Saying "I Love You" on the Internet to Strangers

What is it about the Internet that makes Internet surfers say things like, "I love you" without knowing, better yet, even meeting the one reading the note on the other end?  He or she may have sent email back and forth for awhile and even promised to meet a love interest in person, but is such a relationship truly about love or is it more a lust for adventure?  One whose life is routine, mundane and in need of a spark is tempted by the world wide web of possibilities even if they really don't love him or her.

There is something exciting about getting to know someone in a way that is still very new to our society still.  You may have seen romantic movies in the past that made Internet love look and feel so romantic.  But is it really?  Let's face it, when you really think about it, it is quite strange, even a little scary, to frequently chat with a stranger online only to allow one's emotions to get the best of him or her, and before long sit in the presence of the stranger only to realize you really don't know that guy or gal on the picture you used as wall paper for your computer screen.

"I love you..." sure.  Some people use this phrase to get a person to pay more attention to them online.  The chatting keeps going, some will even continue to send money and gifts to the stranger, while making plans to meet yet again.  "I think you are great...I really love your smile...You are special...I hope to make you my wife/my husband one day xoxoxo"  These phrases look good on your computer screen don't they?  But do you really know whether the one writing them really is into you as much as he or she claims.

People allow an invention that is quick with information and used to help many escape reality to guide them in their personal lives.  They treat their relationships like they do the Internet, input information and expect results.  Buy a product, expect it to be shipped.  Tell someone you love them, and expect him or her to show up one's doorstep ready to please.   There is just far too much expected from the Internet, but where does one draw the line?

As much as it is tempting to spill one's guts online, keep some things to yourself until you meet a loved one or friend in person.  Quality relationships will always be in need of those special moments where you can sit comfortably next to the person and truly tell him or her how you feel--something that the Internet can never give you!

Nicholl McGuire


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