Relationship Blues: Dating Issues, Couple Challenges will Come

From forgetting to do something that a partner was expecting you would get done to disciplining  children who tend to cause more problems than solutions depending on the season, relationship conflict will happen.  More money, more children, more things, more family, more friends, more activities, more work hours, more of anything, and one day a lover, who didn't normally have an issue with one's partner, will!  Less truly is best if it is an interference in your relating to one another in a positive way! 

Being in an intimate relationship will not always be "nice, understanding, better than those other people, or anything else," you thought it might be.  Selecting a mate can be like buying a car, chances are you're dating, engaged or married to a lemon, someone's reject from yesteryear--a real problem!  Sounds harsh?  Well, it's true.  Why do so many singles deceive themselves into thinking that every new face will always be The One--the answer to one's problems?  A new romance will have its share of new challenges, the ones you see and the ones you don't. 

Jimmy cheated on his last girlfriend for many reasons and it wasn't just because he had an itch in his pants.  Tina was rejected by boyfriend after boyfriend because of something she did, but she won't say.  Bob can't seem to keep a girlfriend, a wife or even a female friend because of one thing or another.  Jimmy, Tina, and Bob may tell family and friends, "I am no longer with XYZ because..." and their reasons might sound heart-wrenching, but the truth is there was a lot more going on than their telling.  So along comes their new love interests and they don't have a clue what mess they are inheriting.  You see this mere example, just might be a wake-up call for some who have come to a point in a relationship where you are tired of "trying to make it work."  Keep reading.

Think twice before talking negatively yet again about a lover's ex or exes, use caution when siding with "Honey," and don't be so quick to defend one's lover in a quarrel with someone else just because he or she made you feel good last night.  At times, relationship blues shows up because people either see far too much or far too little of one another.  Then when they are in the presence of one another communication lacks substance, people aren't honest with feelings, and priority issues end up being placed on the back-burner because the troubled lover doesn't feel like bringing up the truth for fear it will cause an argument.  In time, resentment and bitterness begins to grow along with a cold heart and before long, a mate is hoping, wishing and praying to rid his or herself of all the drama!

When you find yourself almost obsessing over getting away from someone and out of a commitment to him or her, it's time to move on!  But if you know that the issues are new and haven't been around that long, you might want to stick it out if they don't involve physical violence, cheating and other very serious issues.  Relationship blues is typically a temporary thing, like a partner having a PMS moment, it comes and goes.  Take a break from one another, direct your attention to something that is healthy and beneficial to you, and when it's time, come together being positive and forgiving.  Tell yourself, "This too shall pass." (taken from the Holy Scriptures) then work on you!

Nicholl McGuire author of Laboring to Love Myself, see YouTube channel: nmenterprise7 


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