Compassionate Dates, Chocolate Lovers and Comedians

If you have dated a long time, then you have met your 3 C dates: Compassion, Chocolate and Comedian. These three types of dates are very similar and require much time and patience. Although on the surface they are kind, sweet and funny, they also are deeply troubled individuals if they have yet to be free of their personal demons.


This is the date who loves everyone and everything. He or she is compassionate about the people who are hurting, the decline of the environment, and desires to have a family of his or her own. Compassion might weep when listening and sharing a story. He or she might be quite passionate when talking about a controversial topic. This person tries to see the good in humanity. However, these people sometimes talk much, are involved in many activities, and are on the prowl for some help. If you are equally compassionate about a person, place, cause, or thing, then you will win over your over-the-top concerned date.


The chocolate reference has nothing to do with one’s skin tone, but has everything to do with enjoying the sweetness of life. Chocolate lovers use their desserts to escape, to feel at peace, and to ponder during quiet moments. Sometimes these folks, with a sweet tooth, eat much which results in a number of health and mental issues for them. In addition, the chocolate type can be emotional, easily angered, and will not hesitate to argue one’s point with words or fists depending on what he or she has been through in life. If you don’t like chocolate, so to speak, and find it too expensive to buy, don’t date Chocolate. However, if you love chocolate too and have your share of issues as well, then you just might be a good match.


A date with a funny bone is a real joy. He or she uses jokes to make people feel at ease. You will have a good time with the Comedian going places, laughing at stuff, and feeling alive. But these people tend to have their share of problems that are no laughing matter. The jokes are a mere tool to cover up pain, past childhood issues, and possibly abuse. When the Comedian is not in the mood to be funny, you most likely will have to endure the personality change until the funny guy or girl emerges once again.

When dating any one of these types, be sure that you have the patience and time to dedicate to a relationship. However, don’t be surprised if one of these dates suddenly doesn’t want to go out with you anymore. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to trigger negative emotions, and if that happens, then Compassion will focus on her cause, Chocolate will indulge in her sweets, and Comedian will lose himself in yet another joke.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Floral Beauty on a Dead End Street, Tell Me Mother You're Sorry and other books.


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