How to Break Up With a Woman You Are Dating

Over the past few months, I've endured the hardship of breaking up with various partners, inspiring me to write this newsletter. The break up was the part of the whole sharking process that I really hated; sometimes even scaring me away from entering into relationships in the first place. It was always extremely uncomfortable as I was sensitive to the woman's reaction. However, if there wasn't any real, lasting connection or love, then I had to break up so as to not waste the time of the respective girl. It was definitely easier for me and the girl to end things earlier rather than later.

Many recommend giving the woman respect, thereby meeting her and breaking up with her face-to-face.... I disagree! I think it's much harder for them, if you tell them face-to-face and extremely awkward and uncomfortable for both parties. At the most, I would meet after there had been a short period of respite, waiting for the initial emotional hit to settle, subsequent to my sending of a message first either via text or e-mail.

My main strategies for breaking up with a woman include the following:

Tip 1: To break up with your partner, maybe meet her with less and less frequency, seeming to be increasingly busier, and employing increasing periods of silence.

Fading out the relationship is relatively non-confrontational, and if there is any attack, it will come from her side, thereby giving you an even better excuse to break up. This happened with a girl of mine earlier in the year, whereby I gave excuses of being sick, traveling abroad, working, meeting friends who were visiting from overseas.... In the end, she sent me a raging text message, also saying (of herself), 'I'm not stupid!' She then disappeared, deleting me as a Facebook friend as well.

Tip 2: To break up with your mate, maybe wait for a moment when she blows up at you for something (no matter how small), maybe even facilitating this, and then use this as your cue to storm out, blowing things out of proportion, blaming her for attacking you.

Tip 3: Gather enough arguments for yourself in order to give a valid reason to break up, and maybe make these reasons clear to your partner.

A recent girlfriend of mine was super-negative and criticizing me for a lot of things. In the end, I sent a text message, saying, 'It's very hard for me to deal with your negative comments. It seems to me that we're not well suited for each other.' She responded totally shocked, apologizing and stating that she would still be happy to talk if we ever met by chance when out partying.

Tip 4: In breaking up, you could be totally honest about your feelings.

A while ago, I began ignoring a girl that I was seeing. After some time, I finally picked up the phone when she called and said, 'Sorry, I just don't feel that I love you.' She completely understood, and respected my answer, acting very civil about the whole affair.

Tip 5: To a more bothersome, casual lay, you can state that you now have a girlfriend if you want to get rid of her.

Tip 6: If you're an expat, maybe say that you'll be leaving the country soon, and thus there's no point continuing with each other (thereby wasting each other's time).

I used this excuse on a girl once, who I incidentally met some time afterwards. She asked, 'You're still here?' to which I answered, 'I came back.'

Tip 7: If she still doesn't get the hint about breaking up, then you probably have to be more direct.

Just this week, I had to take more drastic means with a girl I been trying to get rid of nicely and subtly. I sent her the following text message, 'Sorry, I just can't be serious about a relationship. It's not the right time for me now. I hope you understand.' Her response was, 'Yes, of course. I feel. No problem:) I also don't want to continue.'

Tip 8: Maybe disappear for a while, saying, 'I need to be alone for a while,' and hopefully the relationship will run out of steam.

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