7 Ways to Make Your Spouse or Girlfriend Think Twice About Leaving

The writing is on the wall in your home, you have recently found out that your spouse or girlfriend is thinking about leaving you. She may have quite boldly told you by giving you an ultimatum or secretly told her best friend and you overheard. However, you found out, now is not the time to let her walk out the door if you are not ready to open it. The following our seven actions you can take as soon as today to star building a new foundation for your relationship. It’s time you start getting into the mind of a woman! Hopefully, you won’t be doing too little too late!

One. Become her friend.

How do you do that? You start by sharing some details of your life you haven’t shared before. If you remember, people become fast friends because they have things in common and because they confide in one another about personal experiences. Give her something about yourself that you never shared before that is interesting without lying or exaggerating.

Stop doing everything that is harming your friendship with her such as: ridding yourself of negative influences and habits and changing the way you communicate with her. Remind yourself why you are making the effort to change, because you sincerely want to be with her. If this is going to be too difficult for you and you have no desire to work on the relationship, then let her walk.

Two. Do something different.

You may want to take the time now to start a new hobby. You see when she sees that you have other things going on in your life that she isn’t familiar, she can’t help but take notice. Let’s say you have been telling her for years you want to lose weight, then suddenly she starts seeing you eating differently, buying gym equipment or joining a gym, her attention will begin to focus back on you again and not so much on herself. Make her feel secure by making her feel that you are taking her advice or doing this for not only yourself but for her and the children if you have any. You want to live longer and you understand the significance of what it means to live healthy. Make the things that interest you more real to you, by researching them and motivating yourself to not only talk but walk the walk. The same action can be taken with religion, creating artwork, writing, music, job searching, etc. Do what it takes to not only show your partner you are changing, but that you sincerely want her to be there for you as you embark on this new journey in your life.

Three. Make her feel like you do care about her and what she does.

When she tells you about the things that are going on in her life, are you acting interested? Are you stepping up to the plate? When she needs financial help, are you able to help her or does she have to run to family and friends? These are just some of the things that drive women mad when men seem to only care about them when they are having sex; then afterward they get up, wash off, and on to the next conquest. Treat her as you would like to be treated. Take the time out of your day and ask one simple question, “What do you need me to do?”

Showing care can be challenging when you are dealing with someone who isn’t use to being loved or appreciated. They may look at your nice behavior as something to be suspicious of and wonder what you are expecting in return. Put them at ease, be straightforward in your approach. This means put your heart on the line even if you have never done it before. She may ask, “Why are you suddenly being so nice? Why are you acting as if you care about me now?” You will have to prepare yourself to answer her question. Do you really want her in your life or are you just trying to by time until you get on your feet if you rely on her? Are you sincerely acknowledging her needs or are you doing it because there is something in it for you that has nothing to do with being in a relationship with her? Question your motives before you open up yourself to her.

Four. Acknowledge her feelings after a disagreement and apologize.

There is still hope that the two of you can make the relationship work if you have the courage to reach out and acknowledge her feelings about past issues. You may need to rehash what happened ten years ago to get resolve today. You may have to say you are sorry a thousand times in a thousand different ways to make her feel that she can trust you again. You are going to disagree with the events of the past, but when you disagree and things get heated, try doing something you may have never done before say, “I apologize. Let me try saying this again. Forgive me, I didn’t mean to yell.” We live in a world where we want to see immediate results, start putting yours to action the day you sepak with her about the problems in the relationship.

Five. Be committed to her.

One of the major reasons why some good relationships end badly is because there is this tug and pull over commitment issues. You tell her she is your wife, woman, or girlfriend and so she expects to be treated that way. She wants to be a part of the decision making, she expects to be introduced to the family and friends, she thinks she is entitled to know who you communicate with outside of her, and if you fight her on these issues; rather than embrace her on them, then you are causing unnecessary stress for her and yourself. What’s wrong with telling someone, “Let me talk with my wife about that before I give you my answer?” When you decide that your partner is “the one,” then you need to let her into your world and most of all show her off to the world so that everyone is on the same page. Men who have ulterior motives will not let the world know that they are committed to someone. If you consider yourself a good man, then embrace your good woman.

Six. Find a way to build your lives together and close the gap of distance.

No one living under the same roof should have to feel nervous, afraid, or angry, but many people are living this way. They are holding grudges from the past, refusing to seek help for mental issues, and just living in conditions that aren’t fit for an animal let alone a human. If it’s too much material wealth or too little, do something to change your situation. If it’s too many unresolved issues of the past, find a way to resolve them. Distance comes when people refuse to problem solve. How many times is she going to keep telling you that she doesn’t like when you…? You fill in the blank. Now how many times are you going to keep doing XYZ? People grow weary of explaining themselves and waiting for the other to make some needed changes. If you can go on the Internet and search for a news story or the latest bargain in a store, you can put your problem in a search engine and read articles on how to solve it.

Seven. Allow her to get to know you.

Lastly, utilize opportunities to the fullest to share dreams, goals, and aspirations. Talk about the efforts you are currently making to get things done. Participate in the game of show and tell, what that means is bring something home related to your idea and talk about it, find something on the Internet and show her, use the television as a way to bring up subjects to talk about, and turn on the radio and tell her how a song makes you feel. Although these are little attempts at opening up your life to her, they do matter.

Now that you have seven things that can help you slow the process of her walking out the door, make a point to find seven more that you can put into action today. Timing is of the essence. If she leaves now, it may be the wrong time for the both of you and you may both regret it later. When you know in your heart that you love someone and that nothing in the relationship is so bad that it can’t be fixed, then you still have strong feelings for her and you better be willing to do what it takes to get her to focus back on you.

When a man allows a woman to have so much time on her hands that she has created a world that primarily consists of herself and you are no longer included, then expect her to eventually fall way from you and into the arms of another man (or woman) who knows how to give her the balance she needs. Whatever she desired from you that she told you about and she wasn’t getting, remember another man will fulfill her requests happily.

By Nicholl McGuire


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