Social Networking Reigning Havoc on Your Relationship?

Not everyone feels secure about networking with others via the Internet and may experience some resentment about using this kind of communication to maintain relationships. There are insecurities one feels about social networking especially if it’s all new to you. Feelings of guilt because someone may have flirted with you online, stress because members in your house don’t respect the time you spend on the computer and dissatisfaction because social networking may not fulfill your needs. Meanwhile, your partner is feeling insecure about the time you are spending online and what kind of relationships you are having with these mysterious people as well. So what are some of these insecurities that couples have when it comes to social networking via the Internet?

One. Your partner often feels the need to look over your shoulder and vice versa.

While you are innocently looking at various web pages of your friends, you or your partner may be looking over your shoulder watching your every move when you think he or she isn’t looking. When you write an email to one of your friends, your partner may be looking to see what you wrote. You may be doing the same to him or her as well.

You can ease this particular insecurity by asking them, “Would you like to read what I just wrote? When you like to view the page I just saw? If you think I am doing something wrong just tell me.”

Two. Your partner searches the sites that you visited when you aren’t around.

Curiosity kills the cat. Sometimes the page that you or your partner may have visited is not necessarily the page that either of you wanted. You both may become upset with one another over a website that neither of you meant to click on much less has an account with, but because of relationship insecurities you accuse one another of doing something that neither did on purpose.

You can help one another overcome this insecurity by letting one another know you don’t look at any sites that disrespect the boundaries of the relationship and at times sites will come up that you didn’t want nor were you interested. You might want to ask them to not check what sites you visit when you are away and if they continue to do so, you will not allow your history to be recorded.

Three. Your partner visited sites that would help him or her hack your password.

If you have been acting in ways that are dishonest, your partner will not hesitate to get into your account to see that what you are saying matches with what you are doing.

You can avoid this if you simply tell the truth and answer your partner every time he or she asks you a question without getting offended.

Four. Your partner connects with friends of yours as a way to keep an eye on what you are doing.

You know that your partner barely knows the people that you know, but how else are they going to be able to see what you are posting on wall posts, bulletins, and uploading to your site, if you are not showing them your profile pages?

If you don’t want them to befriend people you know then don’t make your profile page visible in a search. Of course, he or she will feel you are hiding something, but just because you are in a relationship with someone doesn’t mean you have to share your friends too. Express how you feel about his or her actions. They may be suffocating you like an overbearing parent. Tell them you feel like they are treating you like a child.

Five. Your partner avoids meeting his or her connections in person for fear that they might want to develop a relationship with you as well.

He or she suspects that you might be getting a little too close for comfort with people on your friend list because they might be doing or saying something that they feel guilty about, so they don’t want their friends to come around you.

You may want to find out exactly why your partner may have never bothered to bring his or her friends around you. It may make him or her feel better if you brought your mate along to an engagement where some of your social networking friends are present and vice versa.

Six. Your partner becomes easily angered when you share stories about the people you met online.

If you mention one too many times about someone you have been chatting with online and this person is better looking and has more to offer than your partner than you are setting yourself up for problems. Better to limit the story telling about one specific person you enjoy talking to, otherwise this gives him or her the impression that you are getting too close with this particular online buddy which may cause feelings of jealousy and resentment especially if you have been spending a lot of time online.

Seven. Your partner fears you may be cheating on them.

The bottom line is that all these insecurities point to one thing the possibility that you may cheat on your partner. If you find that you sincerely want to get to know someone on the Internet, then it’s better to let your partner know you would prefer to be single than to play games with their emotions. Just know that everything online is like those warnings you see noted on your car’s side view mirror and here’s another thought, “The grass is most likely not greener on the other side.”

By Nicholl McGuire


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