What to do about a Date who is too Warm and Friendly

Some bachelors are simply too affectionate with dates and others. These flirty types can be a bit much when they are talking to others. From friendly stares to kisses on cheeks, these single men and women can irritate you with all their warm, friendly and very flirty behaviors.

There is normal affection between people, but then there is over-the-top behaviors that make you question whether a mother and son are sleeping together, a date is in love with the waiter at the restaurant, or a peculiar exchange between your partner and a stranger on the street. It is safe to say some people misbehave due to hormonal issues, things they have been exposed to while growing up, and alcohol and/or drug influence.

When you find that a date is doing things like: moving a bit too fast with his or her hands, pressuring you into having an intimate encounter or talking wildly about sex, you might want to step back and observe this person for awhile.

People, who tend to be a bit too flirtatious, have a long history of break ups, have home wrecked, and caused chaos in their own families are not good partners. Those that don’t bother to analyze why these troubled lovers behave like they do, are use to their shady conduct, tend to make excuses for their inappropriate ways, look the other way, or won’t say much especially family members. 

You will know when something doesn’t feel or look right with your "too warm and friendly" date. You might even question others on what you experienced. Take some time to research what you have witnessed with the flirty individual and you just may find a label for the person’s personality like histrionic or bi-polar disorder for starters.

Those, who can handle people that display much friendliness, are usually used to them because of influences they have experienced in the past with others. If you have not been exposed to people like this, their actions will definitely make you feel uncomfortable. You will also find this very affectionate person will trigger a myriad of emotions within you including: jealousy, rage, distrust, and depression. People like this, act as if they are very much into you, but then you later see the same behavior being displayed with everyone else. This can be unnerving! You don’t feel very special nor do you feel like the date is trustworthy.

These very friendly people are not only sweet and sexy with their partners, relatives and friends, but they can also be quite unprofessional. They will encourage inappropriate workplace conversations and permit prohibited touch with leadership and co-workers while making excuses for their conduct.

Four things to pay attention to when dealing with a very flirty person includes:
  1. Whether they have boundaries when it comes to sexy talk with you and others.
  2. Do they respect you and what you say about their behavior?
  3. Do they often defend their actions?
  4. Do you feel like they want you to change your ways while justifying their inappropriate actions with others?
If you detect a date is being a bit too flirty with yourself, relatives, friends, and strangers, you will want to confront this person. Mention what you saw and share how you feel about it. If the date’s behavior doesn’t change, then most likely this person has deep-rooted issues and may not be a good fit for you.

Nicholl McGuire also contributes to another dating blog specifically for young women dating older men and vice versa.  See here.


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