to convince your ex girlfriend that you have completely understood her point of view and also that you're one hundred percent ready to change that behavior. Don't start saying that you have already changed and you are a new man because lets face it you aren't and you won't be until you work things out for yourself.

If you cheated on her it's not the end of the world but again saying that you've changed will do nothing, you have to figure out for yourself why you cheated for yourself first and then you can talk to your girlfriend about it and let her know the process that you have gone through to come to terms with it and how you can make sure it won't happen again.

When you go to talk to your girlfriend, as you attempt to answer your question how to win back ex girlfriend, make sure you give her space to say what she has to say and listen with sincerity. Do all of the above and you're well on your way to getting her back.

By John Jordan Brady

How to Have a Happy Relationship

When you are in love it is the best feeling in the world. It means you have found someone special you can mutually care about. This kind of reciprocal love and attention is what being in a relationship is all about. Friendships, family relationships, work relationships etc all need effort from both parties to make them successful and long lasting. Love relationships are just like any other relationships and require care and attention to make them work.

It is probable that love relationships are even more difficult to maintain than other types of relationships because it is such a special kind of relationship between two people. Many couples will find that over time a relationship will become more strenuous as problems occur. This is completely normal because no relationship can be perfect and problems are bound to occur.

So then we come to the question of how can you have a happy relationship? I have been in my fair share of relationships and can say that I have adequate experience to know what it takes to be happy in a relationship. I think the most important thing to consider when in pursuit of a happy relationship is how two lovers deal with problems when they arise. Learning how to appreciate each others flaws will mean that relationship problems are much less likely to occur. If two people can learn how to enjoy the good times and put the bad times into perspective then it is the building blocks to a very happy relationship.

Visit this helpful site to learn how to make a man love you.

10 Crucial and Surprising Steps to Build Trust in a Relationship

1. Be predictable. When do seeds of suspicion emerge? When one begins to think, What's up? Why is he doing that? He's never done that before. That is so unlike him. He loses 30 pounds, buys a new wardrobe and comes home late from work. He changes his patterns. His behavior becomes unpredictable. You get the picture? Any movement away from predictable behavior can become suspect and trust can deteriorate. Focus on acting predictably if you need to build trust. Be consistent in what you do. This doesn't mean you must be boring. If there is a twinkle in your eye and a dose of spontaneity every so often, for goodness sakes be spontaneous and fun loving. But, be spontaneous consistently! Be true to who you have always been and be that consistently, whoever you tend to be!

2. Inform your significant other when you become "unpredictable." No one goes through life the same person. We all make shifts and changes. Frankly sometimes we may be fairly clueless about what is happening and where we are going. Those times may be very intense and we do some silly things or make some downright dumb decisions. Life can get very squirrelly and unpredictable. (I have a favorite phrase: Gold is refined through intense heat.) Growth in an individual, marriage or family often is accompanied by a little chaos. Welcome these shifts, for there is a part of you searching for something better/different/richer/deeper, but for heaven's sake, inform your partner of what you are experiencing. Say, "I really don't know what is going on in me right now, but I'm moving in a different direction. Be a little patient with me while I figure this out. I might do some silly things, but my intent is not to harm you or scare you. Accept some of my wondering and wandering and please be there for me? I may need to run some of this by you every so often!"

3. Make sure your words match the message. Mean what you say and say what you mean. When your partner hears one thing in your words but your tone of voice, body language and facial expressions are really saying something else, you open the relationship to some crazy making days. Which message is she to believe? This can waste a tremendous amount of energy and she learns not to trust part of what you are saying. Here's a very simple but common example. You are getting ready to go to a formal dinner. Your wife comes to you and says, "How do I look?" (And she's wearing a dress you don't particularly like and her hair is pulled back in a way that turns you off.) Not to spoil the evening you enthusiastically say, "You look great." You don't really mean it and a part of her knows you really don't mean it. But, you leave it at that. This might not seem like a big deal - we all have done something similar - but if trust is shaky to begin with, it is even shakier now. Here's how to match the words with the nonverbal: "I think you are a beautiful person. I want you to know that. I love you dearly and it will be wonderful to have you by my side tonight. Others will see your beauty. (As you say this, you look into her eyes as you put your hands around her waist.) She's not concerned so much with how she looks but is expressing a need for affirmation. She's not talking about her dress or hair, but about wanting to know the evening is going to go just fine. You respond to the real message. You can take this one step further, if you like. At some point you might bring up her need for affirmation and talk about that. Ask her is there is anything you can say or do so that need is met. Trust is awareness of the intent beneath the obvious message and responding to that!

4. Believe the other person is competent. I hear this phrase very often: "But, I don't want to hurt him." A couple things are at play here. First, she may not have the skill of confronting the other with the truth in a way that brings reconciliation and understanding. She believes truth telling is destructive or entails some sort of drama. Neither is true. The truth is never destructive and can be conveyed in loving ways. (With that said, what we believe to be the truth may indeed be a distorted perception that fits our personal needs.) Or, she may see the other person as a wimp; someone she believes cannot handle rigorous personal confrontation. She doesn't trust that the other person has the internal strength or stamina or skills to be in a relationship of mutual respect and equality. The other person picks up on this mistrust and does what he does (feigns inadequacy and incompetence) to avoid the personal confrontation as well. A dance is acted out. Believe and know in your heart that the other person, somewhere and somehow, beneath the games, has the internal strength and capacity to handle anything. Such trust builds trust in the other person and begins to pervade the relationship. "Hey, she thinks I can handle this! Hmmmm, this is mighty good! I CAN engage her and be truly intimate!"

5. Be very very careful of keeping secrets. If he knows there is an elephant in the room and doesn't talk about it, the elephant takes up tremendous space in the relationship. It takes energy for him to walk around it. She may not see the elephant but knows he is bending his neck to look around something. She will be curious, mildly disturbed, have feelings but no words to wrap around them, might wonder if something is wrong with her or struggle with trusting her intuition (her intuition KNOWS an elephant is there.) And, when we can't trust the messages that come from within us, we find it very difficult to trust the messages of the other person. Secrets demand tremendous energy and erode trust. The relationship is doomed never to experience wall-banging intimacy. This is why extramarital affairs are so damaging. She is not so much concerned about him having sex with someone else as she is about the betrayal, lack of trust, the secrets and deception that are crazy making and energy draining. Now, please. I'm not saying that you sit your partner down and divulge the 23 secrets of your illicit past behaviors. If you have resolved those, i.e. forgiven yourself, understand those behaviors, learned from them and were able to use them to make the internal shifts necessary for your personal development, they do not qualify as an elephant. Hopefully, in the course of growing intimacy in your relationship you may want to share some of those events as you disclose to your partner where you were and where you are now. You do so without emotional charge. However, if a secret takes up room, i.e. still has an emotional charge and holds you back from disclosing more and more of yourself in the growing stages of intimacy, you have a problem that needs to be addressed with your partner.

6. Let YOUR needs be known - loudly. Be a little - no, be a lot - self-centered. (Be self-centered, but not selfish!) Here's a problem I run into almost every day. He is backing away (perhaps attached to work, another person, etc.). She feels the trust and intimacy eroding, is scared and wants to "win him back." So she begins an all out effort to "work on the marriage." She invites him to do so as well. He may reluctantly agree. She blasts full throttle ahead trying to "be nice" and meet every need he ever said he had. She's going to "fill his tank with goodies." Doesn't work. Her eyes are riveted on him. He feels "smothered" or maybe even resentful: "Why is she doing this NOW!" She's hopeful, but eventually that turns to resentment. Her underlying motive - if I meet his needs, he will feel good and meet mine - just doesn't work. It's perceived as manipulation, which it is. Of course, he doesn't say anything. After all, how do you get angry with someone who is so "nice and caring?" Trust disintegrates under a blanket of quiet niceties. Start with your eyes focused on YOU. What do YOU need? Explore your personal need system. Dig beneath the surface. And then say to him: "I need...x, y and z. I would like to talk to you about them. I would like us to work out a way so my needs are met. Are you open to that?" He is empowered to say yes or no. Or, he may say, "What about my needs?" You respond, "I am very interested in hearing what is important to you, certainly." Have you ever been around someone who stated clearly what they needed/wanted? Didn't you respect that person? Because you knew where he stood, and therefore where you stood, didn't that interaction move toward a trusting relationship?

7. State who YOU are - loudly. It is very sad to see those in relationships of emotional investment hold back from letting the other person know who they really are. You build trust in a relationship by entrusting your SELF to the other person. This sounds easy but I find it difficult for most to pull off. Most of us have a difficult time declaring our SELF. For one thing, if you're like most of us, you haven't given much thought to what it is that makes YOU truly YOU. Don't you feel like you glide through life on autopilot, focusing on tasks, goals, accomplishments, problems and the external realities? Don't you tend to focus on those things out there or that person out there? You're concerned about what he is thinking, how he is responding to you, whether he likes you, whether he will be an obstacle and where he will fit in your life? Your conversations may be pleasant but fairly superficial and bluntly, boringly inane. You converse about things/relationships/events out there. You are reluctant to share your thoughts, values, and impressions or take a stand. This doesn't destroy trust. But it doesn't create it either. And, if you do take a stand it may serve the purpose of protecting you or entrenching you as you react against someone. This more often than not creates trust barriers. Take some time to reflect on your standards. What are your standards for a relationship? What standards do you hold for yourself? What do you order your life around? What are the 4 top values in your life? What are some themes that you live by? What are you known for? And then...begin letting significant people in your life know. They will respect you. They will know you more deeply. They will thank you for the opportunity to know you. They will see you as a person of character. They will trust you. They can count on you. They know exactly what is behind and within you.

8. Learn to say NO! Sometimes you need to say NO! Often it is crucial to say NO! Saying NO sets boundaries around you that protects you from being hurt or venturing into territory that will be destructive to your heart and soul. You draw a line. You stop tolerating that which drains energy and makes you less than YOU. You refuse to allow the destructive behaviors of others to destroy you. You build a moat around the core of your life. You do this by informing the other person of what they are doing. You request they stop. If they don't stop, you demand they stop. If they don't stop you walk away without a snide remark, eye-roll or comment. To some this seems harsh, but saying NO is RESPECTED. Fear is the basis of mistrust. If you fear that someone will hurt you and believe you have no recourse but to endure that hurt, fear will prevail. How can you trust when you are in fear? Saying NO, protecting yourself, sends a message to the other person that you will not live in fear. This usually triggers a response of respect from the other person. After all, if you can protect yourself and refuse subjugation to that which is destructive, will not the other person come to trust you and see you as a person who just might protect him/her from harm as well?

9. Charge Neutral. When your significant other expresses something powerfully, charge neutral. Most of us are afraid of strong feelings or points of contention in a relationship. I commonly hear people respond by defending themselves (to a perceived attack), explaining themselves, counter-attacking, shutting down, or walking away. Of course, the relationship remains stuck in this quagmire of mistrust and fear. Rather than reacting and having your feelings flowing all over the place or shutting down, practice charging neutral. Communicate calmness, not only in your tone of voice but also in how you carry your body. Don't speak with a charge to your voice. Control your voice! Say what you must say, state the truth and do it directly and calmly. You can do this, once you master your fears. It will dramatically change the flow of the relationship. You will be able to point out something big, without making a big deal out of it. You will be in control of you. This not only feels great, but your partner trusts that you won't fly or fall apart. You will experience your personal power. This makes you very attractive. Don't people really trust someone who knows their personal power and how to use it for the welfare of themselves and others? Your partner will love the fact that she can trust you consistently to operate from your "quiet center," remain engaged, not back down and speak the truth with conviction and calmness.

10. Dig into the dirt. Relationships of emotional investment, by their nature, bring trials, tribulations, fears, chaos, turmoil, change, stretching and growth. They become the grist from which your life is shaped and formed. Be fearless when faced with turmoil, upset, crisis, questions, and fears. When the time is right, seek them out. Move toward the frightening unknown. Dig into the dirt of your relationship and uncover the treasures. Do you really TRUST that this can happen? The purpose of your relationship is not to make you happy. Do you realize this? Happiness may be an outcome, but your other is given to you to move you to where you really want to be. Obstacles, trials and moments of pain are given as lessons on which you intentionally write the script of your life individually and together. Embrace the difficult. Trust that in this embracing you will find more of your true self. Trust that you are given the resources and capacity to face what you and your significant other are to face. Once you are able to believe and trust these ultimate purposes, trusting your significant other will be that much more easy.

Dr. Robert Huizenga, The Infidelity Coach, has helped hundreds of couples over the past two decades heal from the agony of extramarital affairs and survive infidelity. Visit his website at:


Online Dating - 10 Rules Everyone Should Know

Online dating is an exciting frontier, filled with possibilities around every corner - but before you begin returning those enticing emails, there are 10 rules you should abide by.

Your love life may be stalled for a number of reasons. A recently ended relationship might leave you stranded with a condensed social circle and feelings of loneliness. You might have experienced a recent change, like a divorce, graduating from college, or moving to a new city. No matter what the circumstance, it is hard to meet new people. Enter the world of online dating - full of variety, spice, and excitement. If you're new to the online dating scene, there are several things that everyone should know.

1. Plan ahead

Are you looking to just spend some time entertaining yourself in chat rooms? Looking for someone to hang out with on the weekends? Seeking a one night stand? Trying to find Mr. or Ms. Right? Determine your goals for online dating and stick to them - otherwise you might hurt the feelings of others or find yourself scraping up the pieces of another failed relationship.

2. Ask your friends

Online dating and chat rooms are standard tools for people of all walks of life looking for love or a little fun. Ask your friends what sites have worked for them in the past. Trust the opinions of those you already know rather than choosing a service at random.

3. Start slow

You may need to spend some time in chat rooms, email correspondence, or even via the telephone before you feel comfortable enough to meet someone. Take your time - there is no rush! Enjoy the process and embrace the excitement.

4. Tell the truth!

If you really want to experience success with online dating, you must be honest. While you cannot control the actions of others, maintaining accountability to yourself will thwart the temptation to attach someone else's picture to your profile or lie about your past.

5. Organize and prioritize

Online dating can be overwhelming. It's a lot easier to browse profiles of individuals that you know are looking for a relationship than to strike up a conversation with someone at the bar. Choose a few of the most interesting profiles, take notes, and limit yourself to corresponding with them at first. You can always look again if they don't work out, and this will avoid too much activity and confusing emotions.

6. Don't believe everything you see or read

If he or she sounds too good to be true, it's very possible that you're looking at a bad egg. Take your time getting to know someone. Check their story. If you have arrived to the point where personal information has been revealed, there are ways you can verify details. If a person claims they work at the local community college, you can check the phone directory for their name. Public record is a valuable resource!

7. Chat room etiquette

That old adage "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" still applies to online dating. Chat rooms often give people a sense of invincibility. When the fingers start flying, things tend to move fast and have the potential to get steamy. Stop. Think. If you wouldn't say it to a complete stranger face-to-face, don't say it at all.

8. Paying for an online dating service might not be so bad

Websites that charge for entering chat rooms or making an online dating profile may turn you off at first glance. You might feel embarrassed or afraid to shell out hard earned money to a dating website; however, you can rest assured that if someone is willing to make the investment it costs to participate in online dating circles, it's possible that they are very serious and willing to go the extra mile for you!

9. Be available

Don't have access to the internet everyday? This might cause problems in the online dating world. Those who try this method of socialization like to think they'll receive quick responses. Be available, consider setting aside a specific time to spend in the chat room, and respond to emails in a timely fashion. Otherwise, you might find your potentials losing interest.

10. Safety first, second, and third

When you've gathered your confidence and found somebody you want to meet face-to-face, remember that you don't know what to expect. Meet in a public place. Drive your own car so that you can maintain control of your environment, and leave if you feel uncomfortable. Even if the first date leads to a second, or third, keep in mind that you've only just met, and there is no need to rush.

Aelicia Anderson has been involved in online dating sites for over ten years and is widely considered an expert in the industry. When not writing her popular dating advice column Aelicia can often be found hanging in her favourite chat rooms.


How to Get Your Man to Do Something for You

You may have noticed their your relationship is in a drought these days. It seems that the more you do the less he does. Could it be because you haven't asked him to do anything for you? Could it be the way you asked him to do things for you? Could it be that you are sending your man signs that say you aren't as interested in him like you once were? Whatever the reason, you now realize you want something from your man, so how do you get it?

First, when a man tells you that they want to be appreciated, they mean it. So in order to get something from him, you need to show him some appreciation.

Next, men often complain about being nagged into doing things. If it works in your relationship then no one should tell you any different. Unfortunately, some men are programmed to only do if repeatedly asked. However, there are many more men that don't have to be told over and over again to do something,; rather they do it because they just want to make their wife or girlfriend happy. So go ahead verbally ask him and leave a note to remind him of what it is that you want from him. Add something sweet to the note like a "love you, thinking of you..."

Third, after you have made the time to ask him, most likely it hasn't been done yet. Consider whether or not you gave him a specific date, time and/or reminder. Don't be fearful of nagging him because you have to ask him again. We all forget things sometimes so don't think negatively, "You see he never listens. I shouldn't have to ask him over and over again."

Some men have heard what you said, its just the timing for them may not be right. When this happens all we can do is wait. If you force an issue, give him ultimatums, have a fit, it will only make him go into his mental cave and not come out until you have calmed down.

Lastly, if it is something that you can get someone else to do, talk to your man about it first. don't be like some women who put their hands on their hips and say, "I don't need you! I have my own money I will get it done myself!" Taking on this attitude will only make a man angry and resentful. He will keep that in mind when you want him to do something else then he will say, "You got your own money remember? Do it yourself, Ms. Independent!" Unfortunately, exercising your independence during tensed moments in the relationship will only leave you miserable and alone.

There are still men in this world who want to care for their women even if they have a funny way of showing it!

Nicholl McGuire is a Writer for various websites including: Associated Content, Ehow, Bukisa, and Helium. She is currently in a relationship and a mother.

How to Stop a Breakup Right Now With Confidence

We all love when our relationships are filled with fun, joy, and love. However when the relationship starts to head south we want to stick our heads in the sand and hide. Well if the relationship means anything to us we simply can't hide, we have to stand up straight and fight for our love. Might sound kind of corny but it is a time tested strategy that will work. Other than just out right fighting for her here are a few tips that will aid in finding out how to stop a break up.
1. Build Up Your Confidence: Do whatever it will take to bring on a strong healthy demeanor. No one is even going to think of taking you back if you are depressed and full of sadness. Before you even think about trying to stop a break up, go out and exercise for about a week. Get your adrenaline pumping on the inside and you will get a renewed self confidence on the inside. Take this self confidence and go talk to your girlfriend
2. Learn Your Lines: Were you ever in a school play? Well if you were I'll bet you read over and over your script to memorize your lines. You did this so you would not get up on stage, draw a blank and look like a total fool. Well it is going to be the exact same way when you talk to your girlfriend. Obviously you will not have a script but seriously try to think of what you are going to say. Have it memorized so you will not get side tracked by your emotions. If you are serious about winning back the woman of your dreams, make sure you get your words down correctly.
3. Be Secure In Your Emotions. Know is the time to let your emotions out, but try not to become a crying mess. In other words, let her know exactly how you feel about her. Do not hold anything back because you think you will feel week. remember you have already built up your self confidence and have your words picked out. Now is the time to put it all together and let her know that you want her back and she wants you. You are willing to do whatever it is going to take to win this relationship back.
In conclusion stick to your guns and do not take no for an answer, unless of course she threatens to prosecute. Hopefully we are no where near that stage in the relation, because more than likely it is a hopeless cause. However, in all seriousness, make a battle plan, and stop that break up before it becomes permanent!
By Dorothy J. Hudson

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire

She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire
Dating or married to an angry woman?
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