Things to Remember When on a Date

Sometimes we are so excited to finally be going out on a date that we forget the littlest of things while on one. This is a short list of things we ought to remember before we going out with our new significant.

Be mindful of those around you.

You might be so engrossed in conversation that you fail to forget about those people around you who may not be interested in your stories. So watch your tone of voice and do be careful not to do too much PDA (Public display of affection.)

Be patient and polite.

Some men and women who haven't been sexually active in awhile are often in a rush to do everything! From holding hands to conversations about marriage, it's just too much, too soon, too fast! Ask questions before telling your date everything that is right and wrong with you. Obesrve your date and learn what turns him or her off and on. Sex will come soon enough and when it does, do you want to be known for being the minute man or woman?

Don’t be so hasty to talk and choose your conversation carefully.

There are those individuals that LOVE to talk! They will tell you everything that happened to them since childhood in one sitting if you let them! Keep conversation light and brief. A normal date has a constant exchange of information like, "Where would you like to go next? This food is great! What kind of drinks do you like? Who is your favorite singer?" Weird dates are those that talk about private matters that have no bearing on your date. Those strange, out-of-the blue stories that leave you feeling like, "This one is a real mental case." Stay away from politics, religion and exs on the first date! Big turn-off for those of us who would be considered normal!

Provide your opinion with few words.

Let's say that there is a lot going on to talk about around you, try to stick with few words. Long paragraphs with a whole lot of "I" or "my" turn dates off!

Avoid the temptation to brag.

So you just made a purchase on a home, car or an outstanding investment, good for you! Unless you plan on making your date your husband or wife, there is no need to boast about your assets. You are asking for trouble especially if you have a knock-down gorgeous gold-digger on your hands!

Eat healthy, but be sure you have a full stomach.

Being hungry will affect your mood, so don't eat so little that your stomach is letting your date know, "I lied, I really don't eat salad most days!" Eat a meal that won't aggravate your stomach and be sure that you are full. If you are paying, ask your date more than once while you are out if he or she would like to visit other eateries. This way if this person didn't get enough to eat, the door is open for them to eat well without worry.

Now that you have some things to remember when you are on your next date, do be sure that you do your best to incorporate your sparkling personality. Your time with your date won't be any fun if you are rehearsing everything you say and do on your date. Despite popular advice, just be yourself, sometimes you have to manage a few things about yourself if you want to go on another date. There will be plenty of time to let all your flaws out the bag soon enough! Have a great time!

Nicholl McGuire


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