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How to Impress Your Boyfriend's Parents


Thank You for Reading This Blog

I just wanted to take this moment to thank the contributors of this blog and all those who have shared their entries.  I am so glad that so many singles and couples have found it useful.  I look forward to having an even better year!

At this time we are welcoming any contributors who would like to be featured for their dating or relationship tips or challenges on this blog.  Also any individual or business who would like to purchase ad space, do make contact.

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Nicholl McGuire is the manager of this blog, a self-published author, inspirational speaker, and business owner originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has been a featured guest on television and radio talk shows on networks such as CBS and WPXI Channel 11.

Failed Relationships, Disappointments - A Blessing in Disguise

You probably thought the miserable relationship you or someone else is in is nothing more than a mere mess and all you want is to see yourself or a loved one out of it!  But not so fast, these failed attempts at make up and tearful moments thinking of all those disappointments and hurtful things said are actually blessings in disguise!

Take every argument, painful story, and other negative things related to a bad relationship and turn them all around for good!  Challenge yourself or the friend to do better in other areas of his or her life until you or the individual is ready to make a difference in the intimate relationship.  In the meantime, it goes on the backburner and you press forward using the hurt to get up off the floor of life and start playing again!

What in your life (other than a relationship) needs to be changed and rearranged?  What about other connections that are drama free--have they been nurtured lately?  Could you be doing something to make a difference in other p…

Regretting Meeting the Person You Are With Solves What Issue?

From the time you first laid eyes on one another to the day that you thought, "What was I thinking?"  In between the beginning and the near end of a challenging relationship are fillers.  Like stuffing inside a soft toy there are cushy things said to make the appearance of one in a relationship look quite appealing.  He makes promises and she believes.  He says how much he cares for her and she tells him how much she loves him.  Then there are those memorable places visited together, and even children born to one another, but the truth still remains that unsettling feeling that the person seated next to you or across the table is not The One or ever was.  You may trust him or her or that may have long left.

News flash:  there is no "One," a perfect being that is going to do all and be all for any of us.  That is a story for a great fictional work.  There is that person who might be attractive (and that fades fast along with the niceties).  The individual is flawed…

Spiritual Advice for Single Women Meeting Men - Dating - Video Dailymotion

How to Leave Work Early - Is this a problem in your relationship?


Average Affair Lasts About Six Months - Sexually Unfaithful - Cheating


Answers to Prayer on a Silver Platter


Dating a Man Who’s Been Married Before - The Real Daytime


Should I Go to the Party - Tips For Doubtful People Weary of Family Events

Available on Smashwords (not on Amazon at this time).

Dating Mr. Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Yet?

If you haven't met him yet, you will the longer you date.  He is sweet, patient and kind.  The gentleman acts as if he is very much in tuned to you.  He likes much of what you like and is very thoughtful and helpful.  Yet, there is another side to him that peaks through his exterior every now and again--a dark side.  The strange man appears moody for no apparent reason, stares off into space or stares too long at you, acts very impatient at times, and has said his share of troubling things to you and possibly others.  The wolf in sheep's clothes may have told a story that made you question whether he really is as harmless as he claims to be.

Sometimes we women dismiss what we know to be true when it comes to people because we want to give them the benefit of the doubt.  But as you will read in Nicholl McGuire's book, Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men, one should never ignore her gut feeling.  Get this nonfiction work today on Smashwords.  You are better off safe…

What To Talk About On A First Date (and what not to talk about)


Are You Tired of Lying Yet?

Adele - Hello


She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire - a book for men in bad relationships with bad women

A man doesn't suspect after great food, sex, and cool conversation with a beautiful companion that there is a dark side to her. He doesn't anticipate that one day his partner might hurt him with her words and hands. Yet, there are crazy women who will not hesitate to abuse a man over almost anything! In this non-fiction book, Nicholl McGuire, author of "Tell Me Mother You're Sorry" and "Say Goodbye to Dad," speaks to the man who has been berated, misunderstood, wounded, and beaten down by a frequently irate and abusive woman. He might be your son, brother, father, uncle, cousin, or best friend. He hides his shame. He tells you that everything is okay when it is not. He shares nothing that would make you suspect that he is hurting inside due to his controlling girlfriend, emotionally abusive wife, or violent companion. He grins in front of you and grimaces when at home with her. He hates what his bad relationship is doing to him and possibly hi…

5 Tips on Looking Your Best Ladies for a First Date

Best tips on what to do before your first date with man of your dreams.

There are two kinds of people: Those who get nervous before a first date and...fine, there is just one kind of person, and we are all terrified of first dates. The following tips will make your first date perfect and unforgettable!

#1 Stay calm
It is natural that you are nervous before your first date, but you shouldn’t be overwhelmed. Try to relax: take a bubble bath with aroma candles, and then start your preparations. Choose a cozy cafe with relaxing music, where you can feel comfortable and confident. You can take a glass or two of wine, but be careful with alcohol.

#2 Choose a haircut
If you are at a loss and don’t know what to do with your hair, here are some examples of simple and beautiful hairdos for the first date.

⦁ Soft blow out. A smooth blowout with a soft bend and incredible shine—it is very romantic and nice. Just blow dry your hair with a big, round brush. And don’t forget to use a little bit…

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How to Establish Boundaries with an Ex While Dating Others

The timing is usually all wrong when an ex wants to come back into your life. You are managing well personally and professionally. You are meeting some great guys or gals. The space to breathe and reconnect with your self has been most positive. Yet, there is a part of you that still has room for an ex-partner. You might love the thought of rekindling a romance with him or her or hate what might the future bring again. So how do you manage those emotions by giving an ex just one more chance?

1. Be realistic. This person hasn't changed in a week, two months, or a few years to the point that everything that was or still is wrong with him or her is completely removed. There will be some things that you still don't like about an ex that will show up sooner or later. Think about not only the good, but the bad too. List those issues and let them help you stay guarded with this person.

2. Fight the temptation to have sex. Romance and sexual intimacy doesn't heal, but enhances healt…

Is Flirting Cheating? Yes, Flirting Is Cheating.


Myths We Tell Ourselves to Remain in Toxic Relationships


Isolation: A Sign of Domestic Abuse


5 Things Worth Researching about Relationships, Parenting and Lifestyle

Maybe your parents and grandparents didn't think they needed any relationship counselors, books, or anything else to help with their issues, but you and your partner aren't them and times have changed.  What worked for them may not work for you and your partner who live very differently with more stresses such as:  higher prices, constantly changing technology, new chemicals in food, smarter children, and longer work hours.   Consider seeking more knowledge about those problems that just don't seem like they are going away, before they become major ones!

1.   How Can We Communicate Better?

1. Find the Right Time. If something is bothering you and you would like to have a serious conversation about it, make sure you pick the right time to talk. ...
2. Talk Face to Face. ...
3. Do Not Attack. ...
4. Be Honest. ...
5. Check Your Body Language. ...
6. Use the 48 Hour Rule.
2.  Why We Lie and How to Stop | Psychology Today…

Breaking Up is a Hard Thing to Do - He Wants to But He Just Doesn't Know How to Tell You

Just when you think that all is okay in a relationship, the nagging feeling in your gut reminds you, "He's not into you..."  You can't keep ignoring the signs.  Someone has got to do something before things go from bad to worse!  When He Doesn't Know How to Break Up With You

When Wrong Thinking Gets in the Way of a Quality Relationship


On Losing a Man to Another Woman - You Won, She Lost

"No regrets," that's what some people have to remind themselves of when it comes to breaking up with someone.  I made certain before I left relationships that I had no "I really wish things could have been different" statements floating around in my head regarding exes.  I did the best I could, end of story.  I sleep well at night.  I hope readers of this blog are getting beyond those negative feelings that keep you bound to toxic people, places and things. 

Ladies, when you're in a miserable relationship and don't see any way out, you have a tendency to stay in your mess until a light bulb goes off.  That usually comes the day you find out your man has been cheating on you, it is then that you didn't lose, you just won!

I personally dislike titles that look like another woman took a man away from a wife like, "Suzie Q Lost Her Husband of 20 Years to Mature Mary."  Most likely Suzie Q had been slowly but surely disconnecting from her man…

You Don't Have to Like a Partner's Family But You Do Have to Respect Them

Every year families will get together for holiday events and there in the group will be those you don't like.  Who says you must be around these people annually?  Did you agree to this before you started dating or during the marriage? 

Being around a partner's family during certain times of the year is one of the down sides when you don't like them, but you are expected to respect them--you know treat people how you would want to be treated.  You can do this without bending over backwards for them or even going around them if you would like.  However, one sets his or herself up to be provoked to anger when you know someone doesn't like you yet you attend their events and all the while you want to appease your partner.  Doing this will make you mad at the enemy and your loved one.  "I told you I didn't want to go...They don't like me and I don't like them!" says an angry boyfriend.

Sometimes we tell ourselves, "Why should I respect his/her fa…

Breaking Up When You're Still In Love


The Warning Signs of Potential Domestic Violence


What Matters at the End of the Day is Love and Trust -- Without These Forget About It

"How can I convince you that I love and trust you?" you might think after you have repeatedly hurt someone you claim to love.  A partner is going to have a problem believing you when actions say otherwise.

Do you really love and trust your lover/friend/spouse?  The truth for many people is that they are in love with the idea of romantic love, but have little sincere, in-depth love to give when it comes to the "in sickness and in health" part of commitment. 

Trust is a major factor in relationships.  If you don't have a heart filled with trust for a mate, then you must then ask yourself, "Why am I staying with this person?"  Don't let children and things be your reasons.  Kids grow up and move on with their lives and things rust, break and tare. 

People who lack love and trust in one another are some of the most difficult people to remain in a relationship.  It isn't any wonder why so many couples just can't seem to get along with one an…

Suspect You're Not Going to Get Along with Someone, Expecting the Worse in a Relationship? Why Bother?

Whether your status is casual dating or serious relationship, chances are you have your ideas of what you want in a mate/lover.  If you already have someone in mind, you might have some theories as to how this person might behave with you in the future.  If your attitude about dating and relationships hasn't been that good for awhile now and you have a long history of being rejected, then most likely your hidden thoughts might not be that positive about your current partner or any others you have in mind.

Negative personal opinions and first impressions about people don't go away easily especially for critical individuals who tend to let their egos get out of hand.  Mr. or Ms. "I'm always right about people" is going to be difficult at times to love.  The unsuspecting date or partner just might find out during an emotionally charged dispute what one really thinks about him or her now as well as when he or she first met.  What a terrible way to discover that some…

Advice for Women Who Attract Unavailable Men | Help Desk | Oprah Winfrey...


An Excerpt from Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men by Nicholl McGuire - Video Dailymotion

‘Undateable’ Cast Talks Online Dating


How to Stop Swearing


Intoxicating Feelings - Lust, Romantic Love - Dating and Relationships - Video Dailymotion

Emotions can be a major distraction when just getting to know someone, and so you don't bother guarding your heart.

Intoxicating Feelings - Lust, Romantic Love - Dating and Relationships - Video Dailymotion

Boris and Nicole Give Relationship Advice & Talk About Their New Talk Show


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Michelle Obama Shares Great Dating Advice for Young Women, and We're All


8 Relationship Boundaries that are Often Compromised

There will be a time in a man or woman's life that he or she will meet someone and fall deeply in love losing all sense of self, purpose, and direction. Personal dreams will be put aside, goals will be undetermined, and life will carry on blissfully without a single care in the world for the sake of a relationship.

Then one day, the couple is hit with the reality of disagreements, insults, anger outbursts and illness; it is then that the barrage of incredible love and lust begins to take a downward turn. Now one is reflecting back on the mistakes he or she made early on in the relationship. "Is it too late to set boundaries? Is it too soon to end the relationship? Is my partner experiencing what I am feeling?"

The questions abound in one’s mind disappointed at how soon these rising feelings came crashing down.  Doubts keep him or her up late at night sometimes wondering what went wrong? Here are some thoughts on what could have went wrong during those early days…

Dating Advice for Women: The Real Reason Why Men Won't Approach You


How to Confront Passive Aggressive Behavior


How to Save Money Dating Online - eHarmony Quick Dating Tips


The Sacrifices One Makes to be with Abusive Mate who is racially different, same sex, religious, etc.

Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate: The Sacrifices One Makes to be with Abusive Mate W...: One common denominator that all who have gave up family tradition, religious beliefs, and more for their abusers is they loved their partne...

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Speed Dating Tips! Unique Questions to Ask During a Speed Date


The unsexy truth, the hookup culture | Lisa Bunnage | TEDxSFU


Relationship Goals vs. Relationship Fails - Meghan Rienks


9 Simple Tips For Free Online Dating Sites


Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men by Author Nicholl McGuire

Sometimes you just don't see the public charmer/private abuser coming your way.  The man who appears to be so sweet, nice and friendly during those first meetings ends up being the one who breaks your heart and runs away with all that you value the most.  You didn't anticipate it--you were caught off guard.  But it happens, my friends. So what might we have overlooked in our quest to love and be loved?

In my book, Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men, I show you the personalities and schemes of various males (both young and old) and the games they play to get women to trust them during the early dating phase while exposing our weaknesses.  I also share personal stories where I am an observer and a victim of charmers.  This is a truth-telling book, one you won't forget and a must-read if you have a daughter, niece, or female relative who is just getting her feet wet when it comes to dating.

Please show your support by making a purchase.  Socially Sweet, Privately Cr…

Feeling Loved and Accepted - Suicidal Thoughts


Relationship Red Flags You Shouldn't Ignore


5 Signs The No Contact Rule Is Working


Couples Counseling: Pre marriage questions


Dating and Relationship Help

Spiritual Perspective on Communication, Relationship Conflict

T.D. Jakes - "Trapped In My Marriage"


Dr. Phil Offers Advice to Cheating Husband


Keep Your Business To Yourself - You Give Your Angry Partner a Stick to Crack Your Head With

Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate: Keep Your Business To Yourself - You Give Your Ang...: So you have something you are just dying to tell your emotionally unstable mate. You really want to make the man or woman you love a buddy ...

Communication Techniques: How To Save Your Marriage


The argument free marriage | Fawn Weaver | TEDxPortland


Relationship Turn-Offs: The Mama's Boy


Is your Man in Menopause? Recognizing the Symptoms of Andropause


Bad Relationship with Your Father Will Influence Your Dating, Relationship Experiences

Author of When Mothers Cry,Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate, and other books, Nicholl McGuire shares insightful details as to why sons and daughter must sever toxic emotional ties to a father that is ineffective, controlling, or worse deceased. 

The more we stay bound to negative people, places and things associated with them, the harder it is to break free emotionally, physically and spiritually.  If you sincerely want a healthy relationship with your current partner, recognize the "daddy issues" and deal with them.  Say Goodbye to Dad is here to help!  Get the book here.

Dating Advice for Women in 2015


The Truth about Early Dating Experiences and Spiritual Wisdom (made with...


How to Stop Attracting Negative People in Your Life


In Love with Mr. Potential - an audio message by author Nicholl McGuire

Ladies, so you want to press on in a relationship with Mr. Potential rather than Mr. Right?  This is a message for believers who continue to remain in relationships with those they are unequally yoked with doesn't married, dating seriously or casually--a wake up call!  Click here to listen: Vocaroo Voice Message

Teen Uses Dating App, Ends Up On Sex Offender Registry


How to Get Out of an Emotionally Abusive Relationship


Looking for a Spiritual Man to Marry - Advice for a single Christian woman


What to Expect When a Date Has an Adventurous Spirit

You enjoy getting outdoors, trying new things, having fun, and going to places that you have never been before. However, it can be challenging to find someone who has the same interests as you. Some people fake their adventurous side and you soon learn that these folks can’t stand bugs, rain, heights, and other things. So you feel as if your time has been wasted and declare that in the future you will be more selective when it comes to dating.

Daring people, who sincerely enjoy living their lives to the fullest, are quite bold about what they say and do. They have stories, photographs, witnesses, and other things that will back up all the adventure they have experienced so far in their lives. However, charlatans know how to impress the unsuspecting as well. This is why you just might have to make a few phone calls, perform some online research, check in with buddies at the locations they claim to know people, and more to find out whether the online date is in fact being truthfu…

When a Date Loves Arts and Crafts

The date who loves creating, displaying, and attending art and crafts events is a passionate, creative, often independent, and flexible person at times. He or she will enjoy your company if you too have hobbies that inspire you. However, if you are one who has little reverence for the arts and could care less about a date’s passion, you will turn this person off. You might continue to go out on dates, but the relationship will suffer challenges and may end up being nothing more than a dead end for you.

Artsy people, a slang way of describing people who enjoy creating things, are sensitive, happy, sometimes depressed, and other times odd folks. They feed off of love, pain, sickness, emotional turmoil, life, death; you name it to obtain their muses. What most would just view and walk away from, the creative person embodies it. These people can be a joy to be around and you can learn much from them, but they can also be deeply troubled.

When the imaginative type is on an emotio…

9 SIGNS HE'S A PLAYER | ShifraSays


Crazy Relationship and Toxic Work Relationships - nmenterprise7


Roaming Eyes at the Cookout - Your Date is Watching

There are things you can get away with when you have been in a relationship for a long time, but when it comes to just getting to know someone, do you really want to be caught checking out the attractive man or woman standing at a distance? 

Cookouts, family reunions, or getting together over someone's home staying in an atmosphere for hours at a time with people you barely know can get boring, so you start looking around, entertaining yourself while your date glances over to see you observing the finest looking person in the room--BUSTED!

So how to stay out of trouble this hot, sexy summer?

1.  Keep your eyes on that plate of food in front of you when the half -dressed lady comes strutting by.  If you have no food, look at the food somewhere nearby, the sky, a car passing by, your shoes, etc.
2.  Don't let your eyes roam in that direction where the guy with the tight shirt showing off his abs is looking at you.  Instead, compliment someone in front of you on the nice piece o…

Daughter, Why Your Father Just Won't Approve of Your Dating Just Any Man

It's All In the Family: Daughter, Why Your Father Won’t Approve of Your Da...: Your dad knows that at some point you are going to come home with a man you really like and you may feel like he is better than the last guy...

Steve Harvey and Dr. Phil Discuss How Men Think


Avid Book Readers and Gaming Dates Not Your Types?

She says she loves to read. He enjoys playing board and video games. These people might be a good match for someone else, but for you? Some of these singles are attractive, have nice jobs, drive good cars, and other things, you might be easily impressed.

Sometimes we make ourselves believe we can adapt to someone else’s personality. Yet, when we start dating people with interests, different from our own, we hope that they might change. We find out they love their hobbies a bit more than we thought. We also notice how we react to what they do in their spare time and it isn’t always positive. Not everyone enjoys gaming. Some singles prefer to stay active doing more “fun” and “interesting” things outdoors.
What makes some of these dates so dull is how long they tend to an activity? Maybe a date enjoys going to a friend’s house weekly to play video games or enjoys spending evenings on a couch curled up with a good book. This isn’t attractive to those who prefer parties, sho…

Bad Relationships - How To Break Your Cycle Of Painful Relationships


Meet Your First Black Girlfriend - Akilah Hughes


Dating Older Men - When He Thinks You Are Younger

Tips Dating Older Men, Dating Younger Women: Dating Older Men - When He Thinks You Are Younger: He didn't think that you were in your thirties or was it your forties?  The mature gentleman, who absolutely loves young women, assumed...

The 7 Stages Of What You Call The Person You're Dating


What to do about a Date who is too Warm and Friendly

Some bachelors are simply too affectionate with dates and others. These flirty types can be a bit much when they are talking to others. From friendly stares to kisses on cheeks, these single men and women can irritate you with all their warm, friendly and very flirty behaviors.
There is normal affection between people, but then there is over-the-top behaviors that make you question whether a mother and son are sleeping together, a date is in love with the waiter at the restaurant, or a peculiar exchange between your partner and a stranger on the street. It is safe to say some people misbehave due to hormonal issues, things they have been exposed to while growing up, and alcohol and/or drug influence.
When you find that a date is doing things like: moving a bit too fast with his or her hands, pressuring you into having an intimate encounter or talking wildly about sex, you might want to step back and observe this person for awhile.
People, who tend to be a bit too flirtatious, ha…

Compassionate Dates, Chocolate Lovers and Comedians

If you have dated a long time, then you have met your 3 C dates: Compassion, Chocolate and Comedian. These three types of dates are very similar and require much time and patience. Although on the surface they are kind, sweet and funny, they also are deeply troubled individuals if they have yet to be free of their personal demons.
This is the date who loves everyone and everything. He or she is compassionate about the people who are hurting, the decline of the environment, and desires to have a family of his or her own. Compassion might weep when listening and sharing a story. He or she might be quite passionate when talking about a controversial topic. This person tries to see the good in humanity. However, these people sometimes talk much, are involved in many activities, and are on the prowl for some help. If you are equally compassionate about a person, place, cause, or thing, then you will win over your over-the-top concerned date.
The chocolate ref…

How to Tell if a Date has a Good Sense of Humor

Some people couldn’t make a baby laugh much less an adult. Boring, dry, and humorless people who often take themselves too seriously are most often unhappy. When they do laugh, it must be something terribly funny or for some, quite bizarre—the kind of things that most people wouldn’t dare think was laughable.
A person, who considers his or herself funny, might want to think about whether others believe he or she is funny too. If you have support from many people that show you are the kind of person who can make an audience laugh their socks off, then you most likely are beyond just funny, you could put together a stand up act. However, for the majority of people they aren’t funny like comedians, but on a good day, they do have a sense of humor.
Now, how would you know whether a date is a person who could take a joke, laugh at faults, listen to funny stories about events, and not feel guilty? Well, you would have to test this person periodically. See how he or she responds to yo…

Love isn't all bad...Before Internet Dating...Zapp & Roger - Computer Love


12 Things You Just Don't Deeply Think About Before You Date People

When dating, most singles enjoy the rush they feel when meeting someone new.  It feels great, and in some cases, you feel even more alive.  However, those wonderful feelings come crashing down real soon when you start to realize that there are many differences and not as many similarities you share with a date.  For some, they have already talked about marriage, children, moving in together, and more.

1.  Location

Do you bother to think how long it takes to drive from Point A to Point B and whether you are willing to keep it up or pay plane fare to see someone?  At some point, you or someone you like will want some assistance with the transportation fees.  Will you or he/she consider moving if things get serious?  Is saving money more important than whether or not you and this person is sincerely compatible?

2.  Ethnicity related issues

Face it, not every ethnicity (no matter how much you think you know about it) is easy to get along with when you factor things in like:  economics, c…

Family and Friends: Just How Important are They to a Date?

Some will talk of how much they love and appreciate their family and friends, while others will express little, if any, emotion about their so-called loved ones. The truth is not everyone likes or loves their kin. Therefore, if you’re single and dating, expect it.
When dating someone, who mentions one or a few relatives quite often in negative ways. Think about just how much influence the loved ones has over this person and how much time he or she spends listening and doing what these people say. There is a good possibility that the date is quite close to his or her relatives even if this person might be angry at times when talking about them. Now if a date doesn’t tell you too much about his or her family, then most likely they don’t find much worth telling, because they may be boring, busy, or bad. You will need to listen and learn just how strong or weak is one's family connection.
Not everyone who claims something is wrong with their family is as bad as they would want y…