On Losing a Man to Another Woman - You Won, She Lost

"No regrets," that's what some people have to remind themselves of when it comes to breaking up with someone.  I made certain before I left relationships that I had no "I really wish things could have been different" statements floating around in my head regarding exes.  I did the best I could, end of story.  I sleep well at night.  I hope readers of this blog are getting beyond those negative feelings that keep you bound to toxic people, places and things. 

Ladies, when you're in a miserable relationship and don't see any way out, you have a tendency to stay in your mess until a light bulb goes off.  That usually comes the day you find out your man has been cheating on you, it is then that you didn't lose, you just won!

I personally dislike titles that look like another woman took a man away from a wife like, "Suzie Q Lost Her Husband of 20 Years to Mature Mary."  Most likely Suzie Q had been slowly but surely disconnecting from her man long before Mature Mary showed up.  Suzie did it when she withheld sex, called the ex names, told him to leave her, yelled about not wanting to be with him anymore, threatened divorce, and more.  Her husband was no saint and that is why she went from being loyal to attack dog!  Whether a woman giving her man away is official or not, the guy will sooner or later get the message and off he goes.

Looking on the bright side, the woman who just couldn't put anymore effort into a tired, broken down, cheating, lying, or crazy-making partner actually got what she wanted, peace and freedom in his absence.  No more worrying about where that fool is, what he is doing, and where money has gone.  The arguments, stomach upset, headaches, and more gradually come to an end, okay!  He becomes someone else's problem.  So why invite that "issue" back into your life when you have won?

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