Right Now is Right Back: Premature Relationship Endings

When you are ready to leave a relationship, you will not hesitate to make plans. You will pack your items, make an announcement to all that you have ended it with your partner and then proceed to live your life without that person. But people who are not ready to leave their partnerships will take their time about ending them. They will continue to romance one another, give gifts, have sex, talk intimately, and do other things that remind one another and the world, “We are together.” Now there are those couples who may say and do some things that tell witnesses, “This relationship is coming to an end.” But the keyword is “coming,” it isn’t over yet. Therefore, anyone who may think that one or both are ready to live a single life and date others might be easily misled. This is why those who want to play “the other woman” or “other man” role become bitter, angry, and confused. They assume that what their lovers are telling them is factual and accurately reflects true feelings, but unfortunately this couldn’t be further from the truth! Couples who have been together for years, need some time to break free from one another.

One who prematurely leaves any relationship without resolving in his or her mind that, “This is it. I am not going back…” will be back! Most likely, he or she will assist the partner, have sex, and be a friend to that person until the next argument. When one leaves a relationship before mind and body are both in agreement, he or she will find memories begin to flood his or her mind, a desire to work on the relationship will start to take over, jealous emotions will arise when the opposite sex gets too close to the ex and a whole host of other issues will manifest.

Leaving a relationship prematurely right now, means “I will be right back.” But a gradual process to end a love affair will often lead to a permanent break up—there is simply no going back. Consider the following:

1. The break up must begin in one’s mind first.

2. Cease physical contact.

3. Personal conversations should lessen between one another.

Before long, thoughts of how much one dislikes the former mate and the things he or she did in the relationship will increase which makes it easier to disconnect. If you are not officially broken up just yet, don’t make any steps toward leaving your soon-to-be ex until you are sure. If you do this, you will be less likely to come back to him or her. 

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