How Much Do You Weigh? And Other Questions You Shouldn't Ask Your Date So Soon

Some people are always getting caught with their foot in their mouth on the first few dates.  Why bother dating, if one feels like he or she should say whatever is on his or her mind.  It isn't any wonder why some people remain single.  Know when to talk and also when to shut up!  Maybe just maybe some will stay committed long enough to get married.

How much do you weigh? 

Does it even matter?  The date might be planning to lift you up one day or buy you clothes or maybe he or she is letting you know in a nice guy way, "You are too fat or too skinny for me, not interested." Who knows?

What is your faith? 

Then the date follows up with a question that goes something like this, "So why do 'fill in the blank' act like you visit...?  My mom (dad or whoever) use to be..."  Should I care?  Meanwhile, the person has no plans of supporting one's faith much less anything religious unless one has vested interest in the person.

Why are you eating that, I don't eat it, ugh!?

So the date doesn't eat it, does he or she have to reinforce how disgusting one's food choice is with the tone of voice and turned up face?

Wow, so you got that from your parents?  Where do your parents work?

Why does one want to know?  It isn't like they are going to help you, do I even know you that well, yet?

So how did you get that mark on your face, on your arm...?

I would have told you, but I am still steaming about your turned up face while I was eating my food.

How much money do you make?

I don't recall saying that we were moving in together.

Why did you dye your hair that color?

Because it hides my grays better than yours, next question.

I think you get the point, just watch what you ask of your date.  Not everyone takes what may appear like innocent questions so lightly.

Nicholl McGuire


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