Pros and Cons of Dating Someone Attractive

Let’s face it, there are people in this world that are absolutely stunning--better looking than most. Some are not only beautiful to view, but have a great personality too. So for those singles who are determined to capture a partner that is his or her ideal mate (and keep him or her), the less attractive individual (with the less than stellar personality) has to work harder than most.

It is rare that you will find a person that just fits everything you ever wanted in a mate. Sure, the date will have his or her flaws, but the goodness of one’s heart and beauty should outweigh them. So if the buxom blonde or debonair gentleman is sweet on your eyes, then you know there are a million others who would agree.


When one is dating someone who is nicer looking, smarter, and overall tends to have a better outlook on life, he or she is going to have to be mentally and physically secure with who he or she is personally and professionally. Having a faith, a nice job, a healthy body, an awesome personality, and more, helps overcome those insecure emotions (ie. jealousy). But when one is lacking in most of these character traits, he or she will be nothing more than a thorn in an attractive mate’s side. However, the positive to dating someone, who isn’t as attractive, is that this person will try a little harder to appease the one who is eye-dropping gorgeous--that is until he or she has a few too many bruised ego moments. It is then that the “okay looking” will start misbehaving--good-looks won’t matter by then.  This is why when you hear of someone breaking up with that "" don't assume they made a grievous error letting that person go.  Sometimes beautiful turns ugly then one can't wait to rid his or herself of that problem person.


From eye-rolls to eye stares, people will admire the handsome one from afar or come too close for comfort. The attention can be a bit unnerving. You may find yourself paying more attention to whose watching the two of you; rather than focusing your gaze on your partner. Yet, attention can be a good thing when you are looking for some sort of benefit at a store, restaurant or elsewhere. Some individuals and groups tend to give attractive looking couples a little more favor when in their presence. Although this sort of behavior is petty and unfair, many people do it from relatives to strangers on the street.  "She is so pretty, come sit by me.  I like him--he is so handsome.  You both will make some great looking kids.  I'll help you both if you decide to get married."  Get my point?


You won’t always find that apple in your eye a nice person to be with. This is why one must look beyond the surface. Some pretty women and good-looking men just don’t have it together upstairs like their not-so nice-looking mates. For far too many years a person may have been called, “sexy, cute, attractive…” to the point where it goes to his or her head. The one who may have been described as, “okay, alright, ugly…” my have a hard time feeling comfortable with the one who seems to be eye-balled everywhere they go. Two people with odd behaviors associated with the way they both look may annoy most. Sometimes people overcompensate for what they lack by becoming obsessed with their households, body shape, hair color, clothing and accessories, and other stuff--they also tend to brag a lot. A nice-looking person, who lacks intelligence, might turn out to be one’s worst nightmare--so guard your finances, your children, and anything else you deem important!


Watch as well as pray. Daddy’s darling and Momma’s boy have much practice manipulating people. Chances are his or her parents have advised them to use what they got to get what they want. So the beautiful one tosses back her hair, laughs a little, and makes her move to get a man to stop staring and start sharing his what is in his wallet. The tall, dark and handsome type knows how to walk and talk to get a woman to drop her guard and her panties. Those that feel like they won a prize are going to be led astray from their responsibilities if they aren’t too careful. Before long, they are left in the dust like tumbleweeds wondering, “What happened? I thought we were so good together?”

As you can see, there are some pros to dating someone who is exceptionally beautiful. You can be motivated by this person’s attentive care to his or her body to do better yourself. You might even find you need an attitude adjustment, so that you too can be more confident in who you are. But what you will not find in someone, who is in love with self, is a person who will care much about you in the end.  He or she will be more concerned about who will be the next victim to do for him or her. 

Pay attention to those "sexy types" who are insecure, manipulative, and outright arrogant. Stay away from them and others who are temperamental, bossy and rude--no matter how attractive. You can save yourself a lot of heartbreak if you follow wise counsel.

Nicholl McGuire


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