How to Tell if a Date has a Good Sense of Humor

Some people couldn’t make a baby laugh much less an adult. Boring, dry, and humorless people who often take themselves too seriously are most often unhappy. When they do laugh, it must be something terribly funny or for some, quite bizarre—the kind of things that most people wouldn’t dare think was laughable.

A person, who considers his or herself funny, might want to think about whether others believe he or she is funny too. If you have support from many people that show you are the kind of person who can make an audience laugh their socks off, then you most likely are beyond just funny, you could put together a stand up act. However, for the majority of people they aren’t funny like comedians, but on a good day, they do have a sense of humor.

Now, how would you know whether a date is a person who could take a joke, laugh at faults, listen to funny stories about events, and not feel guilty? Well, you would have to test this person periodically. See how he or she responds to your wit. Some people are able to laugh about almost anything and not feel bad, while others not so much. If you find that your date is not responsive or looks at you peculiar, take note, he or she may not find you amusing.

If one having a sense of humor is high on your list, then don’t settle for someone who is often serious. You will find later that your personality and your date’s might not be compatible. A person doesn’t have to be equally funny, but he or she just needs to be a bit laid back and open to some humorous story-telling. Judgmental or critical people tend to hold their laughter and will expect you to do the same. They may look at you with piercing eyes admonishing you to, “Be quiet, shut up…That’s not funny!”

A date who struggles with making his or her dates laugh is trying just too hard. Sometimes comical things just show up in daily life and when they do you have to take advantage of those moments. You might want to repeat the hilarious incident later to get another laugh from your date. You could add your own personal twist to the event.

Watching funny movies, attending a comedic event, or listening to a comedian while you are in the car with a date will break the ice. It will also create a pleasant atmosphere that just might be memorable for the two of you.

You can learn a lot about a person based on what he or she laughs at. Some people have a dark humor that can make you feel quite uneasy. Most likely, these individuals have a dark side too. Others have a child-like humor that can be quite annoying. There’s a good chance these folks are immature in other areas of their lives as well. Then there are those who have a simplistic outlook on life that includes laughing at the little things. These people might be mature. Whatever one’s sense of humor as long as the person is upbeat like your self, he or she just might be a keeper.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of many books including: Laboring to Love Myself, Tell Me Mother You're Sorry, When Mothers Cry, Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic.


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