5 Tips on Looking Your Best Ladies for a First Date

Best tips on what to do before your first date with man of your dreams.

There are two kinds of people: Those who get nervous before a first date and...fine, there is just one kind of person, and we are all terrified of first dates. The following tips will make your first date perfect and unforgettable!

#1 Stay calm
It is natural that you are nervous before your first date, but you shouldn’t be overwhelmed. Try to relax: take a bubble bath with aroma candles, and then start your preparations. Choose a cozy cafe with relaxing music, where you can feel comfortable and confident. You can take a glass or two of wine, but be careful with alcohol.

#2 Choose a haircut
If you are at a loss and don’t know what to do with your hair, here are some examples of simple and beautiful hairdos for the first date.

⦁ Soft blow out. A smooth blowout with a soft bend and incredible shine—it is very romantic and nice. Just blow dry your hair with a big, round brush. And don’t forget to use a little bit of mousse for better volume.
⦁ Tousled ends. Again, blow dry rough your hair and then, curl only ends with the help of curling iron. Top it with fixing serum or gel.
⦁ Half-up with twist. Blow dry your hair, previously putting a mousse to your hair. Take one strand from each of your temples and twist it. Fix both strands at the back.

#3 Makeup
This is not the time for extraordinary, daring and extreme makeup on the first date. Stick to nude makeup with some light and natural colors. If you are going to have a late evening date, you can make timeless black arrows with red lipstick.

#4 Clothing
You definitely shouldn’t wear your shortest skirt on the first date. Try something classic, because you will not have another time to make a great first impression. Strapless top and jeans or little black dress – it depends on your particular date.

#5 Jewelry
You are not a Christmas tree, so keep it minimal. Small earrings and a tender necklace – this is very important.

Now you are ready for your first date. Use our tips and find your true love.

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Victoria Howell


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