Roaming Eyes at the Cookout - Your Date is Watching

There are things you can get away with when you have been in a relationship for a long time, but when it comes to just getting to know someone, do you really want to be caught checking out the attractive man or woman standing at a distance? 

Cookouts, family reunions, or getting together over someone's home staying in an atmosphere for hours at a time with people you barely know can get boring, so you start looking around, entertaining yourself while your date glances over to see you observing the finest looking person in the room--BUSTED!

So how to stay out of trouble this hot, sexy summer?

1.  Keep your eyes on that plate of food in front of you when the half -dressed lady comes strutting by.  If you have no food, look at the food somewhere nearby, the sky, a car passing by, your shoes, etc.
2.  Don't let your eyes roam in that direction where the guy with the tight shirt showing off his abs is looking at you.  Instead, compliment someone in front of you on the nice piece of jewelry they are wearing then find a spot to sit where you aren't staring at Mr. Sexy.
3.  Ignore those who bump you and say, "Check out him...Look at the rack on..."  When you think your date isn't listening he/she is and so are those who you might not think wouldn't go back and tell what you said to him or her too.
4.  Avoid the temptation to want to exchange phone numbers (even if it is just a business card) your date knows better.  "I was just networking..." Sure.
5.  Stay close to your date and converse with him or her about the festivities, rather than looking for the opportunity to talk with the hottest looking man or woman in the room.

If you take the time to consider your date's feelings, who knows you just might have some fireworks tonight!

Nicholl McGuire author of Tell Me Mother You're Sorry and Say Goodbye to Dad.  She has a YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.  Feel free to stop by!


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