Are You Able to Withstand a Challenging Relationship?

It seems, many obstacles come up after one decides to commit to a relationship for better or for worse.  Exes call, arguments increase, job losses, unanticipated pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, toxic relatives and friends--you name it, trouble seems to come out of nowhere!  But can you deal with all that comes with you and someone who claims to love you?  When is enough, enough!?
  • When you are exploding on everyone, but the one who is causing you the most issues.
  • When relatives and friends are warning you almost daily to stop being with the person you are with and start planning an exit.
  • When there is a firestorm of concerns and complaints coming from strangers who can't get to your partner, but they can get to you.
  • When you can't seem to go on and feel like you are going to jump a bridge.
  • When your world is falling a part.  For instance, bills aren't getting paid, an increase in personal health issues, and the needs of yourself or loved ones aren't getting met.
  • When you know you can't take one more hit, slap, choke, kick, threat, or curse word coming from the lips who claim, "I love you."  When do you stop believing that?
There are no rewards given to people who have been together for many years, not even from God, he treats everyone the same when it comes to marriage--no matter how much you claim favor.  If you were uneually yoked, when you started out and there was no spiritual change in days, week, months, and even years, you are still unequally yoked as you grow older. 

Your lengthy relationship or marriage might get the occasional, "Congratulations..." but couples who have been together for awhile, know that relationship challenges don't go away just because you have been together for what seems like forever and it doesn't mean that one is sincerely happy with the other either. 

For those of you who are seriously in need of a prayer, prenup, separation, or divorce, rather than wish for a miserable relationship to end through mayhem, death or something else, find the time to reflect, manage what you can in the relationship, and if need be, take necessary action to remove yourself from it without talking yourself into staying until you can think more rationally.  It is never wise to stay in a relationship that is causing you much pain. 

God bless.

Nicholl McGuire


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