Love Two People? Cheating? What to Do?

She is attractive. The other is okay, but is very smart and mom likes her. He is handsome. His friend is even better-looking and is looking to get into business for himself. The woman and man who loves these people is often upset, confused and praying for a sign that will eliminate at least one of these relationships.

This might be you, caught between two loves. Both as you know, don't have the same qualities, and one is technically better than the other. Yet, your heart loves them both and what one looks like doesn't really matter as much as how the person treats you, right? Yet, they both treat you well, at least that's what you think, but what if you could go behind the scenes to see what is really happening with these two people that claim they love you?

The truth be told, no one loves you as much as you think they do. We all love one another in different ways. The key is to find out what is each individual's definition of love and not the one that is in a dictionary either. More like the definition of love that is in the Bible, the one that Jesus showed to his followers. What is it about you that makes them love you? Could it be that you are so focused on the fact that you love two women or two men that you don't see the signs that your lovers' definition of love is not what you think it is? Maybe your love interests take time with you, because of your material possessions, connections, and what you are willing to give them. You will need to dissect this people who say that they love you to find their true reasons.

Another thing, you will want to consider, is how often are these people coming around you. We tend to miss people more when we don't see them as much. You could very well have feelings for one of your love interests more because you don't see him or her as much. As we all know, that is no way to determine whether a person is worth being in your life forever and always. For example, look at all the celebrities who marry when times are slow and then when their careers take off again, they divorce.

Also, think about what are these people doing for you? Maybe you enjoy one person more than the other, because he or she is a good lover while the other is a good cook. Which is more important to you? Will the talent keep you interested for a life time? You can't have it all, but you can try to get the things you consider most important in a mate.

Take into consideration these people's flaws and which ones you think you can handle more than the other. Couples don't think about this before they marry. They only think about the good times and deal with the bad times later or not at all. They don't want to face harsh truths, they rather sweep them under the rug.

There are those people we keep around in our lives, because someone has told us that we should. Could you be keeping the other person around because someone told you to? You may have history with this person and so does your family and friends; however, that shouldn't be the only reason why this person should be in your life. We are to learn from our past in order to move forward with our lives. One of your loves may be your past, while the other is your future. One may be learning and growing with you while the other is stagnant. Which one do you prefer?

Take the time to look at each person as an individual. Avoid the temptation to compare. You will not reach a good decision by comparing an apple to an orange. Know what you want simply by looking inward more. Sometimes we look to people to make decisions for us that we should be making ourselves. Could these two people represent areas in your life, you are trying to deal with personally? This may not be a good time to have either person, what do you think?

By Nicholl McGuire


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