When a Date Loves Arts and Crafts

The date who loves creating, displaying, and attending art and crafts events is a passionate, creative, often independent, and flexible person at times. He or she will enjoy your company if you too have hobbies that inspire you. However, if you are one who has little reverence for the arts and could care less about a date’s passion, you will turn this person off. You might continue to go out on dates, but the relationship will suffer challenges and may end up being nothing more than a dead end for you.

Artsy people, a slang way of describing people who enjoy creating things, are sensitive, happy, sometimes depressed, and other times odd folks. They feed off of love, pain, sickness, emotional turmoil, life, death; you name it to obtain their muses. What most would just view and walk away from, the creative person embodies it. These people can be a joy to be around and you can learn much from them, but they can also be deeply troubled.

When the imaginative type is on an emotional high, you will either be welcomed into his or her world or shut out for a time. You will need to be mentally strong to handle those up and down times with the creative individual. Needy, insecure people don’t like when they are shut out of anything and others who aren’t very considerate of those who might be more talented than they, can be a burden to be around.

It isn’t a requirement to be the painter, musician, writer, dancer, actor, architect, and other similar types, but it does help. A date that can be understanding about his or her partner’s work and can relate to the challenges is a welcome addition. Those that are in other fields can be a good match if they too are respectful of the date’s craft. However, there are many who are not appreciative of creative types and tend to laugh, joke, or insult them for the work that they do. That type of negative attitude merely starts arguments and makes the artistic individual withdraw from the relationship.

When dating the person who loves arts and crafts, do the following:

  1. Show your support for the work. Since there are many creations and some you won’t like, your personal interest has nothing to do with being encouraging to the date who enjoys his or her hobby.
  2. Offer to attend an event with him or her. This can be a turn on for a date, because it shows you care.
  3. Allow for time and space to create. If the person you are dating wants to be left alone for awhile, do it.
  4. Don’t expect a creative person to always be interested in you and the relationship. Many artistic people use their hobbies/work as an escape from upsetting things and if under too much pressure, they will lose interest and won’t be as nice and receptive as they once were to you.
  5. If you find the creative person is too odd for you, don’t fake interest, move on.


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