What Do Women Like About Men? Here's 10

Are you a man curious about what women like about men? Do you genuinely want to change certain things about you to draw the right woman to you? Well you are on the right track! An honest man who cares about what the opposite sex thinks is indeed a good man!

One. The Voice

You may recall the old adage, “It’s not what you say but how you say it.” Some men have strong, sexy deep voices that will make any woman give him the time of day even if his appearance isn’t that great. However, there are those men whose voices aren’t sexy at all, but they just have a way of saying things that draw women to them. Both men know how to use their voices to get what they want and most women will be accommodating to their needs when asked politely.

Two. His Smell

A nice fragrance, coming from a man, may come from a cologne bottle or be nothing more than a freshly washed body. Most women enjoy a fresh smelling man outside of the bedroom, but they also enjoy his natural scent when they are interested in intimacy.

Three. Honest Feelings

A man who doesn’t beat around the bush may not win friends, but a man who can be truthful in a subtle way is most appreciated. Women want to know the truth about the things that affect their mental, physical and spiritual well-being, children, environment, and finances. If they can’t get the truth from you about important matters such as this then they will get it from someone or something else.

Four. Thoughtfulness

Whether you think about her when she is ill by rushing over some chicken soup or you ask her if she wants to do her favorite sexual position, women are drawn to men who know how to think beyond the scope of the present situation. For instance, she mentions something like, it’s her mother’s birthday. Ask her something like, “So would you like to go shopping for your mom a gift?” Another example, she says while on a date, “It’s getting chilly out here, I forgot to bring my coat.” You say, “Would you like to wear mine?” Small acts of kindness will help you win her over every time.

Five. Money

You may have an impressive financial portfolio; therefore, you should expect any woman with two eyes and a brain will want to draw nearer to you. The woman is thinking about the future every time she dates a man. She has been conditioned by society and/or family that a man should be able to care for his woman and offspring no matter how much money she is or is not bringing home. However, if a man can’t keep his finances together, she will gradually lose respect for him.

Six. Status

What’s a nice financial portfolio when no one respects you? Who wants to be with someone who cowers every time other men talk to him? Depending on the kind of woman she is (such as educated and career-oriented,) will determine what kind of man she will want offering his arm to her in public. A smart woman desires a man that will compliment her reputation not tear her down. If she suspects that is the case, she will use her skills to divide and conquer an insecure, weak man. We see evidence of this by the sheer number of women who live alone and say, “I can do bad all by myself! I don’t need no help!” as well as the many songs that glorify independent women.

Seven. Cooperative

Argumentative, angry men are problems wherever they go! Some women take chances being in a relationship with the bad boy types and before long find themselves in bad shape. A good woman wants a good man--someone who has the ability to get along with most people.

Eight. Clean

A clean woman doesn’t want to date, sleep with or live with a slob. Most women enjoy being in the presence of men who take care of self, children, pet, car and/or atmosphere.

Nine. Nice Appearance

There are those women who settle for the man who has let his body go, but let us not forget, that doesn’t apply to every woman. A woman who likes the way she looks will do things to keep her appearance up such as take vitamins, watch her portion sizes, get hair and nails done, and/or exercises. She is attracted to men who also maintain their appearances as well.

Ten. Security

Some men are simply not Hercules and that’s okay. However, if he can show the world during times of trial that he isn’t someone to mess with then she will admire her man even more. If he can stand up to tempting situations, then she is thinking, “This one is a winner!”

You will discover that there are more things that women like about men. The list will get more and more specific depending on who you ask, but these points covered in this article are some of the most essential things that women like about men. Not only that, the points provided attempt to help you sort out the good women from the bad and the weak from the strong. If a woman is all too willing to compromise on any of these 10, you must ask yourself, “What else is she willing to compromise?”

By Nicholl McGuire


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