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When the Ex Says He Still Misses, Loves You

The conversation is going well.  Feelings are warm and before long comments about still liking or loving you begin to surface.  For some of you, you don't know what to do when an ex does this.  Others grow cold and rush to end the conversation.  Then there are others who welcome to the chat and are struggling with all sorts of emotions. 

You really didn't want to hear how an ex feels, and you think, "If he loved me so much he would have never..."  So what do you do?  Some things to think about when talking to exes who miss or still love you.

1.  Always best not to respond.  You say something it might come out wrong especially if you are in a relationship with someone else.  Keep in mind feels of nostalgia, those good ole day moments, are temporal.  Back to reality, remind yourself, "He is a liar, he cheated...he is boring, a jerk...I couldn't wait to get away from him, so why would I even think about a future with him?"

2.  He hopes you will share how…

What Are You Willing to Do to Have a Healthy Relationship?

Some people claim they want better relationships, yet they want to live their lives selfishly without giving a thought about partners' feelings.  They expect mates will always agree with them.  They falsely believe they are "good" men and women.  They also deceive themselves into thinking now that they are engaged or married that partners will always be around.  Healthy relationships require effort.  One who is unwilling to do too much of anything, other than to sail along in a relationship, will end up losing.  You can't put a relationship on cruise control or set it or forget it like a kitchen gadget.  It really does take two to make things work!

1.  Stop thinking and comparing your past to a current mate.

The more you think about "I wish...I wonder if he/she is thinking about me...What went wrong with XYZ?  I sure wish things would have been different."  All of this wishful thinking will play a part in your current relationship even if a partner has no…